September 22, 2012

Transition To Highschool

Hello my lovely readers! As you may of noticed, I've been very caught up with work, and very un-active. I apologize. Anyways, I would like to write about High school. The benefits, and the work. If you're going into high school, or if you're struggling in high school, check out these tips and please follow for more updates and information about health, beauty, fashion, and stardoll!

I don't know about you guys, but In my school district, I have three schools. elementary school (Kindergarten, 1st-5th grade), then we have middle school or jr. high (6th-8th grade), and lastly, we have high school (9th-12th grade.) Hopefully all of you readers who live in Europe, or go to private schools, can relate to this. Personally, transitioning from elementary to middle school wasn't that hard for me. I heard horrible things about middle school from my upperclassmen. I remember sitting in my classroom hearing how strict it was when you didn't do your homework. I was so nervous on my first day, but after a month, I decided that I really enjoyed middle school. I met new friends, had new teachers, and had a whole new experience. The work really wasn't an issue for me, but once high school started, I was SHOCKED at how much work I got. I got homework for more than one class on the first day of school! I have heaps every night, and let me tell you, it's not enjoyable! Make sure to keep an organized schedule, and write down all of your homework...and most importantly do it! Don't get a horrible grade in certain classes because you simply didn't want to do your homework.

I have been playing field hockey for about three years now, and I was on my middle school's team for two years. Now, I play for my high school. Enjoy playing a sport if you decide to try out, and most importantly work hard, and play hard! HAVE FUN! Don't try to be better than everyone, just play your best! Being on a school team is a huge commitment because it takes up heaps of your time, and it interferes with homework. Just make sure you REALLY want to play a school sport before you decide to try out! :)

I will continue to give tips on high school as I progress through the year! Good luck, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


Acne Care

So, I'm writing because I just did my week feet care. And I noticed that the last post is MINE! Seriously people?!?!? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO POSTS!?!?! :@@@@


So, I was gonna talk about spots-acne. Many people say it's NOT good to get them out. Well, they are LYING. It just so happens, my mom is a skin doctor, AKA dermatologist. So, I have every right to be smart when it comes to these things, and I will say it up front: I don't care if you say I'm wrong, I have proofs from more then 10 dermatologists. ;P

Visiting the doctor

This isn't something you must do, unless your acne get too much. 

Taking care before you visit a doctor (or even if you aren't planning on visiting one)
So, even the smallest attention you offer to your skin is welcomed. Like, peeling, or a cream that fits your skin. I can't say which cream fits you, cause I don't know your skin... 
If you are panning on visiting a doctor that will take your acne out, the days before going, you shod take extra care of your face, just to ease the job and pain.

I will not lie
I won't lie, the first time you visit a dermatologist to take your spots out, it hurts. If you visit the doctor again (in less then 2 months) it won't hurt. 

Why take acne out (proven)
What are acne? (gonna say it in a simple way) Dead skin cells. And the body doesn't want to keep them, so the spot is created. Some dead cells go out with peeling, but some just stay. If you don't take them out, they become hard like little sand drops. If that doesn't make you take them out, then the next image is the result.


What to do to prevent some from coming?
Acne come because of puberty and sometimes your period, they cannot be stopped THEN. But you can stop the other acne. Many people say that acne comes from chocolate. Well, the newest studies prove that they come from the MILK inside the chocolate. So don't drink too much milk. Also, with the proper care and creams, even the other acne will be stopped from coming.

I don't care if you think i'm wrong,
I KNOW i'm right. ;}

September 18, 2012

Add more and more qualities to yourself


Hey guys! So, for most jobs, whatever the jobs are, you need special skills. And there isn't a better moments to start adding to yourself then when you are in the youth. Read on carefully, this post is with a good intention.n

-Obviously, the languages are the basics. The more you know the better. I'm just with two, learning my third. 
-When it comes to languages, it good to know as many as possible, but also think which will probably be most valued. 

