April 14, 2013

Convient Music

Hey everyone. Sorry no one has really been posting, but I don't know if anyone saw that I said the blog was temporarily closed on my stardoll presentation, but it is, but I thought I would post quickly. So, anyways this post is actually quite relatable to...well, anyone, I guess. Anyways, enjoy & if you want to write for us, let me know!

what is it? 
Spotify is a free, easy downloadable program for both Mac & PC's. It is also compatible on iOS or Android devices. Spotify is basically a free itunes! What you basically do is search for music, artists, albums, etc. in a search bar, and add it to playlists...and listen to it, and that's basically it!

Spotify is also co-op, so you can share playlists with friends! It can connect to Facebook as well. Another plus is, spotify is one of the easiest programs i've seen to update. I just updated it...literally. As I'm typing this it updated. 

Spotify is free for computers, and it is free on iOS/Anroid Devices temporarily. If you want spottily on your phone as well, it's only ten dollars a month, but you get a free month of free music on your phone when you sign up. So, basically, you have unlimited music for ten dollars a month. Awesome, right?

Check spotify out here!

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