September 16, 2011

Fashion Disater!

I'm back with yet another... FASHION DISASTER!!! So, today I went onto Zelocan's suite and saw her wearing this:
Wow! Very Gothic! I would never go for this kind of look on my medoll unless it was halloween ?
 So, I decided to give her a good fashion make-over!

Here is Zelocan after I was finished:
 I decided to go for a casual but stylish look. The wind of thing I would wear to go shopping or something like that. 
Although I didn't think Zelocan's make-up was bad but because I was bored I decided to do it as well!



Do you like it?


September 15, 2011

Style your room

So ones in a while i will post some tips on how to style your room! And today i have to tell you, flowers are a very cute and beautiful decoration! Not to many, just a flower or two! More is not god for you!




Recycle your makeup & jewelry

Yap, from today, you can recycle in your beauty parlor, your makeup, hand jewelry, feet jewelry... One word, everything that is in your beauty parlor! That is actually really cool! If your clothes are to pretty, you need money, and the only way is recycling, you recycle some old glasses!

(image from USD)

Also, all of you superstars out there, don't forget to exchange your
saved starcoins to stardollars and buy something really
pretty, and put it on! Inform, me, if you buy something, so I can see it!

(image from USD) 


Icon Of The Day

Jerry Trainor, have you hurt of him? He is mostly known for playing Spencer in the famous TV Series: iCarly
But, he has also been in: Best Player, Victorious, Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh and many more!
Born:  January 21, 1977
Filming: Two new movies
From: The USA




September 14, 2011

New Topic...

So, as no-one entered my weekly competition I am going to write about a new topic called: Fashion Disaster!

I will go on quite famous peoples suites and see if they have had a 'Fashion Disaster'. If they have I will give them new clothes to make them look stylish and wearing the latest trends! Today I will start with Mant__* (quite a famous doll on stardoll). Here is what her clothes were like when I first visited her suite:

I personally HATE this look! I think it looks very tarty and like your about to strip! This is only my opinion and I dont want it to offend anyone.

So I decided she needed a fashion make-over and this is what she looked like when I was finished:

This is a more classy and eligant look but at the same time its still very stylish!
On most posts I won't do hair or make-up but the way Mant__* has her hair and make-up makes her look very childish and punky so I decided she also needed a SERIOUS make-over!



I tried to make Mant__* look more natural then fake and I chose the colours carefully so they matched her skin tone!

Tip of the day: Don't be fake and over do everything!

Hope you liked it!


September 13, 2011

Spotted Suite!

This weeks Spotted is LoveGossip4Life. Her suite is absolutely incredible. You can tell how much time and effort she put into it!

Name: Lindsay
Username: LoveGossip4Life
Age: 13

Great Job Lindsay! You're suite looks amazing!

September 12, 2011

Makeover Complete!

Hey guys, probably noticed that the blog makeover is finally done! Our new segment is called

"Stardoll's How Do I Look"
and, yes I'm happy to announce that
SSM is making Volume 2 of the magazine
(Halloween Style of course) 
and our first ever Fashion Line! These clothes
will be designed by me, and anyone who wants to help.
(You must be part of the magazine to help)

So, anyways, if you want to be a writer/model/designer
for the magazine, send me a MESSAGE on stardoll (:

So, anyways sign up now! :)

Thank You!

Wow, I must say....3 followers in a day? (: Yes, i know wow....3 followers....

but, for the blog, its great.

So, we need a graphic designer, and more writers!
apply in my gb!
kkrrbb78 <3

Gift-O-Meter Back!

Check out all the new items you can get for free! To get them, all you need to do is shop! After you spend a certain amount, you get a free item. The more you spend the more you get! I always love this because then you know that you get more for each starcoin or stardollar you spend. It also means it's time for a shopping spree!


Hi !!! I'm finally back and i can post again !!! Well first congrats to every one , because we have 70 followers .

Also MSW is back and i wish you all luck . Well that's all for now .

xoxo ,Ana/Bloom_James

The Daily Gossip

Ok, have yo seen today's CG? And, what do you have to say?
Her suite is awesome, you should see it! She has like, i don't know, 26 rooms! Amazing! Well, i do have to say bad things about her medoll! What do you think?

Maybe i will stop with The Daily Gossip posts, i just
need to ask the owner should i continue,
cause she could think this is rude


September 11, 2011

CG Dish

                                                                                                                               Add cg here:
-Makeup Improvement
(Makeover on CG)
-Album Rating

Today's Covergirl is....


Okay, So... a brief review of her "Before look." Well, let me say one thing that I honestly hate...WAY TOO MUCH JEWELRY. She's got the crown, the bow and the earrings, plus those pink lips. Hate em'. I mean, really? They look so fake.

So, anyways, what do you think of my little makeover on her?

I give her....

So, these are some pages of her album. I would say it's okay..I mean, honestly It just isn't...creative, or well...different. I've seen better--I've seen worse, but this album isn't the best. Her first couple pages are pretty good, but the rest....ehhh.

I give her....

Nails and Toes
I would probably say I like her nails/toes the best. They're simple, and cute, all you really need...Her toes could be a little better, but they're good:)

I give her....

Now, last but not least, her most recent scenery

I think it's pretty good, but I mean...honestly I'm kinda sick of hearing "Vote me MSW, I'll vote you back!" Blah blah blah, yes it's cool...i guess, I want to win a little myself, but not that badly. Many girls are obsessed with winning, but I mean c'mon you win something online? and get prizes! Wow....The only thing I want is the Ipod touch, but anyways, her scenery is pretty good.

I give her...

So, her average is....

Comment! (:

70 Followers? :D

Ah! 70 Followers! :) 

Icon Of The Day

I would like to talk about Suite life star Brenda Song Today! Also, seen in The Social Network, Wendy Wu and more! She is working on 3 new movies right now. She is half American and half Japanese! Dark brown hair, small eyes...
There have been a lot a lot of rumors lately that she is pregnant, from the brother of Miley, Trace. I don't know should i believe in that!

Sorry i can not do more posts today,
see ya tomorrow,


Have you heard of Nigahiga? Youtube Sensation!

He has a website whitch you can find on his channel,
His real name is Ryan Higa
TEEHEE is the word he mentions in all his videos (Or most of them...)
Here are some links of his.
Teehee Top's

and many more:) 
Here are some pictures

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