October 15, 2011

Cool Look

Hey guys xxxluvxx here ( I'm making a banner so should be done soon ! ) anyway today i was on stardoll and before that I went shopping and saw ALOT of beautiful original style ! so I went to Bonjour Bisco and created a shopping look inspired from actually going shopping ! 
Here it is 

What do you think ? Remember if you want to get this look it is all in Bonjour Bisco ! 
I really like it ! Do you ? 

October 13, 2011


Hey guys xxluvxx here so I was raoming around the web and saw this photo 

This is just an amazing sketch ! What do you think ?
Please comment ! Xxxluvxx 

October 11, 2011

Sorry i'm not inspired for writing today! I am also REALLY bored and i don't feel like doin'  anything today! I am not sick i just... Look: Today we don't go to school in Macedonia, it's a really important celebration, so i'm staying home! I invited Anna (Bloom_James) to come over, she still isn't here! And i invited her like 3 hours ago! Just siting and doing nothing. that is what my day was made of! I also was studying for an hour and a half, and than, i do nothing!!! Absolutely: nothing!!

(oh, p.s. Anna just called me and old me that it hasn't been 3 hours, but 5!
And i just told her not to come, i don't feel like i want to argue tonight)

Feeling: Bored

October 10, 2011

New Hotbuys Jacket :)

Hello my beautiful dollies :) How are you?
Hm, let's check out the new hotbuys jacket, released today!

as you can see, it comes from the shop
and it costs 16 stardollars.

Here it's its real life inspiration:
(thanks to stardoll4coolgirls.blogspot.com and B.E.P.Fan_4ever for the real life pic)

Do you like it?
Will you buy it?
Kisses & Hugs, DEMI_LOVANTO_2 / Christinaa!


Check it out

Hello people of Earth! Today I do really want to talk to you about some websites that i go to check every day! Actually, i will tell you what do i usually do when i have time to waste on the Internet!

-For Starters, i go to Tv-Links, and watch iCarly or Victorious.
-Next i go to these 2 cool websites: TheSlap.com and iCarly.com
-I log in to Facebook, to see if there is anything interesting. (usually nothing)
-I go to this blog (kkrrbb78.blogspot.com) (if i have time, i write something, or i just see whats new)
-i don't have much time left to i quickly go to Stardoll, answer if there is anything to answer than log out.

And now something more about everything that i just said:
This is all just "if you didn't know" if yo do click back now, i will wait


Times up!

iCarly is a really popular website, because it is something that was made after the TV series iCarly.
iCarly are very popular and they come from Nick (Nickelodion).
Every week there is something new, videos, images & more... Staring in every video: Sam (Jennette Mccurgy), Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) & Freddie (Nathan Kress). Check out iCarly.com now!!!

This comes from the Nickelodion Tv series Victorious!
Comedy, that is all about a girl named Tori Vega, and her life an Hollywood Arts.
Thant site also offers videos, and can pretty much tell you everything about he characters, and what they
do at their High School!

Sassy Stardoll Magazine

Yeah i think you know about his site...

Yap, i think you know about this one as well, don't you?

Yeah, sorry, but i gotta go now,

October 9, 2011

Halloween Doll Dish

October Update
This month for all of my "Doll Dish" posts (not including CG Dish) I am ONLY dishing on girls who are dressed in costume in honor of Halloween, or Day of the Dead. If you are un-superstar, that doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun! Click HERE to get some makeup that you can buy with starcoins! Also, un-superstars can buy fangs, and accessories for starcoins, too. So, if you are not a superstar, show me how creative you can be with starcoins!

Today I am Dishing On....
New topics for October are....
-Costume Creativity
-Scary/Creative Halloween Makeup Fit with Costume
-Scary/Creative Halloween Suite (Can fit with costume)

Costume Creativity
Demi_Lovanto_2 is showing her Halloween creativity by dressing as a elegant princess who lives in an Ice Castle. Is it unique or different? Well, yes! Usually, where I live princesses are quite common, but on stardoll Demi is the first princess I've seen! God job, Demi! Way to show your creativity! The only con in this outfit is that the gown is just one piece of clothing. To get a full 5 stars, Demi should of used other clothing objects or curtains in the suite shop/etc.

4 out of 5 stars! :D

Halloween Makeup
Being a princess, Demi_Lavanto_2 doesn't really need to change her makeup around that much. But, what really ruined her chance of getting 5 stars?  A tattoo. Why would a princess have a tattoo? Pretty self explanatory, don't you think? But, back to the positives. Demi shows her warm, sweet princess character by giving herself a light purple smokey eye, which to me, completes her look.

4 out of 5 stars! :D

Halloween Suite Decor
In this picture, you see how Demi_Lovanto_2 completes her princess costume by adding Unicorns and flowers to her suite. And of course, a castle. Normally, I would give this room a low ranking, but since It's October, I'm going to have to give this room....
4.5 Out of 5 Stars!
Show your inner monster by dressing up your doll in a scary, yet appropriate costume for Halloween, or show your sweetness by dressing up as something else.
Sign up for D.D. Below!
Happy Halloween, readers!

Celebrity Look-A-Like

Hey everuone! I made a makeup tutorial inspired by Beyonce! Here is my inspiration:

Here is what you have to do in steps:

1.Apply some black mascara for long eyelashes.

2.Apply some black mascara for fat eyelashes.

3.Apply some neon green eyeliner like in the image.

4.Put some yellow eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye.

5.Put the pink lipstick.

6.And finish with the lipgloss ;)


Green eyeliner by DOT
Yellow eyeliner by DOT
Black mascara for fat eyelashes by DOT
Black mascara for long eyelashes by DOT
Pink lipstick by DOT
Lipgloss by LUXE

I hope you like it ;)

Send me messages and guestbook comments for the next celebrity ;D

~xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever

Make up and Sorry :(

Im sooo sorry guys but im back now ! Anyway lets get started !

Everyone loves make up but you always think make up means BIG , BEAUTIFUL , WONDERFUL . but you can also have a BIG , BEAUTIFUL , WONDERFUL look with simple colours ! Everyone wants to change there skin colour but what if you can have a BEAUTIFUL look with your natural colour !  
So here is some looks that look FABULOUS !

 Here is a look for pure white skin !

 Here is a fiery red look for white skin !

 here is a salo skin look !

I really hope you like it comment and tell me which one is your favourite ! 

New writer :]

Hey there fellow followers :)

I am a new writer! My stardoll name is Indigo26 (feel free to visit and give me advice on my posts) I'll be posting strange things/ cool facts but..... today i have something different!

I was on stardoll when i found this hidden shop!

I think this is really cool for non-ss (like me) so if you would like to buy some make-up follow this link : Non-ss make-up

Hope you all like my first post please comment!

(For my next post i will hopefully have a banner :)

xx Indigo26

Hotbuys boots!

New hotbuys shoes are out! 
I believe they are really nice! They cost 11 stardollars & they are from RIO shop :)
Take a look of them:

And here it's the real life inspiration!

What do ya think?
kisses, DEMI_LOVANTO_2 :)
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