December 3, 2011

Dream suite (Selenasweetstar)

Hey everyone, If I tell you who I'm you will blow away! It is me, Selenasweetstar! I'm back and posting again! For all my fans, followers and viewers! I will be talking about Dream Suites again!

Today's dream suites was mine! I looked all around stardoll, but I couldn't find one Christmas room! You know why I picked my suite? Because it is in spirit! It is filled with Christmas joy. Also happy December. Please comment about my suite and also click here to visit me.

December 2, 2011


What is it really like to fit in? Are you someone who pays attention to what people wear? Do you occasionally say "Oh, I like that top!"?  Of course you do! In real life, and Stardoll many people pay attention to what other members are wearing. We all follow them. Now, whats the difference between trends on Stardoll and trends in real life? If you really think about it, nothing! 

Now, a phenomenal example of one of the most common trends on Stardoll is "The black and white smokey eye." Every girl on Stardoll puts black and white eye shadow on. I'm sure many of you have seen this before, and I'm positive that most of you have worn it before!

In real life, many of you guys that actually wear makeup probably look at others for inspiration, correct? I know I do. Many people who are starters look at their friends, and compare celebrities makeup. Guys don't realize how important wearing makeup and looking good is for us. If you try to compare Stardoll and real life, they're very alike. Now, on stardoll we see news about celebrities and dress up their dolls. I always look at their makeup just for fun, or usually for inspiration. On Stardoll you make many friends, and you might look at their makeup. Also, many of you probably look at various makeup tutorials on certain blogs and try it out. Try to think about these trends in real life. Ask yourself, what do you use for inspiration? Stardoll trends and trends in real life are quite similar, you may just not notice it at times. 

Something else that you notice is how many people are using the free starpoint picture frames for their rooms. I must say, most of the rooms with these look outstanding! I'm jealous! Whoever started that is a real trend-setter! Anyways, many talented suite designers are using their creativity to make their rooms look sort of "3D." With these picture frames, you can use either star design wall color or even lamps to make your room really pop!

This room is just fantastic!
I love how this room is just nice and quiet, with a touch of creativity.
Many people get ideas from other suites, and I have to admit I'm one of them.
There are some really talented suite designers out there!

One beach villa I absoulutley love is "chloe-99's" Now, she really has some talent!
When I first saw It I loved it. You can see the time and effort put into it. 
As I said earlier, some of these rooms tend to "Pop" and even 
look 3D. 
Chloe-99's one room is just drop dead gorgeous! 
I would love to possess her talent. Nice job, Chloe!
Very impressive, and unique!

Do you follow any certain trends on stardoll
or do you try to be a trend setter?
Will you create the next trend on stardoll?
Let your creativity shine, and show us your talent
by displaying it with your suite, style, and makeup!


December 1, 2011


Hey everyone! :D Check out my contest on 

I need more entries, and most importantly...more judges! :)

You can win up to 200sds!

Stardollars are unlocked

I am a little late with this message, but here it is! From now on You can exchange every day, but only 1000 starcoins a month! This is the beginning f the month so go and exchange!!!


November 29, 2011

Making cool wigs tutorial

Hello everyone.
Today im showing you how to make a cool Wig with Stardesign jewelry.

This is what we will make..

If show you how to make some awesome wigs, all you have to do is follow my steps!

Step 1:  Click Design&Sell and than Stardesign Jewelry
(You should be on the picture below)

Step 2: Click on go to the Design studio (circled in red)

Step 3: Select the black earing (circled in red)

Step 4: Click all the things that I have surrounded with a red color ( You can actually choose any color you like, but for this turial im using the color black)

Step 5: Enlarge the picture below to see instructions.

We are using the 2 fragments that I have selected in red in the picture below(are actually the only 2 that everyone is using for there wigs)

For the following steps just enlarge all pictures :)


Last thing you have to do now is click done… and then buy it :D
It will be in a bag in your beauty parlor :D

I hope this will help you all :D
Kissis Amanda.

November 27, 2011

Covergirl starts off as Catwalk Winner...shocker

Hey everyone, before I start posting I would like to thank all of you that have taken my survey. Most of the results were positive, and as always a few were a bit negative, but that's okay! So, anyways I was thinking of maybe doing some type of Doll Dish competition (with Ghadeers permission, of course.) I'm not sure what to do. My posts aren't the best, but they aren't the worst, so I was thinking if I had a contest, some people would look at my posts more. What do you think? Any suggestions? Please comment!

-Makeup Rating
-Suite Rating
-Outfit Rating
-Final Thoughts

If you guys have any requests, please comment!

Makeup Rating
Like any other stardoll member, Sitora001 follows many trends. For her makeup, Sitora used white LUXE eyeshadow, black eyeliner, false eye lashes, and a hot pink lip color. I personally really like her makeup! Outstanding job, Sitora! Like everything, when there are pros, there are cons. I really wish she didn't use those false eyelashes. If you take them off, her makeup looks so much better! Anyways, I decided to give her a quick little makeover, I think It turned out great! What do you think?
I decided to add in the sunglasses for fun, just to mix things up. Make sure you click on the image to enlarge it. I did something like a rainbow smokey eye on her. I think it looks nice!
Final Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars!
Summary: Nice job, Sitora. I really wish you
 did not use the false eyelashes! :)

Suite Rating
Now, Sitora has an amazing suite, don't get me wrong. This many sound a little odd, but her suite actually kind of confuses me. Just like her makeup, Sitora may add things that are just...well, unnecessary! In the images below I circled the things that I believe just are not needed.

Especially for the third image ^ you can really see how these objects are not needed. Otherwise, I think Sitora did a marvelous job! If she took out those object she would get 5 stars...perhaps.
Final Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars
Summary: Just like her makeup, Sitora added unnecessary objects to her suite.

Outfit Rating
Here are the same pictures from the suite rating. I am in love with that outfit right above. It is fantastic! That bag just completely finishes that outfit! I love it! Her first outfit Is very stunning, too! Amazing job. I love her shoes as well in both outfits. I think sometimes It's better to have an amazing doll, instead of an amazing suite. 
Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Summary: Fanastic job, Sitora!

Final Thoughts
For Sitora's makeup, and suite she really used things that really were not needed. On the other hand, her outfits were amazing, and creative! Amazing job!


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