July 16, 2011

July 14, 2011


Sorry for being incredibly inactive, but I've been really busy and I'm hardly going to have any other time to post until August, so I figured I'd post now.

Okay, first of all this girl keeps going around saying she'll delete your account if you don't give her you pass, here;s proof:
Can you believe this? She said that she needed to go into my account for proof that I did nothing wrong and that as soon as she had my pass she'd stop harassing me! I hate it when people do these things. 

Hope you found this...useful.
Good luck to all,
~Jess x

Help for Laura_James

Laura click on it, you'll be able to see it better!



July 13, 2011

Last Post.

Find then, This will be the LAST post I will put before I go on vacation. I EXPLAINED ON MY LAST POST WHY I WON'T POST FOR  WEEKS. ;P

Well today I was in beauty parlour and saw new item added which was feet! You can get nail Polish for your feet nails too!

Xoxo Kaylee/Starbuster9000 ;P

vACATion + No more writing for few weeks.

So writers, I'm going on vacation next Friday to Poland to see grandparents and many of my family. Now, I won't be posting much, I will be too busy! So, I will miss you all, and I have to stop writing for a few weeks. I will be back soon. And this is a very important vacation for me, So that does mean A BREAK FROM STARDOLL AND BLOGS EVEN MY BLOG. (;

Bye! (: 

►The Polish airport I'll be in when I arrived in Poland:

Krakow airport

About where I live in Poland:

The airplane from Krakow you can see, I will go from Krakow all the way near Zakopane which will be in Opole and it will be about 2 hours drive from the airport.
The plane I'll be flying by:
And the Flight company i will be flying by is Ryanair:

That is a clear picture of the Flight Companie's name^ ^
Sorry about that :L I'm SO excited though! Bye for a few weeks (;
Xoxo Kaylee/STarbuster9000

New old Hot Buys Free necklace!!!!!

►Free Urban Decay (old HB) Necklace
-If you live in Italy - Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you don't live in Italy, Follow these steps to get it:
1)Go to this Italian stardoll proxy site:

2)Paste stardoll link into the URL box of the proxy site:
Go OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in
5)Paste this contest link into proxy URL box:

6)Click Go, Wait a little till page loads
7)Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Necklace should be in a Starplaza bag in your Beauty Parlor [:

Available till 20.07 
xoxo Kaylee/starbuster9000 [;


Meet baby-girl_ash
When i saw her i freaked out! 
So i taught i show you what did i see and what did i fix! 
You decide did i fix anything! 
Trust me she was like this! 

Ohhh, p.s. she has 56
beauty marks on her! (had)



xoxo, Laura

Icon of the day

Hey ya! So from today I will do this: Chose an icon of the day and tell you something about her show you some pictures... It won't always be a her, ok? I would like to start with Blake Lively...

Her name is Blake Christina Lively and she is born on the 25th of August in 1987. As an American actress that started her career in the drama Gossip Girl she was also seen in movies like: Green lantern, the town, accepted & more... Once she she said: Gossip Girl was my door to fashion. She was nominated for a lot of things! And she also won a lot of awards!


xoxo, Laura


Hi(:! I'm going to Montenegro for two months so I must take my vacation because there isn't any internet there . kkrrbb78 if you don't approve my vacation plz say so because this is really important to me . Thanks and here is a picture where I am going to be :

love ya all Ana/Bloom_James

July 12, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick

Be iconic...

Have you ever heard of the lipstick from Dior called Dior Addict, be iconic? My sister got it, so i just had to show it to you! Kate Moss is modeling for it! I'll just show you all the colors, Kate Moss and of course more images... Oh, and, whenever you buy one you pick a present: Dior nail polish, you chose the color!






Xoxo Laura

 (p.s. I am gonna talk to Kaysi  for something, if she says ok, i will tell you what is it)


July 11, 2011


A new store called "Tiptoe"  is coming to stardoll. Now you can do your me-doll's feet!

