June 4, 2011

Summer contest!!!

Hey guys! How are you? It's such a beautiful day today isen't it?!

Today am making a new contest (I just find such joy In them :) it's a contest about what you want to do this summer!
Make your medoll summer friendly! Dress her like how you would dress this summer! Like if you want to go to the beach put a swimming suit on her and put he hair up!

I want all the contest entrys by June 14th!

Please take a picture of your doll and post it in the comments, you can use TinyPic, PhotoBucket...ect
For thoses who are not allowed on a photo sharing site put your summer doll in your album or take a picture of her with your stardoll camra and just put your username bellow!

This contest is for everyone! SS and non SS, writers and even kkrrbb78! ;)

Prize: 1st - 10sd or 100sc - if not a SS I will send you gifts
2nd - 5sd or 60sc - if again not a SS I will send you gifts

Co-owner Gwen <3


Ana said...

Hi . I'm a writer here but I still want to enter .
I have a prob with my laptop so plz visit my suite .The pics are on my blog .

itickets123 said...

Okay! Thanks ever so much!!! :)


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