September 15, 2012

Feet care-The treatments takes away about 15 minutes.

Hey! I haven't posted a long time! Yes, I was preoccupied with school. :8
I'm gonna talk to you guys about taking care of your feet today.

We walk with them, and they are in a great need of your care! Not your money! You can do it with less then  5 dollars! Feet don't need expensive care, they need only care. It just so happens, I gave my feet a wonderful treatment today. I know a thing or two about feet care, and I'm gonna share it with you guys now! Well, truth be told, I know more then a thing or two about feet.

1. In the Water.

First. Your feet get harmed a lot, and they need to be cleaned and taken care of once in a while. First, get them in a HUGE bowl or hot/warm water. Leave them like that for 5 minutes.

(p.s. the flowers are not needed. And it doesn't have to be a fancy wooden bowl...)

2. Pumice Stone

Next, use one of these blessings. A pumice stone. You don't go gentile on your feet with that! The point is to remove all dead skin, you know.

(about 1 dollar. when it comes to things like this, I don't go expensive.
I buy expensive food)

3. Feet mask

Personally, I use the same one I use for my face. But it's so strong it works for both. All my foot products are from AVON. Yes, they are really cheap, but like I said, feet don't need money. You just put it on, and you wait about 5 minutes, or whatever the mast timing is.

4. Peeling

Is a very important part. After or before (I do it after) the mask, make sure you use a peeling cream. All of my feet products are from the AVON "Feet Works" Collection. Scrub the peeling on your feet for about a minute for both feet, and wash it away.

(some random cream i found)


Don't forget this one. It doesn't matter if you have something special for massage, I sometimes do it with this special thingy, but sometimes I do it with my hands. Make sure that at the end your feet are washed, okay?

6. Cream/Lotion

Put any kind of cream on your feet at the end. I use one for feet (AVON again), but you can just put on any kind of cream.

7. Socks!!!

This is really important. If you don't want your time wasted, and your hard work thrown in the water, make sure you put on sock after the cream. Wear them around for an hour or two. Or at leats untill the cream is completely in your skin.

(Personally, i use one of these anti-slip home boots. Only mine are red with blue)

8. Have amazing feet! 

This isn't a step, it's more of a result. But just because your feet feel like cotton now doesn't mean they always will. Once a week is good enough to have them pretty at all time.

Till next time,
I'm probably gonna be talking about natural feet products...
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