June 4, 2011

Summer contest!!!

Hey guys! How are you? It's such a beautiful day today isen't it?!

Today am making a new contest (I just find such joy In them :) it's a contest about what you want to do this summer!
Make your medoll summer friendly! Dress her like how you would dress this summer! Like if you want to go to the beach put a swimming suit on her and put he hair up!

I want all the contest entrys by June 14th!

Please take a picture of your doll and post it in the comments, you can use TinyPic, PhotoBucket...ect
For thoses who are not allowed on a photo sharing site put your summer doll in your album or take a picture of her with your stardoll camra and just put your username bellow!

This contest is for everyone! SS and non SS, writers and even kkrrbb78! ;)

Prize: 1st - 10sd or 100sc - if not a SS I will send you gifts
2nd - 5sd or 60sc - if again not a SS I will send you gifts

Co-owner Gwen <3

June 3, 2011

Summer Blowouy

This is what staroll released like 2 days ago, it's a new way of getting gifts, I think it's pretty cool, but it's gonna be hard to get all the way to the top of the themometer or whatever it is :/

What do you think?

xoxox Maya <3

June 2, 2011

Camra in beauty parlor!!

Now on Stardoll, you can take close up photos of your Hair, Make-up and Nails in the Beauty Parlor.  Visit your Beauty Parlor and access the Camera in the menu, then click away! You can also take pictures in other members parlors as well!!!

I personally love this! And i have already used it a bunch!!!

Love ya'
Xoxo Your Co-Owner Gwen

*am sorry that I have not been posting my banner with my posts, I often post from my phone and I don't have it on there, please forgive me!*

Interview with he writers

   So far i have 3 fantasy stories, i have decided to ask the writers what inspired them!

Bloom_James: I was inspired by the element fire & the beautiful story that you all know, it's called Swan Lake!

Kiara_James: Well, i was inspired by Google, actually! I was searching for pictures and i saw the best fairy pictures EVER! So once found out about this blog i shared my (i hope) talent!

Maria.de.mar: I was inspired by the Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean, especially the 4 part! If you ask me, that story writer is gonna be a legend!



The third story

Monica: Theres another ship! 
Victoria: Don't you think this is wrong?
Monica: Hey, a mermaid is gotta do, what a mermaid is gotta do, its been like that since ever!
Sam: Lets go go go! We can just hope the ship is full of pirates! 


I hate my life, all we do is kill poor pirates! The wired thing is, whenever they catch us, we free our self, by being beautiful! Once, i saw the beautifulest pirate in the whole history! But, the song, i had to do it! Argh... Here we go!


The lead (Gemma) mermaid started singing, we were all waiting for the sign! After she was almost done (with the song) she moved and made only 6 bubbles! That was it! We all started singing! The ship sent a little boat to land, there was one girl and 10 boys in  it! We stopped singing! 

Monica: The coast is clear, now we wait for them to start sleeping! 
Victoria: What then? We're gonna kill them, again?
Monica: Yeah, tell this to your mother, and she is gonna send you up! 
Veronica: Ok, ok! I'm quiet! 
Nicole: They fell at sleep, the thng is, why did they just stopped at the middle of the sea? 
Maria: A trick, maybe!
Tamra: Are you stupid, haven't you herd how much they can get from just one mermaid? 
Gemma: It's time! Lets go!

Gemma went and started singing, AGAIN! She was, but suddenly she pulled one pirate down! The wore started, mermaid were jumping and pulling pirates, the boat sailed to the boat, there were only 4 people left! 


We're back in the water!

Victoria: Do you have any idea how much of us died, and most of us were gonna get killed!
Monica: Please, come, i have something to show you, and be quiet!

We went deep inside the sea. We were near a a big stone. She put hand on it, the stone started glowing! I didn't say a word! The stone was now a door.

Monica: This is your door to a new life, once you go inside, your a in ground, but as a mermaid, if your lucky, someone will find you & make you a human, if not, your gonna die! 
Victoria: But if i can't walk i won't have a chance!
Monica: Choose! I'm out of here, you can use the stone, but make your choice fast, the stone closes in 1 hour! 

I used the door! Next thing i know, i was sitting on a big stone, as a mermaid... The sun was killing me, i hurt footsteps behind me, i young man! 

John: A mermaid? On sun? I must be dreaming!
Victoria: Take me to the forest!
John: I hurt mermaids are evil, they kill! 
Victoria: Please!

