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Need help with presentations on stardoll?  Black backgrounds troubling you? Get some tips here! Here you can get some cool tips, and some free samples!

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Quick Tips For Presentations
So many people say it's very easy to make presentations, but really? It's not! can be easy but theres really no answer to that..okay anyways. Here are some tips for newbies.

Mozilla Firefox Downloads Links

.Mozilla Firefox (download Links above)
.Microsoft Word 2007 or someone elses presentation

Q: How do you get a black background?
A:I know a lot, and i mean a lot of girls want black backgrounds. Here's a simple way..all you need to do is find someone on stardoll with a black background. Here, these are some users that you can use, me (kkrrbb78) my other account (kkrrbb87) webkinz7865, dlvett, runawayrachel, bimmy-mimmy, etc. You can also use some clubs! Like alyandsampres or awesomepages (my club). Well how do you even get it on your presentation anyways? Well you need to go on mozilla firefox and open 2 windows, your presentation and someone elses (like mine) just copy and highlight the whole presentation and hold down your mouse and drag it into the other page (your presentation) and erase all the writing, pictures etc. and now you have a black background! Enjoy

Q:Where do you get different fonts?
A:You can use the drag method tool with mozilla firefox with someone elses presentation on stardoll, or you can use programs that you use to type, like microsoft word, or microsoft works, notepad, all those things. It's pretty simple. So, i'd say that's the easiest thing to do when it comes to making a presentation, especially for people who don't have a lot of experience with this, but thats okay. Good luck girls! if you need help ask me, other people, or watch some tutorials on youtube.

Presentation Samples/Pics 

Sample of mine:

If you want this, you better put (c) KKRRBB78

  K a y c i  
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Presentation Made By KKRRBB78
Want one? Join Awesomepages, or message me.
I make presentations for 5 stardollars. I don't hack by the way

Other ways to get a presentation
please visit Mad__Diva. It is a buisness run by 2 amazing girls!
They give makeovers, presentations, and more! So, check her out
today and get one for a cheap low salary of 4 stardollars per presentation!
They also remodel suites, give makeovers, and they can even re-do your album!
No catch! Just a low payment, they might even lower it if you want 2 things! Check them out!

Happy New Year  
Hi! Welcome to my suite(: Im Kayci. I love Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi, and That 70's show :) I really want to say this...just because i mean it, i really think i deserve to be covergirl. I work so hard on here, and i spend a lot of time picking out my outfits. It probably dosen't mean anything to you, but it wouldn't be that hard to click that 5th star. It only takes 10 seconds. Thank you so much:) Im KKRRBB78. I am a model and writer for my very own magazine Sassy Stardoll(: I also write for ghandoora94's blog and sweetstardollkisses. I am currently having challenges for all the girls who want to be in my magazine. If you're intrested tell me in my guestbook. I make presentations for 5 stardollars, and i give makeovers for 1 follow on my blog! (you need a google account to follow my blog) Anyways, Im I've been on stardoll for about 4 years now. Add me if you like, i accept all friend requests. Please, i ask for everyone to be nice. One of my pet pevs is when people online are mean-cyberbullying. So please don't be.
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Best Wishes For 2011! ;)

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