February 5, 2011

free monster!

So yesterday when I went to my suite i got this monster thingy… interesting huh?
its from the haunting hour on the HUB.

If you are not from the USA you'll need a web proxy… like:

after on the proxy site past this in your URL bar:

Log off of the proxy and go to regular Stardoll.


Chloes Curtain.

Hey Everybody I Am The New Writer At Sassy Stardoll Magazine. Now My Posts Are About New Things & Advice.So Let's Go!

As I Am New This Is Going to be a post to remember!
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February 4, 2011

Disney Rumor...because of 1 girl

Hey everyone! You've probably heard girls talking about Disney buying stardoll. If you don't know it's fake..dont worry. Now how did this rumor get out? 1 girls "fun" runs into girls panicking...I've seem to come across the ORGINAL Disdoll rumor maker, yes the origninal one. The rumor wasn't supposed to go ALL around stardoll, it was supposed to be an "prank". They made a photoshoped proof what do you expect? She's an Oc'er

her SD name is: ..e_O..
Here's some pics.. (credit to 'Belle-stardoll' blog)

i can't believe she started it. Report her

Valentines Day Inspired Makeover

Valentines Day Inspired Makeover

Picture credit from stardoll's most wanted

Hey everyone! I wanted to make a valnetines day inspired look for all you lovers out there! ;) This makeup tutorial is consisted of pinks and reds! I hope you enjoy Well, anyways here ya go!







Style Tips

Fashion Tips For February 2011

Hey! It's KKRRBB78! Just to let everyone know i'm back writing for Ghandoora's blog! :) So, follow it and check it out!

Well, anyways..Valentines Day is coming up soon, so they might effect our clothing a little bit...with all of the hearts, red, and pink..BUT not for me. Here's whats hot...

Flat Boots! There are many kinds, here are some pictures
cool right? Well anyways, you could also wear uggs

But, now for the clothing. The hottest type of shirts i've seen around are v-necks, plaid, plane, aeropostale, hollister, abercrombie, and more!

Usually, you can add some of your favs to boost up your style. Try wearing scarfs, necklaces, jewlery, belts, whatever your in too!

Now the pants...Skinny Jeans and Jeggins, there so popular, and they look amazing with uggs and flat boots!
Jeggins are skinny jeans, but made of a different material, and skinnier...tighter.

Anyways, when you get outside-in most areas-it's freezing cold! So, what comes to mind? That giant fur coat in the end of your closet...NO WAY. Skip that and you can either wear some vests with fur in them (so comfy) or you can wear a sweatshirt and then a skinnier jacket.

Good luck! Stay warm, and keep in style!!
-KKRRBB78 :)

free handbag and watering can!

Today on stardoll you can get a free watering can a golden hand bag!

1)go to poland web proxy
 http://www.proxy.trash.pl/ or http://www.ukryj.info/ or http://proxyhideout.com/
2)in the url paste stardoll link: http://www.stardoll.com/

3) hit enter on your keyboard

4)log in stardoll

5)now on the proxies url, paste the contest link:

6)click go, wait till page loads, then in the url paste:

February 3, 2011

Thank You to Itickets123/Gwen

Hey everyone! I would like to thank our newest writer itickets123 for helping us make this blog more successful! So far, we've gotten more views, and followers! Gwen, you should be proud of yourself. I would like to give my biggest thank you! Not just for the blog, but for all the nice things she has said to me, like the compliments! Thank you! Check her out on stardoll!

tangled items

People on stardoll keep asking me how i got the tangle hair and the free dresses so i thought i would post it here for you guys to: http://www.stardoll.com/pl/starplaza.php?startItemIds=30382,30383,30384,30385,30386,30387,30388,30389,30390,30391,30392,30393,30394,3039

yep just click on the link.. most of the stuff is non superstar but some is… there is also a free dress, cape and pastel.


hey guys!
Today i wanted to ask who's fan you are for the SUPERBOWL????? to be honest i do not watch football... but please comment and tell me who you like!

anyway today on stardoll there is a scenery contest, and if you join you get both of the teams jerseys and a football! cool huh?

but here is the link for the contest - http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=926

hope you have a grate superbowl sunday!

February 2, 2011

Lady Gaga Makeup Tutorial

Lady Gaga
Stardoll MakeupTutorial
Hey everyone! Im back with another tutorial for makeup. Today, this makeup tutorial is a little un-usual, but when you look at the picture below i know you'll be pleased. This makeup tutorial is inspired by Lady Gaga! You can have this look all the time, or just to mix things up!

real picture

itickets123/free pillow!

Hey guys! i' itickets123,also known as Gwen! I am in change of telling you guys about the free stuff on stardoll! Fun, right? 

well today on stardoll you can get a free blue pillow from poland!