He took me there, i started shining, i haw a normal girl! As i became a normal girl, i realized i was not in John's arms anymore! My legs were in pain! I was i na park next to a big building! Later, i realized, i was in a noter century!  I had a short dress! Thee same color as my fish tale! A young man started talking to me, asking me stuff!!!
Veronica: I... I'm sorry, i'm not from here! 
Jake: Ok, you seem lost, where are you from?
Veronica: I... I... I'm from the sea~
Jake: (he looked at me) Wanna go in the Coffee shop?
Veronica: Yeah! (i didn't know what he was talking about)


I told him everything, and showed him some of my powers, so he believed me!

Jake: Well, you can stay with me!
Veronica: Ok, thanks!

My life started, i even went to high school, but, my life was terrible! People played jokes on me and...

One day i went and jumped into the sea! I was a mermaid! On the stone! I went back and told my friends everything! Monica knew the whole time! 
I went on the stone where i saw John! He came, like the first time, everything was the same, but with a different ending! I killed him, after all, a mermaid is gotta do, what a mermaid id gotta do! 


                                               THE END
                                             Written by: Maria.de.mar
                                               Posted by: Laura_James


Hi everyone! I have picked a co-owner to help manage this blog with me...

So, Congratulations...


She has been writing for a long time, and she is very promoted, and always writes on the blog! She is a great person, and I'm proud of her accomplishments, and Gwen, if you're reading this, congrats! You deserve it!


June 1, 2011

Well am pretty sad with you lovely followers! I had a wonderful contest (that ended today) that you could have won up too 100 stardollars!! (or 1000 starcoins) and no one did like anything!!! I was the only one (that I know of) who asked people to join!
Did you not think asking like 20 people to join was worth 100sd, was that not enoght for you!!?? I only wanted 100 members!!! That's like 50 more then we have, but guess what!? We got like 6.. And I asked them!!!

Am sorry if I sound mad I just wanted to do something nice for kayci (the owner) this blog means a lot to her and me... Ah... Whatever... Well there is NO winner because no one did anything!! Ah...

Isen't 100sd enoght?! And it's by like am rich, I only ge 111sds a month so I was basically going to give you all my money for June!!! Again am sorry if I sound rude, or mean am just kinda sad...


The second story

It all started a year ago . I was a senior and my prom was about to come .

It was around 12 o'clock , I was at the garden swinging and looking at some old photos when I heard some body or should I say some thing walking around my garden . I wasn't scared because my house was next to a forest so I knew that it was some some animal . But then the weirdest thing happened : The animal came and started talking to me . But It was a Pegasus , no a unicorn , well actually some thing between .

Laila : Bloom is that you ? I was looking for you ...
Bloom(me) : Wait who are you and how do you know my name ? Is this a prank ? Did Lily and Jenn create you?
Laila : No , I was sent to find you and to take you to the heart of the forest . The Queen told me to find you .
Bloom : What are you talking about ? I can't leave !
Laila : No matter you need to come .
Bloom : Why ?
Laila : Because the Queen is ill and you are the only other human wit powers .
Bloom : What? I don't have powers ! But I will come .
Laila : I've got so much to teach you .

The next thing I know I'm flying on a Pegasus . It was frightening and fun at the same time .

A few minutes later we landed in a beautiful enchanted land . The grass was so green and the water was crystal clean . Then from nowhere a castle from diamonds showed up .
Well then I fainted so I don't know what happened th next few hours , but when I woke up there were four people around me : The Queen , Sky , Water and Earth .

Well those were there nicknames .
They said that I'm Fire , but I couldn't believe it so they showed me there powers and I agreed to stay . The next few days I discovered and trained my powers , but then I overheard The Queen talking to Laila about me .

The Queen : We need to tell Bloom the truth , but I'm afraid that she'll run away .
Laila : We mustn't tell her . Well at least not now .
The Queen : When the battle is over I'll tell her .
Bloom (Fire) : What do you need to tell me ? What is this battle you're talking about ?
The Queen : Well you are my daughter and that's how you have the powers , but some thing more important is happening . You are the Fire and you are a light worrier . There are also dark worriers : Tornado , Tsunami , Evil Fire and Storm . They are the opposites of you .
Bloom : What ? I'm not your daughter I have a family .
The Queen : No , I gave you away because then you were a baby and ...
Bloom : Just live me alone . 

That same night my mind was a mess . I'm adopted ? But that wasn't that important . Since I meet Cole (Sky) I've had feelings for him . He's so beautiful , smart and sweet . Ryan (Water) and Miranda (Earth) were the best . I told everything to the three and they were with me all the time .

Two days later my "mom" announced that the battle will start tomorrow and that we need to be ready .

The next day we got ready and started the war . We came back that nigh in the castle . Before I fall at sleep Cole came in .

