November 24, 2012


Question for Kayci; Why haven't you posted for about a month now? I'm doing my best here, but still waiting for those Blueberry Vegan Muffins, you see... Just, please... I understand, SCHOOL! But, I have school too, and yet find time for this blog. Once a week, okay, once in two weeks is enough! Hope you don't find this offensive. You will, i know, but it's mine to say i hope i didn't offend you. :/

November 22, 2012

Teens react to...

There is this really cool account (and famous) on Youtube that is called "The Fine Brothers" i think...
So they have the:
-kids react
-teens react
-elders react
stuff, and it is so very cool!
To All Twilight Haters such as myself-this one I'm about to share is my absolute favorite! Please, please, please, watch it, it's so awesome! There are other videos I should share with you, but let's begin with this one, shall we?

You won't be disappointed,
and make sure you let me know what ya think!
Yours truly,
Lina <3

November 19, 2012

Music time!

So, it's weird, but this is my second post today... Enjoy while it lasts, guess I'm in the mood for the Internet today..Anywho, I haven't done this segment in months, and I just feel I have to. Music time. Today, I have 3 songs that I like. Remember, I like those songs, and I'm just sharing, don't be rude if you don't share the same opinion! Why don't you comment what you like?

1.Example-Close Enemies.
Example have a new song, not very famous yet, but really good! First good song after a long time, since lately all we get is Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber...

2.Marina & The Diamonds-How to be a hearth breaker
Once again, I bring you the amazing Marinaaa. I love her. And she has a new video out. Check it out. And remember, this is my kind of music. Respect it. Please, ignore the picture of the video...:D

3.Linking Park-Burn it down
This song is amazing. It is about 6 months old and the best thing ever! I love Linking Park, and I hope you enjoy this song...

Bye for now little ones,

A couple of Tips

Hey guys, Lina here. I've noticed I need to post more, and I have an idea for a post. Yay! Anyway, here it is: So, I have a few tips below. They don't have to do anything with each other, but I realized, everyone needs them in their life at some point!

I won't cry!
So. Monday night I wanted to cry so badly, but I have a couple of tricks. Once again, I won't tell them all, but here come some:
-OMFG, don't think of crying! The more you think (or imagine yourself) of crying, the more tears fill youreyes, so think of something random.
-Harshly push the place between your thumb and index finger. I know, this seems weird, but trust me, it works!
-Think about it, you don't need to cry. Think this way: Not worth it, whatever it truly is.
-At the end, if it's a way to big of a reason, let them fall. But never for stupid things.

Do NOT eat that! 
Man, looking at that tasty pancake! Whoops, but what about my diet? 
-Don't eat it. Easy. 
-Think about how proud of yourself you'd be if you don't!
-If someone offers yo something, just say no, no you'll feel not just proud, but on top of the world.

Cry? Me? Nooo!
You just cried, or you are trying to stop yourself  but that weird pathetic quick inhaling (have no idea what it's called) stops you..:
-Start inhaling AND exhaling veryyyy sloooowww... It may seem unnatural at that point, but trust me.
-Put some ice/water on your cheeks, they'll probably be red or puffy after crying.
-Never admit you cred! 

(lol, i just really liked this picture)



Sorry Kayci, but I had to!:)
hope it's okay.
Bye for now,
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