April 9, 2011

Gwen Is Back!

Hey guys, It's itickets123, and I'm back, but this time am writing about covergirls! Every day i will write about something like this ;), hope you enjoy! (kkrrbb78 is posting for me, long story)

Today's covergirl (yesterdays catwalk winner) is Zemathmath! her name is mathide and she is from Belgium.
Congrats! she has her own blog - sdactu.blogspot.com, i thought it looked okay but i can't even read it ; )


8th June 2010: 1st in the Catwalk
23rd July 2010: 1st in the Catwalk
3rd November 2010: National Covergirl for Belgium
19th January 2011: National Covergirl for Belgium
7th April 2011: National Covergirl for Belgium
8th April 2011: 1st in the Catwalk

Rating her

Suite - 6/10, its not the best i've ever seen but its cute and creative.

Style in clothes - 9/10, its wonderful! i love the clothes in her closet and her outfit right now is pretty darn stylish! i love the little jacket and the cute skirt with the belt!

Medoll - 7/10, her medoll is pretty and i love her eyes! but she looks a bit sad, but beside that its really nice! i love her hair and the hit of punk... i love it!

Album - 5/10, the first couple pages are good but the rest is blank, i like that way she started it though with with the magazine idea.

Scenery - okay am not rating this one because they all show up blank on my computer, sorry.

all in all 7/10.

~ Gwen / Itickets123

April 8, 2011

Writers and Graphic Designers in need!

Hi everyone. Sassy Stardoll Magazine is looking for writers and graphic designers. I want to get the blog running again! Apply in my gb! I REALLY REALLY need a graphic designer. Please apply!

I need
- A Covergirl Dish Writer
-Makeup Tutorial Maker (use pictures from the web, and make your medoll wear the same makeup)
-Makeup Artist (make up your own makeup)
-Interview Maker (Interview popular stardolls) (overgirl, ncg, blog writers, etc.)
-You can also give me an idea about what you want to write about! :)
-Contest's (you must provide good prizes)

In order to be a writer..
.you must follow the blog
.you have to be active on here and on stardoll!
.you need skill!


Hey everyone! Check out all the new jewlery on stardoll! But, what's up with all the crowns? Stardoll going royal?

Pet-a-Porter Dogs

Hey stardollians! There are some new dogs on stardoll! All are priced at 100 stardollars. But, they are limited! Buy them fast before they're gone!

(Click to enlarge)


April 7, 2011

Delete the blog? 
Hi everyone, I think i should delete my blog. My only writer might quit, she's writing less and less, and we only have 30 followers...i mean what's the point? No one views, or comments. This always happens to me. I really see no point, unless we get more followers, and writers, but that seems like it's impossible. Delete it? No? Write in my guestbook
Sorry guys. I haven't been posting alot and even when I did post they were really rubbish. I work for 2 other blogs so it is hard. I am thinking about quiting but how could I?! This is such and amazing blog! I will try my hardest to post but If i really can't I will quit.

The reason of my lack of posts is not just because of the 2 other blogs I work for, it is also real life. I have just got a really high grade and now I must try to keep it up. It will be so hard to keep this up and 99.9% I probably won't. This means cutting down on my stardoll time, which will be really hard, but I must do it.



April 5, 2011

Exotic Makeup Eyeshadow Pretty
Makeup-Stardoll Guide


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