April 23, 2011

Easter Makeup!

Hi everyone! This is some stunning makeup to wear for easter this weekend. Happy easter to all, and i hope you enjoy this longer makeup tutorial :)

I thought i would do single pictures, to make the makeup tutorial easier!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7
Step 8

And finally, Step 9

Then you're all done! I hope you enjoy, and please leave some comments! xoxo

April 22, 2011

More About Me..

More About Me...(your new writter)
Well as you see, I love cats and kittens, Yep I was crying there, since I had to give the cat away:( I had to give it away because it we kept all our kittens then our house would be like a pet shop! But now I have 2 cats:) That I always had! Comment on what you think about how I looked in that photo:) Thanks!

Xoxo Maya

April 21, 2011

Lucky Winner? Or Unfair vote?

Most of you would be stunned and outraged if you just happened to win 2nd place in the "Most popular design." But, a new stardallion who only has 15 starpoints, just got a prize that she doesn't even know about.

Look at this picture, and look who won 2nd place today...
Her stardoll name is "Ruth94240" and she claims to be only 9 years old.
Do you honestly think this is fair?
Many fellow stardoll girls work very hard to be on the list. My good friend, anita_o has been trying to get on that list for about 2 months, but this new stardoll girl gets on in 1 or 2 days?

Designers work hard and take pride in their work, but this girl
basically just clicked black, and then sew. Is that work of a true designer?
I think not.


New writter!

Hi guys! I'm your new blog writter for sassy stardoll magazine!

About Me:
Name: Maya.
Age: 9
Stardoll Username: starbuster9000
Been on stardoll since: 2011-01-06

I have actually also got a blog of my own! It's called

So I guess, here I am on sassy stardoll magazine posting my first post :)

 Oh and the picture at the top is a picture of mee:))

April 20, 2011


Todays CoverGirl is Panda!!





About Her

Favorite celebrity:
Megan Fox
Favorite music:
Favorite movie:
Favorite food:
Favorite color:
Jewel Tones
Future dream job:
My creativity
Favorite TV-show:
Greys Anatomy
Eye color:
Hair color:
Spending my time with:
Horse riding


Suite: 10/10, okay this has to be the best suite i've ever seen! i just can't explain it!! you'll have to tale a look at it :D

Medoll: 8.5/10, very, very nice! i love the eyes, and the hairs cute, she could use a neckless, and maybe a different par of earrings.

Style: 9/10, i love her outfits! very chick and hot! what she id wearing now is very nice, i love that blue LE dress! and the belt is adorable!

Hope you enjoyed my post!



Spoilers 20/04/2011 -

♥ Mia ♥

April 19, 2011


Todays CoverGirl is SmartAmeera!
About her
name: ameera
From: Saudi Arabia
Favorite celebrity:
Miranda Cosgrove 2
Favorite music:
Favorite movie:
Favorite food:
Ice cream
Favorite color:
Butter yellow
Future dream job:
Favorite TV-show:
Dancing With the Stars
Eye color:
Hair color:
Spending my time with:


Suite: 5/10, not the best, could use a lot more creativity, its just very boring for a CoverGirl.

Medoll: 6/10, nice but won't cut it for me, again need to be more CREATIVE!

Style: 6/10, its okay, right now she's wearing LE, but not the creative or that nice.

All in All: shes a five.

I Personally have NO IDEA why she won. Not to be rude, i've just seen better, she didn't really show her personality or her creativity though her suite, style or medoll.
If she would have shown more of who she is, and creativity, she would be a grate CoverGirl.

Do you like my posts? Do you think am too hard on the CoverGirls? Please comment below with what you think so i can write for you better!

Lots of love ;D

April 18, 2011

New Hotbuys!

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while because I live in a really tiny village and the internet is always cutting out, it's seriously irritating, anyway, on with the post!!
There are new Hotbuys Shoes out!

I really like them and will be buying them!

Here is an outfit with them in:

I used:
Hotbuys Shoes - 10sd from Rio
Black Deep V Top - 8sd from Perfect Day
See Through One Arm Sleeve Top - 6sd from Wild Candy
Leopard Detailed Tube Dress - 8sd from Rio
Punk Tights - 5sd from Fallen Angel

Oh, and by the way I didn't post at 4:22am, I am just in a different timezone to some others - in England it is 9:22am :)

April 17, 2011

CG Today!

Todays covergirl is ashleesoul! crongrats!!

All About Her

Name - Ashlee
From - Saudi Arabia, Jeddah


Suite - 9/10, well i know why she's cover! Her suite is amazing! Each room is very nice! I wish i had that much talent!

Medoll - 7/10, her doll is okay, It's a little boring if you ask me... i like the lips, but the eyes don't thrill me.... and the hair is boring, maybe a little more blush, some highlights, and different eye shape.

Style - 6/10, Her style bores me.. it's not very good and not at all interesting..

All in all - she's a nice 7.

She also has a blog - Ashlee-stardoll.blogspot.com. but i like this one better ;D


Fudge 25% off!

Hey everyone! Fudge is having a 25% off sale! Buy before it ends! Save stardollars;)

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