June 1, 2011

The second story

It all started a year ago . I was a senior and my prom was about to come .

It was around 12 o'clock , I was at the garden swinging and looking at some old photos when I heard some body or should I say some thing walking around my garden . I wasn't scared because my house was next to a forest so I knew that it was some some animal . But then the weirdest thing happened : The animal came and started talking to me . But It was a Pegasus , no a unicorn , well actually some thing between .

Laila : Bloom is that you ? I was looking for you ...
Bloom(me) : Wait who are you and how do you know my name ? Is this a prank ? Did Lily and Jenn create you?
Laila : No , I was sent to find you and to take you to the heart of the forest . The Queen told me to find you .
Bloom : What are you talking about ? I can't leave !
Laila : No matter you need to come .
Bloom : Why ?
Laila : Because the Queen is ill and you are the only other human wit powers .
Bloom : What? I don't have powers ! But I will come .
Laila : I've got so much to teach you .

The next thing I know I'm flying on a Pegasus . It was frightening and fun at the same time .

A few minutes later we landed in a beautiful enchanted land . The grass was so green and the water was crystal clean . Then from nowhere a castle from diamonds showed up .
Well then I fainted so I don't know what happened th next few hours , but when I woke up there were four people around me : The Queen , Sky , Water and Earth .

Well those were there nicknames .
They said that I'm Fire , but I couldn't believe it so they showed me there powers and I agreed to stay . The next few days I discovered and trained my powers , but then I overheard The Queen talking to Laila about me .

The Queen : We need to tell Bloom the truth , but I'm afraid that she'll run away .
Laila : We mustn't tell her . Well at least not now .
The Queen : When the battle is over I'll tell her .
Bloom (Fire) : What do you need to tell me ? What is this battle you're talking about ?
The Queen : Well you are my daughter and that's how you have the powers , but some thing more important is happening . You are the Fire and you are a light worrier . There are also dark worriers : Tornado , Tsunami , Evil Fire and Storm . They are the opposites of you .
Bloom : What ? I'm not your daughter I have a family .
The Queen : No , I gave you away because then you were a baby and ...
Bloom : Just live me alone . 

That same night my mind was a mess . I'm adopted ? But that wasn't that important . Since I meet Cole (Sky) I've had feelings for him . He's so beautiful , smart and sweet . Ryan (Water) and Miranda (Earth) were the best . I told everything to the three and they were with me all the time .

Two days later my "mom" announced that the battle will start tomorrow and that we need to be ready .

The next day we got ready and started the war . We came back that nigh in the castle . Before I fall at sleep Cole came in .

Cole : Bloom , I have some thing to say to you .
Bloom : What ?
Cole :This .

Then he kissed me and leave the room . I was so surprised and happy .

That morning we went to finish the Dark Worriers , but then .... They killed Cole . Well I thought that at the moment . I was furious and I started shouting fire balls and they retreated which meant that we won . I wasn't happy at all , so I kissed Cole thinking that it would be the last time , but Cole woke up ....

I went back home for the prom . Cole didn't come with me , he stayed in the forest . I thought that I will be single for the prom . Then the magic happened . Cole was there in the gym where the prom was . But he wasn't alone Miranda and Ryan were with him .

Cole and I are still together and we hope that some day we will get married . And you wonder what happened with my mother ? Well we agreed to start being like a mother and daughter .  

Made by: Bloom_James
Posted by: Laura_James

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