For the Free Blue Pillow

-If you are from Poland, Enter a stardoll contest
-If you aren't from Poland:
1. Go to Poland web proxy like proxy.trash.pl/ OR ukryj.info/ ORproxyhideout.com/
2. In the url box of site Paste stardoll link: http://www.stardoll.com/
3. Hit Enter on keyboard
4. Log in stardoll
5. Now on the proxies URL link box Paste the contest link: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=936
6. Click Go and Wait till page finishes loading
7. Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll
Pillow should be in a giftbox in your suite [:

by itickets123/Gwen

February 1, 2011

Stardoll Article

Hey guys! Check out this article! This person had a lot to say about stardoll!


New Stardoll!

Mihalis Hatzigiannis (Greek: Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννης; born November 5, 1979 in Nicosia, Cyprus) is a popular Greek Cypriot recording artist. From 2000 to 2009, Hatzigiannis has received over 30 certifications in Greece alone, making him one of most successful artists of the decade. Hatzigiannis is also known for representing Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998. In 2010, Hatzigiannis released his first English language album in Europe. In 2010, Forbes listed Hatzigiannis as the 22nd most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece and fifth highest ranked singer

Early life
Hatzigiannis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on November 5, 1979. He is a graduate of the Cyprus Music Academy (Royal College of London) with a degree in piano, guitar and music theory.
When he was 18, he participated in a song contest in Cyprus, "Afetiries" where he won the first prize. Afterwards, he also participated in the "Laiki Bank Song Contest" with the song 'I Diki Mou Istoria' written by Andreas Gerolemou and won the first prize. In 1995, he participated in the Cypriot National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 with two songs, namely "Filise Me" (written by Andreas Gerolemou) and "To Gramma" (written by Leonidas Malenis) where the former entry came in 3rd place and the latter entry landed in second place. That year Alex Panagi won the preselection with the song "Sti Fotia". Michalis started his career in Cyprus with three records that all went platinum: "Senario", "O Mihalis Hatzigiannis Traguda Doro Georgiadi" and "Epafi". He also participated in a musical production in Cyprus called "Pygmalion" in addition to also performing a number of concerts in major city tour in Cyprus titled "Mixalis Xatzigiannis, Andreas Gerolemou".

Musical career

1998–2002: Eurovision Song Contest and first albums

In May 1998 he represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest. He performed the song "Γένεσις" (Genesis), a composition of his own and took the 11th position.
Upon Michalis Hatzigiannis in Athens, Greece he collaborated with the composer Giorgos Hatzinasios and with poet and lyricist Michalis Bouboulis to create the CD single "Angigma Psychis" (Touch of soul) which was released in December 1998 by BMG Greece. The album contained songs to the ANT1 TV series bearing the same title, including the hit singles "Angigma Psychis" and "To Soma pou Zitas" (The body you seek). The album was certified platinum.
In March 2000 Hatzigiannis released his debut album in Greece "Paraxeni Giorti" (Strange Celebration). Many sought after composers and lyricists contributed to the making of this album which produced some of the biggest hits of that year. The song "Mono Sta Onira" (Only in dreams) stayed at number one in the Greek radio airplay for several weeks. And two other singles from the album, title track "Paraxeni Giorti" and "Ke Tha Hatho" (And I’ll disappear), had similar success. The album settled at double-platinum and was a career landmark for the young singer-songwriter in the Greek music scene. In November, he started to perform live shows in Athens.

Early in 2001 he released the CD single "Den Eho Hrono" (I have no time). It soon topped the charts and went platinum. In the summer, he toured Greece for the first time. Later that year he appeared live with legendary Greek singer Haris Alexiou to great reviews. In the spring of 2002 he released his second solo album "Krifo Fili" (Secret kiss), which has settled at 3x platinum. This album contains a series of big hits such as "Eisai Edo" (You are here), "To S’ Agapo" (The I love you), "Horis Anapnoi" (Breathless), "I Ekdromi" (The excursion), and "Kapnos" (Smoke). This album established him as one of the most successful singer-songwriters and promising performers in the Greek music scene. In the summer of 2002 he toured Greece again with even greater success. And in winter he shared the same stage with another Greek music icon, singer Dimitra Galani.

2003–2005: "Monos Mou" and Akatallili Skini

In 2003 he released the 3x platinum five song EP "Monos Mou" (By myself). The single "An Mou Tilefonouses" (If You'd Called) became a hit and the demand for airplay kept growing for months. The song remains one of the most popular Greek ballads of late. In the summer he toured Greece, performing sixty-three sold out shows.
He received three awards from the IFPI's annual Greek Arion Awards in 2003, followed by another four awards in 2004, including the award for Best Male Performer of the Year.
In April 2004 he released his third solo album, Akatallili Skini (Unsuitable scene), which increased his popularity in the Greek music scene. On April 30, 2004, he represented Cyprus at the official EU enlargement ceremony which took place in Warsaw to mark the accession of ten new countries into the European Union.

