January 14, 2012

New Writer

Hey guys I'm a new writer. Selenasweetstar. I will be writing for Celeb look a like outfits. I know I was already a writer, but as you all no Selena quit Stardoll and all her Blogger jobs. But Now its me Bella and I will be writing.. Please treat me good as you treated Selena! And the picture on the top is my banner which means that will be always on my posts! That way you know its my post. Bye hope you treat me good and like my posts!

Cheap Wigs!

Hey everyone! I am selling some cheap wigs! Here are some examples^^

Free Paper Fan

Hi friends!
To get this paper fan just do this:

-Type in the URL bar http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=2111
-Fill in the boxes and click "Enter the competition"
-Go to your real suite 

xoxo Eris/MissAdelajda100

Spoilers Part 1 :)

More coming in about 10 minutes  :3

-lottieedottiee :)

January 13, 2012

Free Bella Swan Dress

Hi guys!

To get this cute wedding dress that Bella Swan wore at Breaking Dawn, simply do this:

-Send a photo
-Click "Enter the competition"
-Go to your suite

xoxo Eris/MissAdelajda100

January 12, 2012

New Writer!

Hi everyone!

I'm a new writer at this amazing blog and my name is Eris (MissAdelajda100 on Stardoll).

I'm a 16 years old girl from Albania and I enjoy writing in different blogs about Stardoll. That's why I'm here, I'm the new free stuffs writer :)

I'll post something later.
For now, bye xx.

January 10, 2012

Spoilers :D

Starcoin outfit :3

What I used:
Basics Beige belted dress
Rio Glitter Sweater 50sc
Windows on the world Shoes inspired by Carin Wester 50sc

Hope you like it! If you do, comment below :)

Some pics

Hey! So, you all know about the store called Limited Edition (LE). Of course you do! So, i think that you all know about lmfao, and their most popular song: Party Rock Anthem. Well, in that song, most of the dancers are dresses in clothes that are kinda similar to those of LE, but not all of them. So I have some photos here, to show you.

look at the girls in the background.

look at the girl on the edge

The girl...

I see it, do you?
Sorry this was a short post, but...

Styles on Stardoll

So, here on Stardoll (well this is actually blogger, but you get it), we have styles, so i told my lovely models what to wear, in order to show you the 3 most important: Dressy, Professional and Casual.

Special thanks to my models, who are the reason this post is happening :) : abbeydawn122, bracken1234 and Bloom_James). The modeling job is still open, i need to models... 

(You can guess that this is professional)

Skirt- PPQ Velvet Skirt (12 sd)
Blouse- DVF White Keyhole blouse (22 sd)
Belt- Perfect Day Silver Braided Belt (80 sc)
Bag- Young Hollywood Piano key star clutch (85 sd)

(Now this, is dressy)

Dress- PPQ Tassle minidress (28 sd)
Shoes/Boots- PPQ Gold tiw up boots (24 sd)

(And this is the casual look)

Dress- PPQ Efia dress (32 sd)
Shoes- Sharpay Shoes (o sc, free shoes)

It seems to me that we have the most PPQ items! How did you like this post? Please comment, i put a lot of tots to this post.


January 9, 2012

Hey !

Sorry, I'm such a horrible Co-Owner ! It's just my laptop broke&kept freezing&wouldn't connect to the internet... but I'm back now :) I decided to give someone a make-over today.
Tell me what you think :)



What do you think ?

 Before, (in my opinion) she wore to many eyelashes and used the same black&white eyeshadow effect. I like to change the colours. Leave a comment :)

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