November 27, 2010


Hello everyone, we have a lot of more people in our completion. to be exact, we have 24 girls. I'm changing things around a bit. The new challenges are listed below. please remind everyone that these new rules are in place. thank you.

Writers- You have to write me a 3-5 paragraph essay on black Friday, here is an article to help you out, that is below. You need to either say why you like Black Friday or Why you don't. I assume you all know how to write these. Well I'm not worrying. Good luck. Your article is due by December 4th. If you need more time tell me, it has to be a good reason though!! The article is

Models-you girls have to dress up in 1 or 2 outfits. i suggest 2 unless you think your first outfit is extraordinary. You need to dress up for the holidays. Like you can wear coats, gloves, outdoor wear, Christmas colors, Christmas clothes, channukah designs, Kwanzaa designs, whatever you want! All outfited models must be shown to me. i suggest putting them in your presentation, so i can see them. just go to a party in that outfit and take pictures. good luck. All entries due by December 4th, if you need more time tell me..i want a good reason.

Photo editors- you need to show me 2 pictures that you edited by yourself. it can be any picture you want. you can use photobucket or tinypic to show me your pics. they are websites, and they are easy, tinypic is easier though. All pictures are due by December 4th.

Designers- you need to make 2 designs of whatever you want. They are due by December 4th, just tell me when your done, and wear them. i will look at them. Good luck.

4 models will be eliminated, 1 or 2 writer will be eliminated, i will see how many photo editors/ designers i get. good luck.

All things due by December 4th!

Girls In Competition

1. Alliercksunoit9-model and writer
5.Lulla96-model and writer
7. Nicole59186-model
8.Twighlight-Best-model and writer
9. DawnTheDutchess-model
10.rayzay23-fashion designer for models
11. Janeyplums-model
22.LemonSplash9023-model and writer

November 25, 2010


Update For Magazine
Writers (For Compition)
Models (For Compition)
you need to write a 2-3 paragraph essay on this article:
you will see a picture of 8 new outfits coming in 2011, i want you to tell me what outfit is your favorite. Tell me why and give examples, make sure you state 3 reasons on why you like it.
3 writers will be chosen to be in my magazine.
you will need a holiday outfit. It can be revolved around christmas or channukah, or whatever. You can do red and green, whatever you like. You need 2 outfits, post them in your presentation.
4 models will be chosen.
*Note:if you arent on this list you can tell me and i will add you, plus if you're a model you can be a writer too, and if your a writer, you can try out to be a model.
Good Luck!
Please Read Fine Print:
If you do not hand in your article or put your pictures on your presentation you will be disqualified from the compition. If you had a funeral/a lot of school work or something important like that, i will only accept that. I will give you one shot at that, but anyways if you don't give me a good reason im sorry, you will not be in the magazine, so girls please hurry! I don't want to disqualify anyone, so get your entries in! Good luck, have fun, and be quick!!! Hurry!
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