March 18, 2011

100 Million Members clothes and spoilers

Stardoll will be releasing the following clothes....
  • 100 Million Members Dress-Female
  • 100 Million Members Hoodie-Male
  • 100 Million Members Tshirt-female
  • Italy Bike and Helmet-Male & Female
  • FREE Japan Tee-Shirt (RELEASED) 
There is no proxy needed for this free Japan Tee-Shirt Click HERE and log in.

Makeup for Japan

Hi everyone; today I was just on stardoll, and I decided to do a make over on my me doll for the Japanese, anyways...i hope you like it! I worked pretty hard on the eyes :) tehe

March 17, 2011

Congrats to today's Make-up Magician, scmc859! I am very intreaged by your choices. I love the "Ice Princess" Look that you were going for, great Job! I hope to see more from you.


Chloes Curtain.

This is Chloe's Curtain , but my banner is not letting me copy and paste!:/

I have a lot to say today , So let's get on!

There is No proxy needed for this item , but you must be logged on to stardoll already before clicking the link!


One of the hotbuys I like has been released today!!

So today I Was Clicking around stardoll when i found this..

Pick of the Day

It is actually ok looking! It is from fudge and I actually adore the coloring! The price is 10 stardollars , not too bad I guess. I will probably not buy it , because it is NOT stunning!
What do you think?


The last thing i would like to say today is my album. It is not finished yet ,but it will be soon! Every vote counts so please could you check it out ?

March 16, 2011

Congrats to SweetCandyFloss for being todays Make-up Magician! (: It was extremely hard to find amazing canidates! There is one person that i thought was worthy of winng, but I forgot to get her name!! So unfortunatly she isn't going to be properly rewarded for her hard work. Therefore, I officially have decided that there will be TWO Make-up Magicians today!(: Both SweetCandyFloss and Miss Jane Doe, both are amazing! Great Job! I am looking forward to seeing what you produce next!

Below is where I will post Miss Jane Doe:

Great Job! I am very impressed with the drastic lashes! I think that is a great touch for simple make-up! Congrats Miss Jane Doe!
Well, thats all of the News for Today! This is MissLindsayRae...♥ Bringing you today's Make-up Magician where.... it's all good!
Love you all!

Chloes Curtain.

Hello There fellow medolls! I usually do news ; sometimes hotbuys and clothes. Today I thought I would do something a little different , shall we see how it works out ?

I asked some people (Not revealing who!) What they thought about clothing. To make it fair I asked ALOT of people , 120 if you want the actual answer. I asked them what they think is so hot right now , This is what i found...

★★★Most people Liked Modern looks , things very classy and cool!

★★★★Lots of people like sparkles and Going out tops , could this be our favorite?

★★★★We have a tie! A good amount of people also reccomended lots of black and a hint of white.

Personally I like the Middle one the best I rate it ★★★★


March 15, 2011

Make-Up Magician!

Congradulations to LillyPy for becoming Sassy Stardoll's First Ever Make-up Magician! Good Job! She has been chosen because of her excelent use of colors and color placement! Her focus point is obviously her lips, since theyhave all of the color, and she paired it nicely with a shadowy pink just lightly on the top of the black eyeshadow to clean it up and match her lipstick! Keep up the good work! Are you the next Make-up Magician?
Love you all(:

Chloes Curtain.

YAY! My favorite hotbuy is out today , I am so excited!

Pick of the Day

Don't you just love it? And at a price of 11 stardollars , not bad I guess. I Don't usually buy hotbuys often , only rarely and I usually don't buy from pretty in pink! The world is full of surprises.The coloring is awesome and the stars just add a PERFECT touch! You will definitely see this in my closet! 10/10!!!

I will be back soon with more news and gossip!!


March 14, 2011

March Madness Make-up!

Hey Girls! Sorry, my first post wasn't what the Owner was looking for, so maybe this one, will be peeerrrffeect! (: I'm going to be telling you how to make Saint Patrick Green look spectacular during anytime of the year! All you have to do is follow these quick and easy steps! Good Luck!

First: Make sure all of the exact, or close to Components. You will need,

-Black Charcoal Eyeliner

-White Charcoal Eyeliner

-Black & White Liquid Eyeliner

-Black Mascara

-Forest Green Lux Eye Shadow

-Tanish-yellow Lux Eyeliner

-White & Black Eye Shadow

-Fake EyeLashes (if desired)

-Lux Clear LipGloss

-Tanish-Brownish LipStick remember, no red with green, you don't want to look like a christmas tree)

Those are the Few things that you will need(:

Here's a picture of the final product so you can use it as a reference.

(Doll Is MissLindsayRae♥)
First you want to clear any make-up that you currently have on.
Now place the False EyeLashes where you want them BEFORE you put the make-up on.
We are going to start with the eyeliner. Place the Black Charcoal Eyeliner around the upper and lower sides of the eye, make sure you don't put any BLACK near the tearduct of your doll. As you see in the picture above, I didn't place the black everywhere on the eye.
Now add the Mascara, use Volumizing and Regular, depending on the type of eye that you have.
Next, you want to add the White Charcoal EyeLiner to the areas that you DIDN'T put Black.
Add White Liquid eyeliner to the areas where you put white Charcoal and Black where you put black. This cleans up the make-up and makes it look more official(:
There, you should be all set with everything to do with eyeliner, now lets move onto eye shadows!
This is the hardest part, you have to makesure that you add everything in the right place, look at the picture for further instruction. (as far as placement)
*HINT:* When applying the top layer, (the brownish yellow) make sure you cover EVERYTHING, that means go over all of the make-up, on your eyes. This will smooth it up and make it look more pro.
Now, that your done with the hardest part, I think that its time tell you about how to do the lipstick. When applying it, make-sure that you go over it twice so its evenly coated. Now add the LipGloss its easy as that!
Lastly, Apply blush evenly. Make sure it goes to the side of the cheeck, not the middle, then you look like you have some odd desease.... hahaha(:
Well, thats this months holiday make-up tips!
Good Luck!
With Love,
If you have any other questions, then ask me in my questbook(:

The "Elites" of Stardoll

Latley, on Stardoll blogs, i've seen "Elites" or as people on stardoll would say...famewhores. Featured on the famous "Memoires Of a MeDoll" blog and on Stardoll E! News. You can see how some "Famous" stardoll users are mean, or how i like to call them...bitches. You see this all around, how some girls ask for a simple friend request and get a rude response. This is basically cyberbullying.
Many people sit here at their computers and just type away acting like jerks, not even thinking what they're saying to people.
Everyone on stardoll wants to get attention, become covergirl, and have a hot blog. You know it's true, and you probably want this too. I do, it would be a dream come true for this blog to get 1,000 followers like Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Think About What You Say on Stardoll! There are people behind that computer!

Make Up

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay, and my Stardoll name is MissLindsayRae! I'm going to be posting make-up tutorials for you to use to help you make your doll Fabulous!

Introducing Ultra Color Rich Megan Impact LipStick located in the Stardoll Store! Color goes Brighter, Bolder, and More Brilliant then ever before with Stardolls Fire Red Lipstick! This color really makes your lips pop with color! You will Classy, and super Fashionable!

Well, thats all of the News for today! My name is Lindsay, and this is Lindsay's make-up tutorials where, its all good!

March 13, 2011


To all Stardoll users~

Proxy's are the links on blogs that promise free,

If your not from here...blah blah blah..

This is a way for stardoll users to see your password on non-safe web browsers,


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