-Especially when you are growing, you need to grow healthy. I do 3 sports. One is quite enough.

(back to anime pictures!! YAY.)

-I am a bit two old for starting, but this year I started piano lessons. 
-It's quite important to have a musical education, you see.

-Activities such as drawing. Activities that don't fit in the group sports and music.

Don't have enough time?
-You just need to organize yourself, and see what activities will mostly be needed when you geow up.
-For example, I currently do: Volleyball, English, Piano, French during the week.
-During the weekends: Horse riding & Pilates. 
-I had to give up two not as important activities from last year (one was drawing) to be able to take piano lessons. 

Financial problem
-Not a problem, you just need to save up and give up some things. 
-Trust me, I've done the same.


Beautiful liar (long post, but worth reading)

Hey! I have this very interesting talent, not too proud of it, but I still love it! I can detect a lie with my eyes closed, and tell a lie too: never been caught!
Don't get LIED to:  This is not as easy as it seems, it has helped me from tiny stupid moments to getting out of deep muds.

(won't be using anime pics)

So, first, let me tell you this: You are not the only person out there knowing lies. That's one thing I've learnt.


Step 1 to beautiful liar: Eyes.
The doors to a person's soul. Well, if you want to convince you are tell the truth, you better look straight in the eyes of your "victim".

Step 2 to beautiful liar: Body language
If you touch your eyes, hands, hair, etc... Even if it's not nervous moving, it's too obvious. Stop it. If you can, stand/sit normally and if you must, get your hands together, it can help when beginning.

Step 3 to beautiful liar: Look
If you look guilty, or unconvincing, or nervous, or you show that you are not sure of what you are doing, you are going down to hell baby!

Step 4 to beautiful liar: Talking
Now, this is very important. If you talk like this:
"E-er.. I was just going to say t-that..." and so on, it's not gonna happen! Make sure you don't mess up long words. Even words like  prerequisites and Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianism must not be mistaken. Also, as far as they know, you are innocent, so don't go around saying: 
"I swear, i didn't do it!" or "please believe me". If it comes to a question such as did you do it, give out a clear, cold "NO." 

(:P you don't need lie detectors)



I had and impression you guys are better then this... -__-
The one and ONLY rule is: if a person is lying that person will be doing everything/most thigs above wrong. Duh...

*But, as I was writing my last sentence, i realized:
-I told you before that you are not the onyl one that knows lies... Yeah, so, make sure you study people very carefully, for any tiny mistake. 



September 17, 2012

More Nail Art

Hey, Martyna here!(: Today, I will show you some more nail art, I am much better then I was 10 months ago with that watermelon nail tutorial, so here are my monster and pacman nails which I made a few weeks ago! Enjoy. :D

One of my good nail arts:
Credit to me for that picture :)
What do you think?(: I'm quite proud of them.[: I always change my nail polish, every week they're different.

My current Nails:
Credit to me for that picture :)
In that picture above, I was holding my purse :p So, thats how my nail's look now, do you think they're nice?(The camera went kinda bright, thats why my hands look retarded.)

I'd love if I could make them look like this:

Thats pretty cool, don't you think? I'd love to get my nail art as good as that, one day.

Well that's my post, hope you enjoyed.(:
Xoxo Martyna

Message to EVERYONE

Hey dearest writers! Lina here! I just wanted to tell you something me and Kayci have been talking about.
So, school started, and all of us are busy. We talked, and realized she isn't very active! Forgive her, like we forgive you for not posting when you can't. She has tons of homework, but we do as well, so read on!

So, a few things that should be done:
-When posting after a long time, don't say "sorry" or "because". We know you are sorry, and it's not really our job to know why you didn't post, we all have reasons.
-Don't judge other people over not posting, it happens.
-Make sure you let people know you at least read their posting. A comment such as "read" is enough and okay.
-Read. It's very fun, because Sassy Magazine has talented and hard working writers!

