September 29, 2012

What do you want to be when you "grow" up?

Hello, Lina here. So, NO ONE is posting, so looks like I'll have to break the ice, AGAIN!!! Let's get started anyway.

So, today I will talk to you guys about dream jobs. Everyone has one, and I mean everyone. So, mine is modeling. Many of you, just like me, are not in the mood for sharing what they want to be. It bugs even the people with the biggest ego. That fact is surrounded with many reasons, such as:
-You just don't want people to know
-You parents don't want that for you
-You're afraid people will laugh at you
-It is a job people find hilarious, impossible
-People might start telling you you're not good enough
-You're embarrassed of your dream job, and what people will say.

There must be someone who'll understand, anyone!
For me, there are a few: My family (two sisters, mom, dad and my BFF Ana)
You need to find any kind of emotional support. Mom, dad, big sister, even a small sister can tell you the wisest thing.  

Not everyone really supports you
Here, take me for an example: Of all the people I named above, only two are my support: BFF and Dad. Just do the list I did, only do it with your "supporters":
*Mom: Thinks it's just another kid idea.
*Dad: Told me he's supporting me whatever I do. 
*Older Sister: We made a deal, she supports me, I give something in return.
*Oldest sister: Told me: "I don't support this nonsense, but I won't stop you.."
*Best Friend: I'm with you, and you're with me! 

Make it happen
If you know it will happen, you have nothing to be ashamed of, in many years you're gonna be singing  to those that laughed at you: "But who's laughing now? Who's laughing now?!"

Thanks for NOT posting everyone!!! 


Anonymous said...

Great post! :D I'd like to be a doctor or make up artist.(: And Lina, you sort of have to understand that if we're not posting, we have a reason behind it. So please don't be mad :L

Xoxo Martyna :)

Anonymous said...

It's been a week Martyna.

Anonymous said...

Well some of us don't always have time. Blogs aren't the most important thing ever, I mean I'd get a bit mad if my writers weren't posting for at least 3 weeks, but its obvious they'd have a reason behind it. So Lina, please just... Yeah just don't get angry I guess.


Anonymous said...

I heyt u sooooo much Lena!!!

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