Cole : Bloom , I have some thing to say to you .
Bloom : What ?
Cole :This .

Then he kissed me and leave the room . I was so surprised and happy .

That morning we went to finish the Dark Worriers , but then .... They killed Cole . Well I thought that at the moment . I was furious and I started shouting fire balls and they retreated which meant that we won . I wasn't happy at all , so I kissed Cole thinking that it would be the last time , but Cole woke up ....

I went back home for the prom . Cole didn't come with me , he stayed in the forest . I thought that I will be single for the prom . Then the magic happened . Cole was there in the gym where the prom was . But he wasn't alone Miranda and Ryan were with him .

Cole and I are still together and we hope that some day we will get married . And you wonder what happened with my mother ? Well we agreed to start being like a mother and daughter .  

Made by: Bloom_James
Posted by: Laura_James

May 31, 2011

NEW: Full Screen!

Check this out..

What do you think?
Now you can edit your suite full screen!

Yours truly..

Gweny <3

The first story!

 got in the forest... I'm still wried about my family, after i left them, i don't feel like talking about it! I'm tired,      good thing my wings grew, cause the journey was gonna take longer! Wait! Whats that light over there!?

Veronica: I can see light, lets hope it's Marinia!
Marc: Well let's hurry!

It was Marinia! Yesss! We were in the school! It was dark outside, there was gonna be a storm... My first night at the Magic School. My room was at the 3 floor!
That night i went on the balcony to see the moon, it wasn't full, bu yet beautiful... Suddenly i noticed something   near the moon! The whole situation didn't let me call anyone! It was a fairy... Marc told me about them! He said they were different! They keep together! She noticed me...

She flied down to my balcony...

Anne: Your new... (she looked at me)
Veronica: Yes.
Anne: And you never saw the holly white flower?
Veronica: What?
Anne: You can see me, not everyone can, only the people that ever talked to the holly white flower can... Come with me girl... (she looked serious)
Veronica: I can't! My boy... (i stopped), i mean friend! He is still here! My school! 
Anne: No time! You could be it! But, look, tomorrow, come on the balcony again, and do that the next 6 days, the seventh i'll come, you will tell me did you see my fairy friends...  (she flied away)

(the next morning)

Veronica: Marc! Marc! 
Marc: Wow, slow down! What is it, you look, weird! 
Veronica: Well, (i took a muffin) yesterday, i saw one of those fairies and...  (i told him the whole thing)
Marc: I'll portend i never knew you, you can't stay out of things... 

I stood up and left like i was strong!  Truly, i was crying on the inside....
The next two days i didn't talk to him...  Friend! The fairies...
They were hire every night, but they didn't talk to me!



The seventh day came, i was laying in my bed!

Christina: Hey, you gonna go out again? 
Veronica: Yes.
Christina: Good night than, try not to get a cold! 
Veronica: Ok.

Anne: So you are here, you saw them!
Veronica: Yes, i did! 
Anne: Veronica, come, you mustn't stay here much longer!
Veronica: What?  

Anne: You are not just a fairy like all the others! You are different! Once they find about your powers it's OVER for you! Be in the woods in 30 minutes

Veronica: Hey Marc!
Marc: I listened to you and the fairy! he's eyes were wet)
Veronica: God...

The next thing that happened, i don't relay remember!! He pull me and he kissed me! I wasn't crying! Never was a person that cried! 

That was not the end, it was the beginning of a noter story... I never saw him again! But, no worries, i meth your dad! And thats a different story, but, next time...


                                                  THE END
                         Made by Kiara_James

Starcoins to Stardollars

Starting tomorrow, superstars can exchange their starcoins to stardollars! We can now get 4sd on certain days. We can exchange 500sc at a time. Are you excited?

The First Stardoll Movie

Hi guys !!!!!!!!!! Well as you can read in the title The first stardoll movie might be coming . I'm going to apply for a role are you?

xoxo , Bloom

New archive

Stardoll have added three more items to Archive. They can be found in the new section.
What do you think? Are you going to buy any?

xoxo , Bloom

May 30, 2011

Updated: remember my contest???

Hey guys remember may contest? Want to win 100 sd!!? Well then hurry up! Just a few more days! And am adding a new part to it! Get 50 members by June 1 and I will pick two people to get 20 stardollars! (200 in starcoins if wanted) so hurry up and go!!

My orinagel post -

Hey guys! Am so sorry I haven't posted in forever!

Now I have something I want to tell you all, I want to have 100 members! But, there's something better I want you guys to help me to get them, I making you all a deal, if this blog reaches 100 members by the end of may, I will randomly pick TWO members of the blog to get 50 STARBUCKS each!!! But there's something even better! If we reach 150 members by the end of may I will pick ONE lucky followerer to get 100 STARDOLLARS!! Sound like a good deal!? I sure hope so!

