May 31, 2011

The first story!

 got in the forest... I'm still wried about my family, after i left them, i don't feel like talking about it! I'm tired,      good thing my wings grew, cause the journey was gonna take longer! Wait! Whats that light over there!?

Veronica: I can see light, lets hope it's Marinia!
Marc: Well let's hurry!

It was Marinia! Yesss! We were in the school! It was dark outside, there was gonna be a storm... My first night at the Magic School. My room was at the 3 floor!
That night i went on the balcony to see the moon, it wasn't full, bu yet beautiful... Suddenly i noticed something   near the moon! The whole situation didn't let me call anyone! It was a fairy... Marc told me about them! He said they were different! They keep together! She noticed me...

She flied down to my balcony...

Anne: Your new... (she looked at me)
Veronica: Yes.
Anne: And you never saw the holly white flower?
Veronica: What?
Anne: You can see me, not everyone can, only the people that ever talked to the holly white flower can... Come with me girl... (she looked serious)
Veronica: I can't! My boy... (i stopped), i mean friend! He is still here! My school! 
Anne: No time! You could be it! But, look, tomorrow, come on the balcony again, and do that the next 6 days, the seventh i'll come, you will tell me did you see my fairy friends...  (she flied away)

(the next morning)

Veronica: Marc! Marc! 
Marc: Wow, slow down! What is it, you look, weird! 
Veronica: Well, (i took a muffin) yesterday, i saw one of those fairies and...  (i told him the whole thing)
Marc: I'll portend i never knew you, you can't stay out of things... 

I stood up and left like i was strong!  Truly, i was crying on the inside....
The next two days i didn't talk to him...  Friend! The fairies...
They were hire every night, but they didn't talk to me!



The seventh day came, i was laying in my bed!

Christina: Hey, you gonna go out again? 
Veronica: Yes.
Christina: Good night than, try not to get a cold! 
Veronica: Ok.

Anne: So you are here, you saw them!
Veronica: Yes, i did! 
Anne: Veronica, come, you mustn't stay here much longer!
Veronica: What?  

Anne: You are not just a fairy like all the others! You are different! Once they find about your powers it's OVER for you! Be in the woods in 30 minutes

Veronica: Hey Marc!
Marc: I listened to you and the fairy! he's eyes were wet)
Veronica: God...

The next thing that happened, i don't relay remember!! He pull me and he kissed me! I wasn't crying! Never was a person that cried! 

That was not the end, it was the beginning of a noter story... I never saw him again! But, no worries, i meth your dad! And thats a different story, but, next time...


                                                  THE END
                         Made by Kiara_James

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