2 New free items! (You'll be suprised with the 1st one)

Eyyo, So today, i saw a stardoll contest that says you can win Lip Gloss! Here are the steps to get it:

If you live in the UK, Click : HERE, Then you will be in a contest, You must follow the steps and like their facebook page, If you don't have facebook, Just create account ;P
-If you are not from the UK then follow thos steps:
1)Go to one of these proxy:
2m4u.com/ OR daveproxy.co.uk/ OR docoja.com/blue
2)Paste sthis link beneath into the blank box
3)Hit enter on keyboard or just click go
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now in the proxies URL/Address Paste campaign link
6)You will be redirected to a blank page, it's okay
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual 
Gloss should be in a Maybelline bag in your Beauty Parlor [:

-If you are from Portugal, Log in and Enter the contests by clicking
For Dress and Bag: HERE
For Brown Shoes and Belt: HERE
For SS Only: HERE it's the same contest as for Poland today, so maybe it's the same tee, I didn't get anything, if you do get something, let me know what it is [:
-If you aren't from Portugal - Follow these steps to get it:
You have to Set a Portugal manual proxy like
How to set manual proxy? Read HERE
IP Address: Port: 3128
When you have set the manual proxy -
1)Go to stardoll.com Log in
2)Copy and Paste the contest page link:
(It probably won't load Portugal proxies at first, I usually Log in and Out and the Refresh the contest page few items, if it still doesn't load close your browser and all the tabs and open it an then go to the contest page again)
3)If you see Portugal contests, Turn off the proxy and Enter them by clicking
For Dress and Bag: HERE 
For Brown Shoes and Belt: HERE
For SS Only: HERE (not sure what the item is, if there is anything - tell me)
Items should be in Starplaza bags in your suite [: 
Available till 13.07
As usual - if you have had the items, you won't get them again
XOXO Kaylee/starbuster9000, Enjoy your items (P.S. If you want the LIP Gloss but you already have LUXE Clear lip gloss and you want the lip gloss, don't take it, It's exactly the same as LUXE Clear gloss)

Face masks

Hi  girls! Today me and my older sister put face masks and pickles on our eyes! It was so fun!!! Let me tell you what you should do:

1. make sure your hair doesn't touch the mask
2. Put the mask slowly. Not on the eyes, and if you think it will hurt,  not on your mouth.
3. Cut the pickles and put them on your eyes slowwwwly...
4. Wait foe 5 min, or more! The point is your mask to be dry. You will feel it! 
5. Then clean your face and make sure there is nothing left!

IMPORTANT: You have to know what kind of a mask you should use!!!






There are masks for different types of skin,
Say what you think! 
By Laura :*

for kkrrbb78 and her blog x

Hey!,This is for kkrrbb78,I am training to be a blog writer for her.I will use pictures and very useful things like how to get free items/clothes/furniture.

Insperational Quotes 1

I Love You To The Stars And Back...& You Never Have To Worry, I'll Always Be there For You.

Hi, My name is MissLindsayRae, & A lot of girls have self essteam issue's now a days. Well, Trust me, your beautiful inside and out. Your YOU. Not who anybody wants you to be. You don't need tons of make-up, or fancy clothes, you just need to be YOU. And soon enough, the right people will come along, and complete your life. If you absolutly cannot go without make-up, then you have to do it simple, and tastefully. I don't have a better picture except this one below. Pay close attention to the eyeliner, it's not too heavy, but you can still see it.

July 10, 2011


I am so sick of posting this. 

Many of you are just not posting at all.



If you are from the country Turkey, then click : HERE
-If you are not from turker, click : HERE
You will be in a contest, enter it & flowers should be in the starplazza bag inside the suite
- If that didn't work then Follow these steps:

Go to Turkish proxy(copy & paste) :
gizlinet.org/ or gizlibak.com/ or arrudanet.com.br/  (Choose any you like)
In the blank box, copy + paste this stardoll link below:
Click on Go or Git or click Enter on your keyboard
Log in stardoll
Now on Address: Paste the contest link:
then Click Go
When page has loaded Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll & the
Flowers should be in bag in the suite
Available till 03.08

Kaylee, Enjoy the item (:

Stardoll's dress inspiration

Sorry i didn't post for 2 days, and i am so sorry, but i won't post anything from the type living...  :(
While listing a French magazine (i didn't understand a thing) i saw a model from the brand Paul & Joe wearing the same dress i got when i became spring (or another) pass.I made my medoll look like the modell, got dresses in that dress, now i am ready to show it to you...


This isn't the only example! I got another one for ya! This time it's a Prada dress! I can show it to you, i have that dress and i'm sure you have it too! Stardoll was giving it for free!  Sorry my medoll's hair style should be on the other side.


If i find more i'm gonna post it,
Laura :)
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