-As you see, my pictures are anime icons. Yeah, I was inspired from WikiHow (Wikipedia How).
-We read. At least me and Kayci. We read your posts. All of them! I may not post all the time, but I try, and I comment! Do the same, a little "Great" can make someone's day, trust me!
-You aren't wasting your time! You are giving us information THAT WE READ!
-Don't post whenever you have time. That's stupid, why? Because you should post whenever you have free time, that is not for YOU. If someone has little free time, that person won't be forced to post then! We understand you have a social life. :)


p.s. SHOCK! Yeah, my real name is Lyana. But I'm not a fan
of my name, so keep calling me Lina! :*

September 16, 2012

Black Swan Makeup

Hello readers, and followers! I would like to give my dearest apology for not posting recently. I just entered High School last week, and I'm shocked on how much homework I have been receiving. Anyways, moving on. I was inspired to do some makeup on stardoll today. Hence the title, my inspiration is the black swan. 

Black Swan Makeup

Adjust the skin color to be very pale, and white.

Choose the lightest eye brow color, and make it to 0% in opacity.

Choose any hairstyle, but to go with the poser, I chose this short, wavy hairstyle.

Choose the lips on page 4, and choose row 1, lip style 3.

In the movie poster, you can see that Natalie Portman's (The Black Swan) cheeks are "contoured." Meaning that bronzer and dark colors are applied to the hollows of the cheeks to make it look like natural shadows. So, adding some light brown shadow helps contour the cheeks of me-dolls.

For a brighter cheek color, add some bronze blush.

(Look so far)

Add some dark red lipstick to the lips. LUXE lipshine gloss is an optional choice, but I personally like the lipstick better.
Add a darker red lipstick in the center of the lips.

(Optional) Add some false lashes & get some black liquid liner, and put it in the inner corner of the eye.

Add some black pencil liner and go over the areas of the liquid liner.

Add some black eyeshadow and make the outer sides have an exaggerated point.

Add some dark blue eyeshadow to exaggerate the black eyeshadow. 

Take a purple liquid liner and add it in the inner corners of the eyes.

Add some black lengthening mascara.

Add some false lashes.

Add red contact lenses to make the look appear more creepy.

And you're done!
This is an excellent look that can be used during Halloween on stardoll!

Good luck and leave tutorial requests! ;)

Things to do on the Internet

(click on the names of the sites to go there)

Hey guys! So, there must be some like me, that use the Internet every day, but not for Stardoll or Facebook. So, if you are bored: Go outside or do something fun! But if you wanna stay and waste your time on the computer, here are some suggestions:

-So, I left Stardoll (my doll is now used my my real life BFF Kalina.), but that doesn't mean its over for me. No, I do not mean that pathetic excuse of wasting time-Facebook, that I left a loooong time ago. Here is what I mean.

1. Youtube
Is one site I can't live without! I have an account and I log in, vote and LISTEN TO MUSIC all the time. Usually I listen to Marina and the Diamonds 

Anime Girl Listening to Music facebook timeline cover, music, anime, girl, headphones

2. Yahoo Answers
I actually really like that place because It is very informational! It is me helping, and getting help from others. Besides, some questions can be very interesting!

The Internet Movie Database is a very interesting place! I learn all kinds of stuff from there! Find out everything about EVERY movie! Make lists and more!

4. Anime Here &
Anime here is the best site to watch cartoons. I don't watch any cartoons except Naruto. I just love it. And that is where I watch the episodes. is the best site to watch, well, anything. You can find every Tv-Show there! I am watching Game Of Thrones and reading the books now: EPIC!

5. Polyvore
That has to be one of the most creative sites ever! Especially if you are someone that loves fashion ans styling and clothes!

6. Sassy Magazine!
Don't forget to post and comment on the way there!

My next post is what to do when you are bored, but isn't an online activity!
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