February 11, 2011

Matel? Okay...no

What it says on Stardoll's blog
Taking the Stardoll experience from Virtual into Physical World

Stardoll, the online fashion game and world’s largest website for teen and tween girls today announced at the International Toy Fair, a multi-year licensing agreement with Mattel. The partnership is aimed at taking the Stardoll brand from the virtual into the physical world with the first product line to come in the autumn of 2011.
Global toy company Mattel has teamed up with Stardoll after years of successful commercial collaborations allowing brands to engage online with their target audience. Mattel brands that have advertised on Stardoll include Barbie®, Fashionistas®, Monster High®, with the companies deploying a range of highly creative solutions that included launching a fan club, exclusive dolls and a virtual store.
“We are pleased to be working with the world’s largest toy company in a partnership that will see Stardoll moving from the virtual into the physical world,” said Mattias Miksche, CEO of Stardoll Network from Nuremberg where he is a featured speaker at the International Toy Fair. “This year we are very focused on entering the licensing space so that our members can experience Stardoll in new and exciting ways; Mattel is making this a reality for them.”
In January, it was announced that Random House Children’s Books launched a printed copy of ‘Mortal Kiss’ in bookstores after the interactive mystery story, originally only released on the web, was a huge hit among members. Commented Mattias Miksche: “We knew that our users love the immersive online experience on Stardoll.com, but we are thrilled to learn that we’ve built a brand that carries from the online to the offline retail world.”
Stardoll was launched in 2006, has more than 92 million registered users globally and reaches over 15 million unique users per month.

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Okay, are these people stupid? Many stardoll users are ages 12-18. Barbie? Moxie Teens? NO! Everybody plays with barbies when they're what? 6? Nobody want's to wear Barbie or Moxie Teens clothes. Stardoll is making so many changes and i hate it, so does everyone else

February 10, 2011

Free shoes and heart tee!

Today you can get a free pair of black sandals and a heart tee!

if your from the usa just enter the RED CARPET RAZZLE-DAZZLE contest and LOVE LETTER TO YOUR VALENTINE contest.
if your not follow these steps -

1. go to a american proxy site:

2. in the url bar enter

3. log in

4. dress up lady gaga

5. then in the url bar paste http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=983

6. right something in the letter

5. quit the proxy site, and go to stardoll your normal way.
shoes should be in your suite.

Mattle and stardoll?

check out stardolls official blog for info: http://stardollblog.com/

Taking the Stardoll experience from Virtual into Physical World


Chloes Curtain.


Heyyyyy x So I Have Some New thingss x

There is a new floor in sunny bunny Kloz , I Am not to fond of this shop but are you?

Sorry This Post is short... I HATE HOMEWORK!:|


February 8, 2011

Free shirts!

today i have 3 different free items from stardoll!

for free red shirt
1. go to a poland web proxy like
2. in the url box paste:

3. hit enter on keyboard

4. log in stardoll
5. now in the url box paste the contest link:

6. hit the enter key, wait till page loads, leave the proxy, go to stardoll as usual.
top should be in your suite

for the free safer internet shirt

1. log in to stardoll
2. in your url bar paste

3. enter the contest, the shirt should be in your suite

for the free felicity tee and purse

1. go to usa proxy like

2.in the url box paste: http://www.stardoll.com hit enter then log in

3.then in the proxy's url box paste this link:

4. leave the proxy, and it should be in your regular suite!

hope you like todays items!

Chloes Curtain.

Hey everyone(:


Hey, have you seen the changes in Starplaza? I don't like the new look, but they're...ok. Look at the new look...

The New Starplaza... February 8th, 2011


February 7, 2011

Offical Logo Released!

Graphic Designer In Need!!

Hey guys, the blog is looking pretty dull, what we need is graphics! I need a good graphic desginer! If your intrested gb me at kkrrbb78 on stardoll, or if you know someone tell them to message me!!

Free JB Glasses.

Hello It is BluePopgirlx1 , i know i do not usually post free stuff but this is a speial post i picked out.

Look At These From Justin Biebers New Club.

Now Follow The Steps!

First, go to http://www.daveproxy.co.uk/
Now, copy and paste this into the proxy URL bar: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=2539347

Click The Club And Yes.
If You have followed them correctly it will be in your suite. xxx


Chloes Curtain.

hey i am back. With More News AND Advice. Cool So Here I Go!


Justing Bieber Has Released A DressUp And A Club. WOW! How exciting. Too Bad I HATE Justin Bieber. I Think He Is a....... Anyway we all know JB , >baby baby baby Ooo<>


So Now A Person ( chaya.stardoll) Went Up To ladygargar..x and she was warned Her About Her Behavior. I Know She Is Mean and all that but. Chaya.stardoll said she was stardoll staff to scare ladygargar..x She isn't really stardoll staff :0 What does this post mean? Don't Trust People Unless They Have Proof.


February 6, 2011

Free Pink Headband!

1. Go to one of these proxy sites.
2. Enter Stardoll.com in the URL bar, and press enter on your keyboard.
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Now enter http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=951 in the url bar.
5. Log out and leave the proxy server.
6. Go to your regular stardoll, it should be in your suite:)


Ghandooras Movie

check this out!

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