November 4, 2011

Boy covergirl ... ?


So today, there is a boy covergirl(boy) ...

His name is RockingJacob.

Okay, fair enough the room that he is in is pretty good and well done for winning and stuff..

But sometimes enough is enough. He's already won 4 prizes (congratulations) and sometimes you've got to let someone else win ?

I mean does he even deserve to win... What do you think ?


I don't mean for these posts to harm anyone in any kind of way. I am simply expressing my feelings. Haters need to find something better to do and will be reported to Kayci immediately.


It has been a long time since anyone has done this! But i think it is time for me to do it!
My competition is called " Fall/Winter collection on me"! And here is what you do: You dress your medoll in some clothes that are from the Fall/Winter collection of it doesn't what brand (your choice), inform me, put that picture in you presentation and i will see it! This competition starts today and ends in 5 days! You have plenty of time! Also, it will get you 5 stardollars! Don't like the price, i so don't care!

p.s. If i don't get at least 3 people to enter, i swear in my self i will never work for this blog ever again! EVER


Anyway, check this out!



My main point of this post is still the competition, enter if you want! I am not gonna say : plz, plz, plz to anyone, i learned a long time ago that it is never good to beg someone! I am never gonna be so low again!
And even if yo don't enter, well let me just say: i have nothing to lose...


Music Time (plus p.s.)

Hi, so, yeah it's me, Laura_James, and i would like to suggest you a bunch of songs that are new! If you know them, ok, if you don't, still ok.

1. Rihana "we found love", i don't like Rihana in general but i have to admit, this song is pretty good! 

2. Beyonce "Party" ft. J. Cole, so i don't like her ether,the different thing is that i like we found love from Rihana, but i don't like this song, it isn't my type! 

p.s. The new MSW, is from Turkey, again!!!!!!!!! I mean what up with that??? Is every MSW gonna be from Turkey? At first it was ok, but now it is just getting weird and suspicious! Don"t you think so?


November 2, 2011

CG Dish(;

Writers stop slacking off

Hey readers. How was you're Halloween? Did you all get some good candy? (: 

Doll Dish List is empty! Sign up and be featured in one of my posts! Have your doll rated! Sign up at

Well, anyways It's November! Which topics for CG dish! 

New Topics for November!(:
-Overall Rating

I know, they're not really that different, but If you have a special topic in mind comment!

So, anyways our covergirl today is just plain beautiful. She has won covergirl two days in a row!
Meet rosy59.


Rosy59's outfit is fantastic! When I saw It, It just blew me away. Her top is something that I really like. Being on stardoll, I have experimented with many sorts of outfits. I have used the skirt and belt that she is wearing, but that top just completes the outfit! I really, really like it! Good job, Rosy59! Very impressive!

5 Stars!

You might not have realized, by Rosy59 is actually not a superstar. So, because of this I won't be judging her very harsh. Her main suite room is pictured above ^. As you can tell, Rosy is pretty creative for a non-superstar! Don't you think? I really like how she managed to match her furniture and choose very light, but pretty colors! But, of course being a non-superstar...Rosy59 cannot enjoy all the special features that superstars have, like, buying nice furniture. Which stinks! Stardoll membership really pisses me off. So, anyways. Nice job, Rosy!

4 Stars.


So, I really like Rosy59's makeup, but again it's really average and typical on stardoll. I'm not saying her makeup is bad at all-it's really nice-but it's something you expect to see on stardoll. Something that I really liked, was her blush. It looks very perfect, and natural! Nice job, but I wish you put more effort into it...

3 stars

Overall Rating is...
4 stars!

Amazing job, Rosy59!
You really showed us how non-superstars have style!


Guys cmon

None of you have posted for 4 days. I expect better. START POSTING

October 30, 2011

CG Dish

Hello readers!
Today our covergirl is Chelsea-Lena
She is a 17 year old girl from Poland.
She likes fashion and agriculture.

Outfit Rating
Chelsea-Lena's outfit is beautiful! I love the colors! Something I really like is how she included the "Joker Bow." If she didn't her outfit would of looked too plain! The bow actually matches her eyes quite well!
Good job Chelsea-Lena! Very well done!


Suite Rating
Chelsea-Lena's suite is very simple, yet pretty. Her rooms are very creative, and all of her furniture matches well! Below is a room I found very unique. It's simple, and she really didn't have to add a lot to make it look nice. The only con I find is how some of her rooms are a little empty, but otherwise...good job!
4 out of  5 stars!

Makeup Rating

Here are some of Chelsea-Lena's Pictures ^

As you can see her makeup is the same in both pictures. She used black and white eyeliner with some false sunny bunny eyelashes. Her lips are a pale pink with LUXE lip shiner, and she has a warm pink blush on. I like it. It's simple, but it works! I would like to see a little more creativity, but nice work Chelsea-Lena!

Final rating....
4.5 out of 5 stars!
Amazing Job

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