September 8, 2012

Celebrity look-a-like

It's saturday again and it's my time to post the tutorial here.

This week i picked Fergie

Do you like her?

Also if you have any suggestion for a  celebrity tutorial just tell me.


Modeling -- Part 2


Back again. So, i talked to you about measurements and types. Cruel measurements, no? No!, that's one of the easy things in modeling! It's time we talk about the scary things, and in the same time facts:


*Modeling is NOT as glamorous as you see it on TV.
*Get used to criticism, such as: You are too thin/fat. You don't have the face, you can't walk, etc...
*Not everyone ends up as a Victoria supermodel!
*If you have to move to another city, you better get used to sleeping on the floor of a friend/cousin's home.
*It's GREAT if you are both mentally and physically ready! You will have times when you want to cry, give up, throw yourself off a building. Just cry, the other two won't pay off!
*People/photographers will ask you to sleep with them (some will). It's better to have someone you trust with you on set.
*If you don't find a place to life, you will be placed in model homes. AKA, in one room, 6 girls, no food. And how do you pay for the room? Instead of getting your 70% money for the pictures taken, you take 50% or even 30%.
*Sometimes, to find food, you need to go out with strangers (men) to some weird clubs, and there you might find some extra food.
*You have to know: It's very competitive! Your fear if famous, is that another pretty girl will come!
*When on runway, backstage, you have to change. Yes well, everyone is allowed in, and everyone can see you naked and/or take pictures of you naked.


*Prepare! Be strong and ready for anything people might say!
*Find as much as modeling agencies as possible! Giselle went in 40 before she way accepted.
*Have a portfolio.
*You need to be in shape! Dream skin, hair, teeth...Everything needs to be perfect!
*You need to know, there are millions that dream of modeling, you are not the only one, so...
*That's why, you need to be different, give agencies a reason to remember you!
*It is better if you start saving up money! Why? I do it(summer job plus other money savings), because once in another country (if you need to move), you need a place to stay, you need to eat as well!
*If you are weak, you'll probably end up jumping from a building or giving up! Don't! BE-STRONG.
*Find out what kind of model you can be.
*Start protecting yourself from permit scars, and start walking the way models do, even if you don't want to end up on the runway.
*Give the world something new

Model on all the pictures above:
Barbara Palvin

to be continued...

September 7, 2012

Modeling Tips & Measurements

Hey! Back to my usual posts. So, i promised to give you the ups and downs of many jobs, and my first, is my job-modeling. Okay, I need to get a bit older, and then i can start. So. I will tell you, how tall you need to be, what you need to do, and what you need to look like.


*Runway Models: Those are the tall and slim models that you watch on fashion TV.

*Commercial Models: They work for catalogs mostly but they as well travel a lot. I know, a commercial model can be in every catalog, and I mean Victoria Secret as well...

*Editorial Models: My goal. They are the models that you see on the covers on Elle, Vogue, etc.. They sometimes appear on photos in magazines.

*High Fashion Model is the highest you can get. They can do almost all of the above, except Runways. They appear on many magazines, billboards, etc... You don't just get there, to get there you must start with some above.

*Plus-size Modeling: Is another thing. I think the title says it all.

*Petite model: Again, the title is all.

*Part model: To clear this up, it means a hand model, a foot model, a face model, a body model, etc...


*Runway model: You start from 5,8. If possible, MORE! That's why it's so hard to get in. So:
Height: 5'9"( sometimes 5'8") to 5'11"
Bust: 31-34"
Waist: 22-24"
Hips: 31-35"

*Plus size: Er...

*Commercial Model:
They can be any height, just not under 5,6..
*Pretty slim, never overweight
*Other doesn't really matter
*You just need to look really, really good!

*Editorial Model:
 Size 0-4.. 5’8(9) – 6′ and 34-24-34 and their look is very edgy,different &/or odd and quirky. 

*High Fashion: Eater Runway measurements or Editorial!

to be continued...

Dress to impress-Combination #1

September 6, 2012


I know, this is different then my usual posts, but I am in the deep! I need Agony Aunt! This girl at school want to beat me up! READ BELOW:

So, she is one of those lowlife teens. She dresses in supper short shorts, puts makeup for school (SHE'S ONLY 12 (just like me)) and you can see her boobs because of her T-Shirts! She is horrible at school, and stupid!

