September 9, 2011

Icon of the day

I am also back with Icon Of The Day...
I think is pretty cool! Anyway, i i have to tell you, that there will be days when i will forget to write  or go somewhere, that happens to everyone so don't kill me!
Today: Penelope Cruz! I think that she is a very beautiful Spanish woman that is also an actress in Hollywood!
Just finished with Pirates of the Carebean: On stranger tides! She is working on tho new movies! I am talking about: The Bop Decameron and Venuto al mondo. I think that she is really successful! 
In her acting history she has a lot of movies! 

Now: Filming 2 new movies
She is born: April 28, 1974
Relation Status: Merried. (private wedding) 
From: Spain
Speaks: English, Spanish, Italian.

Xoxo, see ya tomorrow,

The Daily Gossip

Hey, sorry i didn't write, i was in Greece, well, i still am but i found an internet cafe. Anyway, i am back with my daily gossip, and there must be something to gossip about today, right?
Oh, and please inform me if you wan me to stop with these posts, if you think the're rude.
But magazines & newspapers don't write sweet things every other day...

Today i will talk about today's CG: Anisah10! She has no feet accessorize or hand accessorize, well, just *1* diamond for her hands! I am not  saying that's wrong, but as a CG and a Royalty member... 

Also: Don't you think stardoll is going to far with the nail polishes? Polished has 5 collections: 2 of them are normal, classic polishes, one of them is Sea of Stars, 1 of them is Mortal Kiss and the last one is MSW! I mean: WOW! take it easy!  

Speaking of Miss Stardoll World, you you know this dress that is  on the girl? On this picture that we know about and have seen like 20 times on 20 places? It is a dress that we got for free when it was the 111 111 celebration! Sure you remember! Take a look! 




Hey, So I've decided to let the other writer to write about Free items, I will now be writing and posting about HTML And will be putting up samples for you to use and giving you all the information about how to make presentations or how do you do the click and drag method. 

When I put the samples up(about a few days time) And you use it, You must leave the part that says "All rights reserved by starbuster9000" I will find you if you copy, So don't be stupid and copy o.O So... I guess  I'll talk to you later on this week when I'll put on a sample.(:

I have school, As most do, I started  it a few days ago, Since I'm on 8th Grade now, I will have more homework which leads the results to being I won't be able to be as active on stardoll or writing on blogs like I did in the summer holidays. So I hope Kayci won't get angry if I only write twice a week.(:

I've also got to say I've turned into quite an insane person, So yeah :P

Martyna, The most insane person ever.

Signature for proof its me:

September 8, 2011

Must Have :)

Hey guys(: I'm back from my holiday! I'm very tanned!
Anyway I'm back with a New Must Have Competition!

All you need to do is put the chosen item into an outfit and leave the link in the comments along with your stardoll name. The contestants outfits will be posted into a poll and the person with the most votes will win.

I have chosen: Midnight velvet harem pants from PPQ
Here is my example*:

So, just put that  in an outfit on stardoll, print screen, save onto paint, upload to tinypic and post the link with your stardoll name in comments!

But.... this time there is a twist..........
All together the outfit MUST cost 95sd/ 950sc or less!!
Don't know the rules or how to upload? Click >>>HERE<<< (sorry that the link is to Ghandoora's blog :L)

Deadline to comment with your link is MONDAY!

P.S You MAY win prizes

Love, Jen/MissElydia1999


September 7, 2011

Spotted Suite!

Once a week I will be writing about a one member of stardoll that has a very impressive suite. These will be random people that I believe are truly talented. I got this idea from the stardoll blog "Underneath Stardoll". I won't be doing exactly the same thing and I hope the writers will let me do this.

Our first Spotted member is Matildejonas2!

I chose Matildejonas2 as our first spotted member. Her name is Elizabeth. She shows her creative in her lovely suite. She only has a few rooms opened but they are all incredible! You can tell that she put time and effort she put into it. Check out her suite!


