Rules For Writers

1.) Makeover- A makeover will be done by the end of August, and should be completed by the first week of September. I'm not the best graphic designer, so please don't mind my imperfect work.

2.) New Writers- obviously, there isn't many dedicated writers, but there is some, you know who you are. Thank you for the active writers, but the rest have to go unless they start being dedicated. Interested & dedicated? GB/Message me with your email, choice of topic (must be approved) & writing sample (small sample, can be 1-2 paragraphs.) You must have a good vocabulary, and I don't want to read your post and see something like the wrong there/their/they're or just a typo. PLEASE RE-READ.

3.) The Number of Followers- Thank you all for giving us 100 followers in less than a year. Yes, this blog was created in 2009, but it was officially started in mid-2011. If you're not following us, please do! I want our writers to advertise all the time...meaning I would like superstar writers to make some broadcasts every know and then, and all writers should message people they know who can and will follow us, or they can also write in guestbooks to inform people about our blog.

4.) Banners- all writers/co-owners will be given banners that are matching, the blog will feature a theme, and color. (Read below for co-owners/Theme)

5.) Theme- I really don't want to see this:

Hey everyone!!!!!! It's ______. So, today I'm going to post about this!! Enjoy and comment!!!! :) :) :D

Each blog post shouldn't have repeated explanation/question marks. There shouldn't be various colors and fonts for the text. I also want the pictures to be centered with a caption (if necessary.) Everything will be matching.

6.) Reasonable titles- Each post should have a brief title summarizing the post. It should be catchy, and short.

7.) Co-owners- There will be 3 co-owners. The co-owners must post 3-5 times each week. I want dedication, honesty, and reasonable posts.

8.) Long Posts- I really am disappointed when i visit the blog, and there is a new post with a couple sentences and 3-5 pictures. I want you to have at least 7 sentences of writing. They should be detailed.

9.) Don't Ask, Just Do- I really don't enjoy when writers ask me what to write about. What do YOU want to write about? Search google, look on fashion websites, or news websites (example: I only don't mind when writers are returning from a long break, or if they're just new.

10.) Please, Don't Complain- When writers complain about when they're not getting comments, or we don't have many followers, it really upsets me. If you want more views and comments, you need to broadcast, and advertise! YES, it requires work to get views, but It took me a while to get 100+ followers because I advertise. Help earn the blog followers.

Sorry If I sound rude, I just want to make the blog as informative, and enjoyable as possible! For followers AND writers! :)

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