December 17, 2010

Please Invite...

Please Invite!
Hey girls! Welcome to, Im pretty blog only has 4 followers, and it basically isn't getting viewed by anyone. We have 0 comments, and no one is ever visitng the blog, so please if your reading this follow, and invite your would really, really mean a lot. I am trying to post my link everywhere, but people don't seem to be coming to view it, please follow and invite!

December 14, 2010


Winter Fashion

It's that time of the year again, when we freeze our butts off for the sake of fashion.Here's some tips to stay warm and look fashionable!

1.Keep the huge coat at home!
I absoluttley HATE my giant winter coat, HATE IT! 2 words, FAT and EW. Instead of looking fat and ugly try wearing fur, or a vest. Vest's are so cute! They come in so many colors, and they go with everything! You know whats even better? Some vests come with fur and a hood :) So there you go, you have a hot vest, and your warm! What a winner! If you want fur, then you can look for a light jacket (like a sweatshirt) with fur on the inside! I have tons of them! There you go, enjoy!

EW! I hate gloves. They're so annoying, and most of them are so icky, WELL i know some gloves that you'll love. The best gloves you can get are usually from Victoria's Secret. They are made with warm leather. If thats to pricy for you, then just stick with black gloves, they're cute, cheap, and black goes with everything, dosen't it? ;)

Well, boots kind of depends on the weather. When its dry and sunny out wear Ugg boots, or fake uggs, basically wooly boots! They're warm and comfortable. It's like wearing slippers all day!! When its wet or snowy out, go for the leather boots, they're water proof, and they're beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed!
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By Kayci  (kkrrbb78)

December 12, 2010

Magazine Pictures Up!!

Magazine Pictures
I have great news! The magazine is almost done, and the pictures will be up by today! Thank you to all the participants, especially the writers! They worked very hard, I would like to congragulate most of you for getting to be in the first volume of Sassy Stardoll, but when theirs good news, theres bad news. Some of you girls are not in the magazine. Some of you didn't do anything, or post your pictures for modeling. Im sorry, you are not in the first volume of Sassy Stardoll. Remember, there is ALWAYS a due date, so if you are very busy, then you have to let me know! Well anyways lets post those pictures!

Remember you can always go to my album, and you can see it much much better!
just click on my album once you click that link ;)

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