September 22, 2011



So today i am inspired by something i do! I play volleyball, for like an year or two, and i think i am really good at it! But i won't be talking about me! So, volleyball is actually a really nice sport! My mom says that it made me really taller, and that is true, since last year, i am 11 cm taller, and officially one of the tallest girls in my class! But so is my generation! anyway, volleyball is a lot about teamwork! You can do it on your own in this sport, and that's why you have 5 more girls next to you!

Beach Volleyball

That's fun! I had a chance to do it once! It was nice, different than every other match! I am writin this, and in 30 min. my volleyball training starts! beach volleyball is great because of the sand, well, and the feeling of the wind! In my club, i have the coolest "teachers"! They are so awesome & not to forget they are great!

(i can't post more today i have pretty full day)

September 21, 2011


All of you writers really need to step it up.
I haven't been seeing many detailed posts. AT ALL. And, yes I haven't been posting for personal reasons that I'd rather not say. But, honestly guys, I'm asking for you to write a 1-3 paragraph post 4 times a week. 

Please guys, you were doing so well! We reached 75 FOLLOWERS!

You ALL have potential, and you have to be motivated, YOU brought those followers here!

Please post xo

September 18, 2011

Im stardoll roalty:)

after 1 whole year of being on stardolll....BAM SDR!, i was super happy!,finally a diamond by my picture!.I started stardoll sometime in 2010 and when the clock turns 2012 i would appear as stardoll 2010.So yeahhh,im sooo happy! this year finally payed off! :)
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