I heard a gossip about her, that she puts those things (i don't know the name) in her bra to make the boobs bigger. Yes, well, i told her ex that (I  know, she has a ex-bf while 12 years old), and he told her. And the gossip that i DID NOT start, she's blaming me!.
Today, when i wanted to explain to her, that I did not make that up, and that i'm not guilty, she said, who is? I knew i was my BFF's guilt, but i said: "I'm not naming anyone.."
She said: "I'm not one of your pathetic classmates , do you understand?"
-And she took her hand up so i knew the slap was coming, and since i have quick reflexes, i turned around so it didn't hurt at all. At all!. But then, she started threatening me she'll fight me.
-I'm not scared, she is half my EVERYTHING and i can bring her down with the snap of my finger, but I'm not stepping to her low lever, and unlike her, i never badmouthed her. I'M SCARED OF ONE THING NOW: I don't know what and who she hangs out with, (probably drug users and maniacs). She can send anyone. I'm afraid to go to school!

I'm scared, and i don't know what to do, i went to one of my teachers for help, and in front of her class (8 year olds, no one popular), I fell on he ground and started crying. I wasn't ashamed that I cried while wanting advice against bullies. And i pray to God, but I know I have t do something! WHAT? I can't end this with good, I don't want attention or anything, i just want to end this! THERE IS NO GOOD way to the end!

Advice? Before i cry again?

Tell me as soon as possible,

September 5, 2012

Hello Autumn, Hello Colds!

Let me tell you, If you're lucky enough to live close to the equator, you probably never get colds! Living not too close to the equator, millions of people are confronted to the sicknesses of the weather change, and sadly...I'm one of them! Let me just say, colds suck! Just being completely brutal, they SUCK! I'm dealing with one right now, and ugh...what a pain! Here are some tips to help beat a cold fast, and deal with it well:

1.)  Wash Those Hands!
Even though this is probably something you'll hear ALL THE TIME, it's the best thing to do! Wash your hands after sneezing, coughing, touching your face, and make sure to wash them before eating! The best thing to do is to keep hand sanitizer by you as well, but remember...washing your hands is the best thing to do!

2.) Eat Healthy!
Do you know one of the best things you can have when you have a cold? Vitamins! The goal to getting rid of a cold is to boost your immune system, and help fight off your cold! First, eat some antioxidants! Antioxidants are found in plants. So eat those vegetables! Eat some yogurt, as well. Yogurt is a good type of bacteria that will boost your immunity in your body...therefor fighting off the common cold virus. Even though I have NO IDEA what is it, turmeric...a type of spice, can also help boost your immunity as well. Also, eat some garlic! Garlic is said to be "a miracle food." Something I like is garlic bagels. To learn more check out this article:

3.) Stuffy Nose, Cough? Vicks!
I don't know about you, but my mom has been using Vicks on my brother and I since we were very little. I love vicks! It smells good, and it helps clear me up! Something you can also get is a vaporizer or a humidifier to help with your cold, and you can add Vicks to it. This helps you breath better, and moistens the air to help loosen mucus and phlegm. Learn more about Vicks here:
If you need help picking out a Vicks product, this link will help you!

I hope you found this post informative, and helpful! If you're facing a cold like me, feel better! 


September 4, 2012

Autumn Top Hot buys

Heey, Martyna here.(: So, I've surfed the internet for you guys to check out some cool outfits for Autumn. As we all know, it's so close to Autumn now, so its goodbye to summer clothes, and of course, summer itself(Sadly). Anyways, I hope you enjoy the post!

1.Bob hats!

Whenever its windy, a bob hat is always fashionable and comfortable! It always puffs up your hair nicely, this always helps complete your style whenever its windy. So if your mum tells you its windy out there, just think 'Ooo, I know just the thing, Bob hat!'. If you don't have one, they usually come at a cheap price. I bought mine for £4.00, you might buy one for more, but it's always worth it.(:

2. Biker Jackets!

Biker jackets always just make it seem more cool!  In autumn, they look really cute! Team your biker jacket up with a skate dress. And voila! You have a perfectly fashionable outfit in a blink of an eye.(:

3.Skater dresses!

