August 13, 2011

New Hotbuys!

There are two new Hotbuys!
First is a pretty green dress called Hotbuys Beatlemania Dress. It's a tad expensive at 23 sd and can be found in the Decades shop. Check it out!

Then there is the Hotbuys Fireworks Dress. I personally love this dress. This dress was not supposed to come out until August 31st but sometimes Stardoll can make a few mistakes, but I'm not complaining. It is also a bit expensive at 24 sd and can be found in the Pretty n' Love shop. Check it out!

Which dress do you like best?

August 12, 2011


Hey guys, sorry I'm posting late. I had a lot to do!

Well, anyways, I painted my toes with a little help from my mom, and got this design in the end....

This is before the design (both toes the same)

And after the design...I decided to do dots, and stripes!

What you need
  • 1-4 Different colors of nail polish

(I decided to do 2 colors, you can do whatever you want)
  • Clear Top Coat

(Help's make the nails look clean, shiny, and nice)
  • White Paint
(This is for the designs)
  • Very skinny paint brush
(You can also use a small wooden toothpick, anything you want)

(make sure nails are nail-polish free)
  1. Apply a clear coat on your nails (This helps make your nails look smoother with the paint)
  2. Apply your colors (1-4 colors, I used 2)
  3. Add a second coat of your color/s (It depends what you like, and what the color turns out like)
  4. Apply another clear coat (Helps dry, and make your nails look shiny)
  5. Add your designs.

  • For polka-dots, it is best to use the end of the brush for more rounder looking dots.
  • Let your nails dry! Don't start designs when they are still wet!
  • Tip for "wet" nails-take your finger nail and gently put it on your toes, if you see a small mark from your finger nail, then you have to wait, your nails are not dry yet!
I hope this turns out good for you all!

Show me your pictures in the comments! :)


August 10, 2011


Since im in the united  kingdom,Kkrrbb78 asked me to do some articles about it :)

It first started not long ago when a man was caught for shooting a police,Another police shot him and sadly he died :(,His family started a riot and manny people joined burning liverpool,croydon,birmingham,bristol and some others!,You could see smoke from my house!,since im only 12...I was very scared,Rioters stole stuff from tescos during the day!,

Here are the pictures: this was in

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