December 13, 2012

Live Strong Women

Hello, Lina here,
Ever wanted to look better, be healthier or exercise? Don't have time for classes? No problem!
LiveStrong Women! Everything you need! Tips, yoga, pilates, etc... I showed it to my friend, and she loved it, just like i do.

Almost every day you get a video with simple tips.
These videos are called: "Just a little bit better" with Kerri Glassman!

"Pilates Bootcamp" Mondays with Cassey Ho! 

"Tone it up Tuesdays" with Karena and Katrina! 

"Perfect Form" Wednesdays with Ashley Burden!

"The yoga solution" Thursdays with Tara Styles! (ilovethissomuch!)

"A-List Look Fridays" with Valerie Walters! 

Yes, this post it long,
but you'll love me for it if you try it!
Comment please!

December 12, 2012

The Perks Of Owning a Smartphone

Hello readers! Agh I only have 7.5 days left of school, until winter break! Winter break means more posts! I'm so sorry for not posting a lot, I wish school didn't take over my life. This week is wretched so far! I have tests or quizzes every day! 3 more to go! Hopefully I'll do good on all of em'. Anyways, I was longing to write a quick and intriguing posts informing you all about smart phones! Why own one? Do you have a you want one? Or is a basic phone 'okay' for you?

I remember when I was 11, and I got my first phone. It was just a basic phone, nothing special, and then when I was 13, 2 years later, I got another basic phone. As some of you may not realize, I'm someone who is particularly good with technology, and I love it! After almost 4 years of basic phones, I was finally lucky enough to receive an iPhone!

I absolutely love my iPhone. It's so convient, and I use it for various things! I check my grades all the time thanks to Safari...also known as apple's "internet explorer," I use convient apps ranging's app, or Pandora radio to listen to some music, to Instagram for personal enjoyment! 

If you have the interest and money, go for a smartphone! They're really not that expensive, and I personally like them so much better than basic phones!


Answer in the comments!
Do you have a smart phone? If so, do you prefer it over a basic phone?

December 11, 2012


Yeah, you read me! No one bothers to comment! Is it really, that hard to spend 5 freagin' seconds of your precious Internet time to at least say you read THE TITLE!!
Yeah, please call me rude! I'd love to see you people say I'm wrong!

LINA. :@

December 9, 2012

How to study history and French...

Yeah, so, no one is posting... Again. Yeah, yeah, I'll break the ice. Again.
Anyway, I have a new segment. It's more of a school segment, and obviously, it will end fast. About 5 post about this. New one every day... I'm moody today. Whatever.
How to study History?
Have you ever had difficulties studying History? Well, I know I haven't! But, there are some of you out there that need to know how I got to my expertise. You guessed it, number one in my class. Probably in my generation...Zoning off. I won't tell you all my secrets, naturally.
-Start studying. -__-
-Study regularly.
-Have a flawless memory.
-Don't be lazy, start doing homework
-Love History(not impossible)
-Love your teacher(almost impossible, almost..)
-Read History books, watch movies, etc...
How to study French?
Often, you have to study French. Yes, you do. Fear no more.
-Yeah, same goes here, start studying.
-Take notes in class
-Listen to the teacher-very important!
-Do your homework!
-Re-write the difficult words.
-Re-write the texts.

Now, turn off the computer...

Bye. Lina
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