Skater dresses always look sassy during autumn. Just a nice, thin belt, will complete the outfit! They're all different, they come in different colours and prints. So you'll definatley find one. You'll be sure to look good in it! Biker dresses are for those more warmer days, on windy days you can wear Neck cape sleeves, which look this:

In addition to the neck cape sleeve, add a nice bob hat, as mentioned before, and a pretty, frilly skirt!

4. Boots!

Nice boots like the ones above on windy days
always work out with most outfits! However, on more warm days, you could wear fashionable shoes like these:

These shoes are called pumps, they're not so amazing, but they don't look like your trying too much, so they're really cute.(:


An oasis ruffle funnel neck trench coat
always completes the girl's style. The most sassy part of it, is how the belt makes you look more slim! I can't describe it, but they're just amazing! I bought mine for about £18.00 and wore it to school, Im telling you - I had the best fashion, seriously!


Satchels just finish off your look. The best ones to get are the ones with flowers, they represent autumn the most!

Long post, Huh? (: Well I spent 2 hours on it, it's also a school night. I won't be posting as much as I usually do, because of school. But I hope you enjoyed this post, I spent a while for the decription to be perfect and for the pictures to be nice. Thanks for reading.(:

Xoxo Martyna Xoxo

September 2, 2012


Style (Be different)

I'm guessing many of you, had this sentence in your mind, at least once in your life.
"How am i supposed to look good in school, when I'm yet to be proper as well...?"
I know I've put things this way many times. Trust me, it's not hard, not at all!  You can have someone for you: Mom, Sister, Friend, Aunt..To be your stylist!
But it's just fine if you do things your way as well, you just need to know some things:

*You do not have to push it to the limit, okay? No one asks you to show up dressed in bacon.
*Be proper. I know many people, that go to school with shorts so super short, you can see their panties! Up, you notice some almost see-through shirt. But it's so ugly, plus you can see what bra they are wearing.
No! Let me clear this: It-Does-Not-Look-Good.
*Be different.
*Use colors! No one wants to see you dressed for a funeral!
*Put on that dress you bought, but didn't think you'll ever be daring enough to wear!
*Be sweet and simple, if you prefer. How about that cute dress that you find adorable and loving?

(meat dress-Lady Gaga)

Super short shorts


Colors (Benetton)

Daring-Pepe Jeans London

Cute-Pepe Jeans London

to be continued...

Making the right choice

Helly followers and fellow writers. Sorry i wasn't posting so long.  Anyway, the new school year means changes. Now, i know many of you already have it planned what side of you will be shown to the classmates and/or the others this year. Well, so have I.

I did not just decide what side of me will I offer to people this year, but i have changed my lifestyle over the summer. Things such as:
-My organisation
-Health and body

Organisation (what can you do about it)

As far as i know, every school year brings something new, something harder. Some years may bring your organisation on a test. This year does it for me. And since i have more subjects, and out of school activities (For me: Piano, English lessons(i don't live in USA, you see), French lessons, Volleyball, Horse riding, Pilates), i don't have time for anything else. 
For that reason, i gave up of the things that don't mean as much in my life. AKA Facebook and Stardoll, and my Art Lessons. 
Things you can do:

*Give up the things that don't mean as much to you, or won't help you with your dream career.
*Realize: You are not WonderKid, to be able to do everything! 
*Get an Agenda is it helps you
*Give up lazy moments on the sofa, when you do...Nothing. 

Health and Body (Not as hard)

Have you ever wondered how celebrities have time for EVERYTHING? Well, they don't. A lot of things for them are done by other people (cook, maid, cleaner, gardener). Well, some of us can't afford all that (check organisation above). But they do seem to have a lot of time for their body (Rihanna talks to her life coach 8 hours a day). It's not hard to do it without a life coach, you see, here is what you can do:

*Avoid: mayo, oil, cookies, margarine, being lazy, juices, flour (yes, i said it). And most certainly: NO FAST FOOD. 
*Try: Cooking with olive oil. Eat more vagies and fruits. Fish-you can eat an entire fish, not be hungry and gain less then 100 calories. 
*Take care of your teeth. Brush them 3 times a day, each 2-3 minutes. 
*Take care of your hair (more info-other pots on this blog)
*And don't forget to read Sassy Magazine for more tips. 


Bye for this half of the post (too long),

To be continued...

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