January 8, 2011

Miss Stardoll World? or Miss Stardoll Queen?

Many are saying that the winner of Miss Stardoll World "Perilice2" from Turkey is more of a stardoll princess/queen than a winner. She's way past covergirl, and the captain says it all, she is the most famous medoll on stardoll. Yeah, well lets see...she wins stardollars, gets publicity, 80,000,000 members now know her, and there are so many other people who deserve more publicity than her. I do admit, her medoll is very, very pretty, but i've seem better girls.
And she also gets exclusive clothes, and a doll of herself, seriosolly stardoll? I mean this isn't fair to the 79,999,999 other members.


Writers Needed!

Writers Needed For Blog!
Hi everyone! Just to let everyone know, the blog is going to go a little further, we want you all to sign up to become a writer! I'm the only writer for this blog, and i think if we get more people, the blog will be a little more popular! So if you're interested then please sign up below! You can leave it as a comment, but i suggest leaving it in my guestbook, my username is KKRRBB78 remember ;)

 Sign Up To Be A Writer Here!
You Must Be A Follower to Enter!
Name: _____________

Age: ______________

Stardoll Username:___________

What do you want to write about?
(Ex: Comps, Stardoll Makeup, Free Stuff
Tutorials, Presentation Help, etc.)

On a scale of 1 to 10 how good do you think you are at writing? why?

Thank you! I wish you all good luck, i don't know how many writers will be chosen, i estimate 4-6, so please enter, and send me them in my mail, or guestbook! Good luck!

Good  Luck!

January 2, 2011

New Year's Getup and Models


Happy new year everyone! It's 2011 already! I can't believe it, well stardoll's getting in the holiday spirit, they just recently released some New Year's Wear. Hurry, and get them quick! They will be gone very soon! Here's some pictures of them :)

the dress and shirt are only 4 stardollars, and the shoes are only 2 stardollars! Enjoy em'

Model Pictures
Here are some of Sassy Stardoll's Models. 

RunawayRachel-Wearing hot buys! :)

Allie-looking fabulous as usual!

Brooke-looking stunning!

More pictures coming soon! :)
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