I'm back from my holidays!!! Wooop :) I will start posting my 'Must-have competitions' tomorrow. Remembr to enter. The details will all be in tomorrows post



September 6, 2011

Spoiler Alert!

Sassy Stardoll Magazine Volume 2 Is coming soon!?
Well, that Is...possibly.
The magazine is in the hands of you,!
We need the following, so the magazine gets published.
15-30 models
1-3 GOOD graphic designers
and, well readers!

Why would you want to make a magazine official if no one is going to read it? 

We need views, and lots of them.
If you want to be in the magazine, you got to lead the magazine, to fame, and 
help people win Sassy Stardoll's new magazine title, like a model, or writer!

Plus all you lucky writers, models, and the crew---will be able to hear the NEW SASSY STARDOLL MAGAZINE SEGMENT!

Only you can, and If you tell someone your done.

So, apply now!

Competition Extended!

Win 500 Stardollars!

The competition is extended until September 20th. You guys could win 500 stardollars and a superstar code!1 person has entered and she invited 1 person. AND SHE'S WINNING. This contest is so, so, so, SO EASY, and FREE! Join now! :D

Click on the link below to join the contest

New Hotbuy!

New September Hotbuy is out! It's called the HotBuy Bead Necklace. It's a little pricey at 10 sds and you can find it in the Folk Shop. It's very cute! Check it out!

September 5, 2011

The Daily Gossip

Not that i want to be rude but this is gossip, so i have to!
Famous beauty queen and one of the top designers anita_o is known also for being a great girl and a great teacher outside Stardoll didn't change her clothes since i last visited, and that was 1 month ago!

And everything else-LE
But, she has to change it one day!

Also, the girl that is known under the Nickname Debbie_Kitty is really being rude by not doing the smallest favor to other medolls! Like: Join My club please: No way, i don't join clubs! ;D If you see the list of the things that we need to know about her but we don't like it is bigger that the whole presentation!

 Xoxo, and if any follower is a friend of them ,
this is a daily gossip,
don't take it wrong
Laura_James :*

The Daily Gossip (is about)

The Daily Gossip is a a new invention of mine! I will from now on do my best to catch all the rumors and post about them! The sweet life of a celebrity on Stardoll! By a celebrity i mean those Royalty members that EVERYONE knows about! Their problems and their day to day activities! That is something i will post every day, even when it is not my day to post! Ok, i will start today!

P.S. My inspiration is: The Daily Prophet and the writer named Rita Skeeter, that works there, with one word: harry Potter! 


Blue Make-Up

KKRRBB78: Sorry I didn't post yesterday, Stardoll wouldn't work so I couldn't make a new tutorial to post, or contact you.

Here is a blue and white make-up tutorial for you!

Request more tutorials or ways to improve my tutorials in the comments or my guestbook.


September 4, 2011

This looks like my house in Califonia:) 1 looks like my kitchen area and another looks like my front room.

modern California houses by Marc Canadellluxury modern house by Marc Canadell

CG Dish

Todays winner today  is....Shaz.D

For her makeup I'll give her a 3.5 out of 5. The little "MCR" tattoo is a little odd....but probably if you know her, there would be an explination. Also, her doll doesn't really stand out that much, It's the same black and white smokey eye look with blush, and LUXE Lipgloss. One thing I do like is her highlights! Let me tell you, when I put highlights on my doll it looks really fake, but this looks good!


I really, really love her outfit....but the one thing I don't like is her pink hair ribbon. I mean, it just ruins the outfit...If she didn't have it on I would give her a 5, but do you see any other pink on her outfit? No. So, It just kind of doesn't match

Her Suite? I'd have to say 4 out of 5. It's great, but I've seen better, and I've seen worse. I think she could maybe add some more things to it. There are a lot of gaps and open spaces, but other than that It's really good!

Her presentation is very cute. But, it's plain, and too simple. I think if she added some more text, like text that blinks, or glows, or something, to give it more color, you know?

Overall our covergirl today is....
4 out of 5 stars.

She's pretty, talented, and has a great suite, but she could show a little more creativity!

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