June 24, 2011

*New Miss Stardoll World 2011*

Hello.So I have been hearing rumors that there is going to be a new Miss Stardoll World 2011.So what are you waiting for get ready.And make us proud.♥♥♥

Also Please Follow Us.

(C) Kissemziii.Credit to KKRRBB78
Copy?Your Dead!!

Free STARDOLLROYALTY only pink hair dye [;


 Free Stardoll Royalty Hair Dye:

Log into stardoll, copy and paste this link, it SHOULD work for all counties I think:
If you want, you can also enter if you would feel free for doing  that [:
Then it should be in starplazza bag in your parlour.

Availible till 07.07

Xoxox  Kaylee [:

Talented Medoll

Hey !!! Today I was checking our competition and I found a very talented girl . She is the best interior designer ever . Her suite is soooooo awesome . Words are not good enough to describe her sd house . So here they are :

So check out the rest of her AMAZING suite here

xoxo, Ana/Bloom_James

hey guys! todays celeb is Miranda Kerr! enjoy:)

do you like my celebs?

who should i do next?

love ya guys!!

Gwen <3

June 23, 2011


Whoo, hey guys! It's been awhile! Am soo sorry I haven't posted in forever!!! You see last week my G. Grandmother died and I was busy all week watching my little sisters, helping my parents get ready for the funeral, or actualy going to the funeral and viewing. It was reallly nice to see all of my relatives again and some good friends that live far away. But anyway because of that I had to push of finishing my school and making my portfolio! Am home-schooled so at that end of the year I have too take a whole bunch of papers I have done this year and put them into and book then show it to a teacher at the local school so I can show that my parents are actualy teaching me school ^.^ so this week I've been finishing that up and belive it's a lot of work!!! And guys I know am the co-owner and I should be wringing like once a day but I have like no time for stardoll right now! I mean if you look at my page I was on like two minuets ago but I was on for like 10 seconds and It takes like 5 minuets to lay out and right my post. Am soo sorry that I have been soo busy! But at the beginning of the school year I promised my mom I'd put God 1st and my study's 2nd and am sticking too it :D now am in bed ;) hehe I locked myself in are bathroom and am leaning against the sink writing this too you on my phone! Shhhh! Am sleeping;) jk am only getting ready for bed.. But am not allowed to be doing this right now.. But I felt so bad for not posting in forever I wanted to say sorry:( I will try to start posting regulary again ASAP! I love you guys soooo much!! And I miss being on stardoll for hours at a time:D

Post again soon! I will;) heehe yoda style:p

Your most fabulous co-owner


Women's World Cup - New floor in "Windows of the world"

Hi guys , well as you can read in the title there is a new floor in "Windows of the world" and it is all about sportswear . Personally I like it and I think there is a contest coming up . Here is apicture:

Before and After

This girl on stardoll..is a complete disaster. It's not that bad, but...well, lets just say she wasn't the prettiest girl on stardoll...I actually found this girl on stardoll, I didn't do the complete diaster. (:

Hehe, well here's the before & after results..

Stardoll updates

hey guys :) the banner is finished woho . anyway there is a new floors in WILD CANDY 
here is a look at the first floor

hope you like

June 22, 2011

New store : Film theory classic

There is a new store : Film theory classic . Personally since I'm an actress I like this store a lot . Here is a picture of the store .

I'm going to buy some stuff are you ?

xoxo , Ana/Bloom

The new and improved penthouse

Hi girls ,
this is my first post this week . Anyway there is a new and improved penthouse with different views : New York , Istanbul and Paris .

I'm so exited about this plus there are new stuff in the penthouse shop . So if you like the improved penthouse and you don't have it buy it !!!

xoxo ,Ana?Bloom



Hey everyone, I have a little vote for you instead today, you know..well, for a twist! Anyways, look at the two beautify dressed models below, which model do you desire more? 

Leave me a comment with you're decision and why!

June 20, 2011

New Banner.

I made a new banner [: What do you think? It's not amazing, but it's the first I've ever made!

Kaylee <3

HTML Heavon!

Yeah, so i'm ill, not at school..YAY! But the thing is I keep sneezing & my nose is blaocked REALLY badly :/ So me and Kayci present "HTML Heavon" And we haven't really put some things in it for like ages. So here is something else I found but gave credit to:

Burt Killed

Courtney ;O

' I like American Guys

Those words he whispered in my ear 'Your mine' <3
Rough stuff babeey.

 Live Fast - Die Young

So, the name is obvisouly not 'Burt' but thats my new name. Okay? (Courtney is the real)

I'm Fourteen, Fifteen on the twenty-fith of December. My two favourite colours are indeed Blue & Purple

Nicki Minaj,Justin Bieber,Hollywood Undead,Basshunter & BrokeNCYDE is what i usally listen to along with new music
(made in 2o11).

I'm a really outgoing person. I don't think my Pretty. No where near 'Perfect'

Things you Probably didn't know about me;
I always have really really soft hands ;/
I'm Vegetarian. ;3
I LOVE AMERICA & AND American boys XD
My eyes change color ( light - darker )
^ Depending on my mood.
I love Skittles ;D
I'm a Party person,
I like sitting in the middle of roads.
I like yelling out ' I just had Se>< when i'm with my friends randomly.

' One fact, I like doing body shots when i'm 'Drunk' ;x

Live Fast, Party hard, Make money, Be a star.

Things i want to learn;
I want to learn how to Jer & Dougie

Bestfriends off Stardoll;
Angela,Chelsea,Jesse & Angela'J

On Stardoll;
Jennifer & Troy

Stardoll Husband;
Clay <3

So, I just gave you so much random facts that you probably don't even know about me? or perhaps your a Stalker & You already know everything about me?

OwlPal© Don't bother copying. 
Nice huh? Comment on what you think [:

Kaylee [Yeah i changed my name xD]

June 19, 2011


Where are my writers?!!? D:

Hey everyone! I'm finally out of school, so now I can focus more on stardoll and blogs!

So, anyways, today, I will be helping you find some cute skirts to wear this summer!

Denim Skirts!
You can wear them with anything, and they are cheap, and very cute! Also, denim skirts are high in fashion! :)

White skirts! Again, these skirts go with anything, I like wearing them to the beach!

Have a wedding to go to? Or, do you just like wearing fancy things. Then you can find many skirts like the ones above to wear!


zooey deschanel

hey guys! todays celeb is zooey deschanel! enjoy...:]

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