July 8, 2011


So sorry for not writing for ages, Anyway BONJOUR BISCOU LOOK:
Hope you enjoyed that (: Leave a comment on what you think!! [; P.S LOving the new banners so much Kayci!!!
XOXO Kaylee/Starbuster9000 [:

Banner! and Makeup

Sorry i missed you Lina!

What is mascara?
Mascara is a black/brown (mostly) liquid that is dabbed on the top/bottom eyelashes to provide volume, length, and color.

What color should I buy?
Well, mascara really depends on you're eye-color, skin tone, eyelash volume, and hair color.

Quick survey: (add up results)

1. What color eyes do you have?
1. blue  2.brown    3. hazel   4. light brown  5. mixture

2. What color skin tone do you have?
1. light skin/pale  2. tan skin   3. brown skin   3. black skin

3.Eyelash volume?
1. big    2. huge    3. falseys    4. low     5. small

4.What color is your hair?
1.blonde/dirty blonde    2. brown    3. black   4. red-head    5. dark colors

Add up you're results!

4-8                                      9-14                                            15-18
Light-Bulb                    I want VOLUME                          Dark Colors           
You would be                You prefer long, beautiful               You would be better
best with brown              eyelashes, with volume!                 with dark colors!
mascara. You                 You would be better                      They would go
want volume-not             with black mascara                        better with your
to much, but light            because you have                          skin, and eyes!
colors suite you              darker hair.                                   Being a redhead
best!                                                                                 or having changing eyes

                                                                                        is probably your issue (confusion)


Types of mascara by Covergirl (R)

July 7, 2011

Living... (sorry i still didn't get my banner)

What is better? To make a salad at home, or to go in McDonald's? You know the answer! the reason of many diseases today is not eating something you made! No mater! On many things in the market it says: 100% (something), it never is! They always put too much salt or other things! So, why don't you just cook beans? It's so much better!  I am not saying you should stop, eat that food, just not every day! Sometimes...





Stuart Weitzman

Maybe you know him, m of the maybe not! He is a famous brand for shoes! And he is a human! Most of the celebrities have hi's shoes. He used to work with Valentino, Chanel, Dior... Now he is working for more, like: Max Mara, Emilio Pucci & starters! Since he was little there were shoes all around him! His dad, well, he wasn't a designer, he just fixed  shoes! Let me show you some of his designs!




Hope you like them,

July 6, 2011


Every day, you use hand cream, right? Or at least as often as possible! Well, if you do, good job! If not, you should really start doing it, if you want your hands to be soft as baby's but! :D
You can use Nivea, L'OREAL, AVON, L'occitane  & others! As long as you do it often...




More "living" tomorrow,
Laura :*


hey guys xxxluvxx here . there is a new  evening falls clothes shop !! the prices are no higher than 25sd and the clothes are fab ! here is the first floor !!


Do you think you will buy some ?? P.S i here that new L.E is coming eekkk 

July 5, 2011

YSL last chanse , Everything falls has fallen into fashion and a big TNX for the banners

Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well there is a store that will "go" . The store has beautiful stuff , but sadly will have to say bye-bye . But stardoll has it all planed out . Today a new store came , so as stardoll says " Everything falls has fallen into fashion" . Here are the pictures :

Hey There Guys! It's me misslindsayrae, I want to apologize for not posting recently... my computer was broken, and I could only get on a certian computer, for a certain amount of time... So That's why I haven't been able to post anything recently.
Anyway, I'm going to start back up today, and write on Mondays-Fridays, unless I'm not home or something. I'm going to post as often as I can.
Somethings that I'm going to be writing about are

-Washing your face.
-Sports && ect.

Thanks for being so supportive and letting me back(:
Alrighty, This is MissLindsayRae signing off.♥


Sorry, i didn't write for days... OK, as i said, i'm gonna post about living. What i wanna say that i'm gonna post about how to live, be happy & be healthy in the same time... Today i will write about running every day...

I an sure all of you have seen a girl / boy running in the park where you usually go. Sometimes listening to music and sometimes running with a dog. There are 5 good reasons why you should do it:



1. It's relaxing & helps your eyes! (it's green in the park, and green is good for eyes)

2. If you go with your friend or dog it will make you happy, so you will have fun.

3. It is good for your body! After running you will fell stronger & healthier.

4.It's time to forget about the city, enjoy the nature. 

5. You lose соме pounds, that's good, really good.

Good enough?
Laura :)
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