April 30, 2011

New Crew Image!

Hi everyone! I just made our official crew picture for May 2011 (May 1st is tomorrow) Anyways, check it out! I hope you enjoy! :)


Hey everyone, I thought that u all would be intrigued by this...look at this photo..
 Enlarge it, and look at the 5th place winner, 6th place winner, and 7th place winner.
2 of them are non-superstars. They deserve to win too, but i mean look at all of the other winners...Their dolls just don't fit in...

Anyways, i decided to re-do all of their makeup!

5th place winner: Dj22124

6th place winner:
7th place: ilovepaisley12

April 28, 2011

Contest!!!! 125 members???


Hey guys! Am so sorry I haven't posted in forever!

Now I have something I want to tell you all, I want to have 125 members! But, there's something better I want you guys to help me to get them, I making you all a deal, if this blog reaches 125 members by the end of may, I will randomly pick TWO members of the blog to get 25 STARBUCKS each!!! But there's something even better! If we reach 300 members by the end of may I will pick ONE lucky followerer to get 100 STARDOLLARS!! Sound like a good deal!? I sure hope so!

Now go! Ask your friends to join! Doll mail every one of them!!!
Tell them if they join they could win!!

Now Hurry you have to the end of MAY!

- Gwen

Looks like sassy SD magazine is getting POPULAR!!

Sorry for not posting for a while!! My internet kinda kept cutting out and I got ever so annoyed..anway lets get on!!

So..I saw a girl post a GB comment in my friend's GB about Sssy SD magazine!!

So basiclly, the girl is saying:

Girl: " I know her(kkrrbb78)I found out about sassy SD magazine......:)I'll ask her anyway!!"

Let's take a closer look at what she said 0nce more:

That's good more people are finding out about sassy SD magazine:)
I will never regret that I'm a writter for this blog!

P.S. Sorry you can't see what the girl said... I wrote what she wrote anyways so...

Thanks so much for reading!!
XoXoXo Maya. Rouibah

Outfits For Every Colour - Day And Night. BLUE

Every so often from now on I am going to post two outfits for a certain colour; today is BLUE!
Evening -

Indigo Midnight Dress - 15sd from Rio
Multi-Coloured Midnight Drift - 4sd from Rio
Glitter High Wedge Pumps - 5sd from Rio

Day -

Jeepney Jacket - 17sd from Miss Sixty
Respect Tee - 2sd from IdenTee
Skinny Bleach Jeans - 6sd from Fudge
High Heel Pumps - 12sd from Miss Sixty

♥ Mia ♥

PPQ Sale

There is a 50% off sale in PPQ!

♥ Mia ♥
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