December 30, 2011


Hey, I know you might be wondering why the topic is bye? Well because I have quite Stardoll. I have given my account to someone else. She is SelenaGPage. her name is Becca. She has my account now. I have played Stardoll for years. It have now been 3 years. I'm 16 now and too old for Stardoll. And I have quite Stardoll that means I will have to quite posting about Dream Suites. I have quite posting from all the blogs. I will miss you guys. Bye


Happy New Year To ALL!

Hello everyone!
All of us here at SSM would like to wish you
a happy, healthy, and safe 2012!
Happy New Year!

For the New Year I'm hoping to hire a lot more dedicated writers to make this blog more active :) 

December 24, 2011

Dream suite LoveLoany

Hey, Sorry I haven't posted. My laptop broke!!! But I got it back. So todays Dream Suite is LoveLoany's suite. I personally love it! It's so cute and it looks like a winter wonderland! Also happy Christmas eve! Guess what tom is my birthday!!! On Christmas!!! I would love to get some gifts! But please no cupcakes I have too many cupcakes. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And thank you to those people that wise me a happy Birthday and send me gifts. 

December 23, 2011

Hand Care

Somewhere its  winter and somewhere it's summer! I've got something for both! Today i'm gonna show you how to protect your hands from the sun, sea, snow, cold wind. Enjoy!


It's not easy. My hands are very sensitive so i have to put on sun cram 3 times a day. Anyway, that is very important if you want to make your hands soft. At winter its hard, but not impossible. You might just want to touch snow and first-cold wind will get in contact with then and plus the snow, they will turn read and will start to hurt a bit. yet, that doesn't mean: STOP THE SNOW FIGHT!! It just means that when you get home you must warm them and put on hand cream. Not body lotion, but hand cream.

Warm up your hands

-You can find something warm and good for your arms (e.x. put your hands on a cup or tea), just feel them starting to feel warmer and better. And that just put on the cream and relax for a minute.

-my favorite i putting them in warm water or hot water and keeping them there for a minute or two. You will feel much better. Than, clean them with a small towel and keep them in the towel for a few seconds. Finally, put the cream on and relax...


What kind of cream to use

Not the most important thing, but pretty important. It's not good to use body lotions and hand creams that smell beautiful, cause that isn't the point. Use a cream that doesn't have a specific smell. I don't care what brand i use, if you do-even better. Now here are some suggestions.


Will you go to the beach? You might get sunburned or your hands (if they are sensitive) might just get hurt. Hands burn from sun too. And do you know that small (usually doesn't have color) sea animal that burns you? I don't remember the name. here are some tips. 

-That just means you have to put sun cream more often and after getting sunburned put on hand cream. 

That animal
-Burned by "that animal" means you should put yogurt and tomatoes on the place (hands). I'm serious! My mom is a skin doctor! 

Sensitive to the sea.........
-Sea problems? Always wash hands after getting out of the water and that hand cream.

Use sun cream on hands too. 
That is very important, hands can be very sensitive and you have to protect them! 



Do you like the post?
I know it's long, but plz comment,

Laura_James ;*
Happy Holidays everyone!
See you soon! Leaving for relatives! 

I know everyone is so busy--including myself, Sorry the blog is so un-active,
for 2012 I'm hoping to fix that...
I hope you writers fix is too...

Happy Holidays everyone! :)

December 19, 2011

'Wintery' make-up tutorial

Hey everyone!
I'm Indigo26 and today i'm going to be showing you how to make a fabulous'Wintery' look.
                                                                        STEP 1
First choose a hairstyle that's clear of your face as its easier to work with.
Start off by putting on your basic black volumiser mascara and black eye-liner.
TIP: when using the eye-line don't make points! 

Using the turquoise eye-shadow from Luxe start apply the make-up above each corner of the eye
TIP: don't let the eye-shadow go right up to your eyebrows 

Using the Blue Eye pencil from dot (shown in the picture) apply it from the point where the turquoise make-up ended to the inner-point.
Next, using the light blue eye shadow (also shown in the picture) apply it under the eye to make a 
light glow.

STEP 4  
Apply a shade of lipstick that best suits your doll. As you can see this doll has a darker complexion so I chose a orange. ( shown in the picture)


Choose a hairstyle, add suitable earrings an jewellery and your done!

If you don't have the exact make-up used its ok you can always compromise by using similar colours etc.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

xx Indigo26

Before -After makeup:)

Hello my friends :)
How are you?
I am back with before and after makeups :)
This time my model was cassyrose! Check it out:

I have to say, I like it :D I decided not to change the hairstyle or the crown :P
But she was already beautiful :)

I just think you should put the hairstyle a bit higher and maybe change your eyebrows.. But you still look amazing!

If you wanna be my next model, apply here!

Bye bye, Christine/DEMI_LOVANTO_2 :)

December 17, 2011

Hotbuys & Holiday Calender Day 17

Hello Dear Readers.

Here are the items from the Hotbuys and Holiday Calender.



What do you thing?


December 16, 2011

Dream Suite

Hello! Just to let you know I won't be posting Saturday or Sunday. I'm very busy on the weekend! Okay lets get started! Today's dream suite is LoveLoany! Congratulations LoveLoany. I think if you took hard time to do this then I think you will get a prize! LoveLoany's suite is a Winter Wonderland! Don't you think so. If stardoll made that we can vote *100/100* then I think she get a full number! Go take a look at her suite and please her. Don't forget the vote and the guestbook!!! Have a great day bye.

                                                                                                                         ^__^ right the click *5/5*!

December 15, 2011

Alpine Chalet


As you may have noticed a new suite 'decoration' has came into stardoll. It's called Alpine Chalet. It's based on snow themes- a bit like a wood cabin you would stay in if you went skiing. You will see this on your homepage when you log into stardoll.

If you click on it, it will take you to your suite and into the suite shop.

The Alpine Chalet 'main thing' is the suite room. If you bought it your suite would turn into this

It's basically the same as Beach Villa but a snow version. You also can't buy the suite items that are in the Alpine Chalet unless you buy the main thing which costs 249sd. RIP OFF. I will NOT pay this much for that. I dont like the 'scenery' part of it, I mainly like the furniture. Maybe when I'm rich I can have it ;)

What's your opinion ?
Will you buy it ?


December 14, 2011

Dream Suite PaulineCka_-

So sorry I didn't post for 4 days! I had a project! It was due today, so it is out of the way. Now I have a new project that has gotten in the way again. So that means I wont probably be posting for 1 or 3 days.     Today I pick I great suite just as Raquepri. I have picked another Christmas suite! I have picked PaulineCka_-'s suite! Look at all the white, blue, green and red. She looks like her Christmas tree is filled up! She is even ready for Santa's gifts! I really love it. And will sure give her a *5/5*. You will too! I know it. Congratulations PaulineCka_- for your great work. You deserve it for working hard. Comments please.

December 11, 2011

I'm back!


My internet is fixed so I can post again :D
So, I noticed a few days ago new LE was realeased ! Personally I didn't like it but what did you think ?

This is one of the pages of the LE collection, the clothes are way too over priced and I wouldn't put these clothes on my medoll. Personally, I don't think they match and some look a bit 'tartish'

Did you buy anything?
What are your views?


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