In the summer of 2004 he toured Greece and sang at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens. In winter he made about 100 appearances in Athens and Salonika with the hugely popular singer, Paschalis Terzis.
[[Image:Xatrzigiannis1.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Hatzigiannis in a concert in Katerini at 13 July 2005. In the summer of 2005 he toured Greece once again ending in September at Lycabettus Theatre, Mount Lycabettus, Athens with two sold out, recorded, concerts. In October he travelled to Australia for the first time and had three concerts. In November he started performing with Antonis Remos, in Athens until April 2006.

2006–2008: Filoi Kai Ekthri and 7

In March 2006 he released his first live album taken from the recorded concerts in Lycabettus with three new songs "De Fevgo" (I'm not leaving), "Den Eimai Edo Gia Kanena" (I'm not here for anyone) and "Miazoume" (We're alike), all becoming hits. The live album also contained a DVD with photographs of scenes from the concerts and backstage. Later in April, he toured Canada and the U.S. with George Dalaras and in May he went to Salonika where he appeared with Natassa Theodoridou. In the summer he toured Greece performing 50 sold out concerts. In August he released a single, "Ola I Tipota" (All or nothing).
In December 2006 he released his fourth studio album, "Filoi Kai Ehthri" (Friends and foes) with some many hit singles, including "Na Eisai Ekei" (To be there), "Aisthimata" (Feelings), "Heria Psila" (Hands High). On December 15 he began performing at Vox music hall in Athens.

In March 2007 he collaborated with German Rock band, Reamonn and released a cover duet with the band of their hit "Tonight-Simera", a half English and half Greek lyric version of the song with Greek lyrics by Eleana Vrahali. The song is included in Reamonn's re-release of "Wish" and in "Filoi Kai Ehthri". Later in June he released the CD single "Pio Poli" (Much More), including the title track and a remix by Passion, the duet "Tonight" and "Heria Psila" (Moscow Electromix). He also started embarked on another summer tour in Greece, after his appearances in Vox ending in May. In October and November he toured internationally by staging concerts in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. In December he released his second live album, "Zontana Sto Likavitto" (Live at Lycabettus) which went platinum in the first week of release. He also commenced another winter season at Vox, this time alongside Glykeria.
Michalis Hatzigiannis was scheduled to tour North America in May 2008 with performances in various cities throughout the United States and Canada, but was unable to complete the whole tour due to problems with the US Government and the concert promoters Asteria Productions and Greek Chicago. However, concerts in Chicago, Montreal, New York and Toronto went underway as scheduled. On September 30, 2008, Hatzigiannis released a CD single titled "Emeis I Dio San Ena" (Us two as one) and served as a lead single for the upcoming album. The single was once again used as part of the new OTE summer campaign, this time in tribute to pianist Madra Mandicencio, an inspiration from Hatzigiannis' childhood. Hatztigiannis released his seventh studio album titled 7 on October 29, 2008. The album reached 5 times Platinum.

 2009–present: Kolaz & Mihalis

In November 2009, 7 was included as a bonus when purchasing the newspaper Real News. This version of the album included a new bonus song titled "Kati Leipi" (Something is missing), which was later released to radio stations. In late November 2009, Hatzigiannis will release his 8th studio album titled Kolaz (collage).[7] The album will feature covers of popular songs by Mimmis Plesas, Marios Tokas, and Antonis Vardis to name a few. The first single from the album will be titled "Anna" and is a cover of a Giannis Karalis song. The album was later certified 4x platinum.

In mid-2009, Hatzigiannis recorded his first English single titled "More Than Beautiful" in Germany under an affiliation with We Love Music/Universal Music Germany. The single premiered on radio stations in Greece on Love Radio on September 16, 2009.A music video was been shot in Berlin.Due to his contractual obligations in Greece, including the promotion of Kolaz, his affairs in Germany were then put on hold. A two track CD-Single of "More Than Beautiful" was planned to be released on April 2, 2010, although Hatzigiannis later shifted focus and decided against the release. In July 2010, Hatzigiannis released "Everyone Dance", the English version of the Greek hit "Heria Psila" with English lyrics by Rea Garvey of Reamonn. A video was also shot in the Aegean, and release on July 19, 2010. On July 30, 2010, Hatzigannis released "Everyone Dance" as a two track CD-Single in Germany. The single is to be followed up with an English studio album titled Mihalis in Germany, to be released on August 13, 2010. The iTunes release of the album will also include an exclusive bonus song titled "Kiss on the Breeze".

January 31, 2011


Hey everyone! Im back! I got a new computer, with Windows 7! :) Anyways, i just started writing for another blog, so i will be posting on her more. Anyways, please follow and enjoy my blog!

Makeup Tutorial

                                                              add some short-lash mascara

add some black eyeliner

add some purple liquid eyeliner

put on some black eyeshadow (close to the eye..not too revealing)

add purple eyeshadow to the inner eye (only some)

put on some LUXE lip shiner

 put on some light colored blush (NO RED)

add some new hair, and spice it up your own way!!

Hope you liked!
Follow my blog!

By Kayci
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