Now go! Ask your friends to join! Doll mail every one of them!!!
Tell them if they join they could win!!

Now Hurry you have to the end of MAY!

- Gwen

P.s. You can get starcoins instead of stardollars if you want, 1 stardollars are = to 10 starcoins

So, 1000sc or 100sd, 20sd or 200sc, 50sd or 500sc.. Get the picture? :)

Love ya all tons!!!! Please hurry up and get some followers!! It's not hard!!! An easy way to get money!!!!

New store

The Yves Saint Laurent tribute store is out!! I think the clothes look better in the store than they did on spoilers but they are still not that great. What do you think? Are you going to buy anything?

Fantasy story...

                      ENTER EVERYBODY 

The owner, kkrrbb78, just let me tell you girls that from today, till the end June you can all enter the contest "best fantasy story". You have one month to think of a story that includes the impossible things, like: fairies, other worlds, planets, walking plants, talking animals and plants & many other things! 



Plz put pictures in your story...

This story competition will help the hidden talents show them selves to 40 people (followers) but i'm sure that this will bring the blog more followers! This isn't it! There will be a price for the winners! I still haven't  found the perfect  prices but as soon as i think of them you'll be informed! 


This competition exists only in Sassy Stardoll Magazine, every follower that also has it's own blog, DO NOT COPY OR STILL MY IDEA!


                                           Plz send your stories to my medoll,
                                                you already know my Stardoll name
                                                   It's Laura_James

Before + After make-over.


Maya<3 Which is better?

Maya's slideshow



From 50 TO 500 SC !!

From 50 TO 500 SC !!

Now you can win 50 stardollars/starcoins
all what you have to do is:
invite your friend to follow us !

Today i decided to make new competiton and give our fab readers some stardollars !
well for me what stardoll did today so bad !
 i don't think it's great idea to change stardollars and make new rules ! :S
what about you ??

anyway .. today our new competition based on the desire from our readers it's :

Invite your friend to Follow us !

Easy , isn't ??
Don't know how to follow ?? Click here

The winner will get 50 SD/Starcoins

If someone invited you .. write her/his stardoll name here ( not your name )
Maya<3 Competition ends 8th Jne 2011


Wyb√≥r Dnia PPQ Gold Bucket Bag 
New HB released! Awesome huh?#
Tell me what you think,
hot or not?



Notice anything strange about these jackets?
Y'know, maybe the fact that they're exactly the same, just in different shops!
Weird right, must be a glitch!

♥ Mia ♥

May 29, 2011


Hey guys remember may contest? Want to win 100 sd!!? Well then hurry up! Just a few more days! And am adding a new part to it! Get 50 members by June 1 and I will pick two people to get 20 stardollars! (200 in starcoins if wanted) so hurry up and go!!

My orinagel post -

Hey guys! Am so sorry I haven't posted in forever!

Now I have something I want to tell you all, I want to have 100 members! But, there's something better I want you guys to help me to get them, I making you all a deal, if this blog reaches 100 members by the end of may, I will randomly pick TWO members of the blog to get 50 STARBUCKS each!!! But there's something even better! If we reach 150 members by the end of may I will pick ONE lucky followerer to get 100 STARDOLLARS!! Sound like a good deal!? I sure hope so!

Now go! Ask your friends to join! Doll mail every one of them!!!
Tell them if they join they could win!!

Now Hurry you have to the end of MAY!

- Gwen

Hey Everyone ! Sorry , I haven't posted recently , but i thought I would take the time to post something about Stardoll.

Recently, Stardoll renevated that rooms. They added a beach suite! I personally thought that it was just adorable, so i bought the suit for 199 stardollars. I made mine into a wedding suit. What you have decorated yours like?

Some interesting ideas that you could make your summery beach suit:

-Just a hangout kind of theme

-Summer Fashions

-A day at the beach


-Love on The Water


I personally think that Stardoll hit a homerun with this new edition. What do you think? Post your comments about stardoll's new renovations in the comment section below.

I'm very excited to be writing for Sassy Stardoll again! Thanks for having me back♥

This is MissLindsayRae, signing off.(;


Hey everyone! Sorry that this isn't anyhting to do with stardoll :L But I made a youtube account called mayalovedimitra101 I wanted to make a youtube video called 'Quick shoutout to Jessie_Belle from stardoll' to send her a message from me and she see's how I look but I have no clue how to make a youtube video...HELP! Comment and tell me how to thanks!

Maya <3
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