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Week 1: Butter

*Note: These facts and products are all real, and true. My mother became a Vegan after her colon was bleeding internally inside of her, and it helps her avoid taking medication for her colon.*

Do you realize what you're really putting in your mouth? Every single day, 1 in 4 Americans visit a fast food restaurant. People scarf down the greasy, fattening food without ever thinking to themselves...what am I really eating? Did you know that 30% of Americans are obese? Are you a victim of obesity?

There is a way to keep healthy, and stay thin. All around the planet, the natural world is under attack. Animals being slaughterer for food, factories putting out poisonous fumes out in the air, and no one really realizes how avoiding meat and processed foods can really help your body, and mind. Veganism saves lives. It's terrifying that people's diets are leading them to death....every single day.

What is a "Vegan?"
Vegans are people who completely avoid dairy and meat. Vegans eat natural products. These products are most likely made up of plants, and natural oils. 

Vegan Vs. Non-Vegan
Week 1 Lesson

Earth balance is a natural buttery spread that is composed of protein, oils, beans, water, natural flavor, and natural coloring. I have tasted this buttery spread myself, and It tastes exactly like butter! Cut down on dairy, and switch out regular butter for "Earth Balance!"

These products can be featured in butter.  Notice how they all have fat AND calories. Not too much, but the real problem with butter is the cholesterol. 

Learn about the REAL facts about butter here

I hope you all enjoyed and were interested in this post! Send some requests in the comments if you want! -kkrrbb78
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