October 22, 2011

Hey ! xxxluvxx here to ask a very important question ! I know this girl who has to go to the prom (debs) and here dress is VERY colorful ! but she is too afraid to go wild with the makeup . I saw this image 


All the colours of her dress in this image and i think it would look lovely on her ! The other eye also has the colours . Do you think she should go with that or this 

Or that look ! 

I like all of them but she really needs to decide please comment ! 

October 21, 2011

November Hotbuys

November Hotbuys:
What do you think? I love them!

New SS Doll!

There is a New SS Doll Ready to be Dressed-up :)

& Her name is:


About her:

Shanola Hampton (born May 27, 1977) is an American actress. She is currently starring in the television drama series Shameless ...

I'm Sorry! i could'nt find more information about her,
& to be honest.. I never heard from her.

Real life Pictures:

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Love, Amanda

October 20, 2011

Glitch, maybe?


Sorry I haven't posted in about a week, I've been busy with my netball and football ( not to mention singing practices ). Anyway, I had a look at the new items in the starplaza today and found a crop top from the shop Stardoll. I would normally expect these things to cost around 10-15sd but I had a closer look and it was 75sd! Hmm... is this a glitch or just something I don't know which is special about this top ??

I don't really know what's going on here ? Is stardoll getting worse and putting things up to ridiculous prices, is this a special top that I don't know about or is it a glitch ? Leave your opinions in the comments :')

Love, Jen/MissElydia1999

October 19, 2011

CG Dish 10/19

Todays Covergirl is....SusuR

Do I think she deserved to win?

Outfit Rating
Ouch. SusuR's outfit just is horrible. It doesn't match and just...horrible! The hat and the shoes just make her outfit worse. Her hair is basically sticking out of her  hat and her shoes. Oh my gosh, her shoes are dreadful! Absolutely dreadful. I honestly think a covergirl should stand out, and be unique. But this girl? She is not unique, and she definetley does not stand out, at all!

2 out of 5 stars

Suite Rating
For her suite, we have to remember that SusuR is fairly new, so she does not have all the glamorous items like the rest of us. But, well...I hate to say it, but her suite is horrible. Look at her beach villa above. I mean, really? A gold sofa? What is worse than a gold sofa? (Have an idea? comment!) Again, nothing really matches, and she randomly has a dog, and a snake. It's just too empty.

2 out of 5 stars

Makeup Rating
Okay, I do got to admit, seeing the black and white average look on stardoll does not stick out, at all, but It is popular, and pretty. SusuR is wearing the look, but she used LUXE eyeshadow, and she completley covered up her entire eye, including her brow bone with that junk! I'm sorry, but her makeup is horrible as well. She has pale blush all over her face, which looks so, so, SO fake. And, her makeup is just fake looking...period. If you're on stardoll..might as well make your makeup actually real.

1 out of 5 stars

Her final rating is....2 stars.
SusuR does not stick out at all, and her makeup, suite, and outfit are completley horrible. What the central message really is, is that people deserve to win because they are unique, and have their own sense of style. SusuR does not.


I just want to let everyone know that covergirl dish is only something I write for entertainment. I do not tend to hurt feelings. And if you are offended in any way i suggest that you read something else, and avoid leaving mean comments. I write to express, not to impress. Mean comments will be deleted, and Ghandoora will be notified. Avoid leaving them, please.

New SS Doll!

Today there is a new SS Doll.
& her name is:

Ginta Lapina

About her:
Lapiņa was born in RigaLatvia, and began her modeling career on March 19, 2005 when she was scouted on street of Riga by Nils Raumanis, the founder of DANDY model management in Riga, Latvia and after placed with MC2 Model Management in New York. Her runway debut was at the Spring 2008 New York Fashion Week in the Benjamin Cho show. In 2008 she signed with model agency Women Management. Lapiņa has since walked in shows for many notable designers in the MilanParisLondon, and New York fashion weeks including Anna SuiNina Ricci,Marc JacobsDolce & GabbanaRodarteProenza SchoulerVivienne WestwoodMiu MiuYves Saint LaurentCarolina HerreraBottega VenetaVersaceValentino, and Louis Vuitton.
Lapiņa has been photographed in editorials for fashion magazines such as Russian VogueMarie ClaireNuméroHarper's BazaarVogue ItaliaAmerican VogueDazed & Confused and Flair, and has been featured on the cover of Velvet Magazine.

Some Real life pics:

What do you think of the graphics?
& what do you think of her?

I have to be honest..
i have never heard a thing about her!

maybe you have?


October 18, 2011


Hey! I'm sorry it took me so long to post! I'm here with a Evan Rachel Wood look-a-like!

Here is my inspiration:

Here is what I did:

And here are the items I used:

Black eye liner by DOT
Black mascara for long eyelashes by DOT
Black mascara from fat eyelashes by DOT
2 pencil eye shadows(the blue and the lighter one) by DOT
Black eye pencil by DOT
Black eye shadow by DOT
Brown and lighter coloured blushes by DOT
Dark Purple lipstick for the base by LUXE
Upon the purple lipstick we put a pink to red coloured lipstick by LUXE
Lipgloss by LUXE

xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever

October 17, 2011

Pandora Bracelets:)

I was walking in our town and I came across a little pandora shop...I found a cute little charm bracelet for $60 and my friend also gave me one as a goodbye present...I just got it though the mail as it took so long for me to get and everything.

Here's a picture of the charm bracelet she sent me: (this picture can be found on the web:) do you like it:)

October 16, 2011

CG Dish

Dress Up For Halloween, and make your suite spooky! Then, sign up for doll dish! (On Ghandoora94.blogspot.com)

So, anyways lets get on with this brief CG Dish.

Our Covergirl Today Is....
Did she deserve to win?

Outfit Rating
Overall, her outfit is cute, and stylish, but yet...boring. All black? Really? Add some color in there! I love her shoes, and headband, but just making her entire outfit black is just...eh. I mean, If her room was more decorated for Halloween, then her outfit would have gotten a 5, but I don't know...for someone who wins covergirl...you would think her outfit would be more creative.
3 out of 5 stars

Suite Rating
WOW. Just wow. Her suite is AMAZING. I love it. She expressed her creativty perfectly! And, oh my gosh...that fountain. I love that fountain. She put it in the perfect spot and It just stands out. It's not one peice of furniture you can buy at the suite shop. She actually used various items to create it. Stunning Suite!
5 out of 5 stars

Makeup Rating
Her makeup wasn't very unique. She used the black and white smokey eye like everyone else on stardoll, and well..It just looked too fake. She didn't stand out, and It just looks...FAKE. I don't really have any comments, but I would expect better makeup from a covergirl.
3 out of 5 stars


hotbuys :)

New hotbuys Web Sweater is out at the shops!!

It costs 15 stardollars, and it is from the shop
I think it's a nice accessory for a creative outfit!
Check it out!

What do you think?
Will you buy it?
kisses, DEMI_LOVANTO_2

Romantic Vampire Makeup Tutorial

                                                                                            I LOVE Doing the Lips! :)

Happy Haunting!

MSW 2011:Ceren.Gk

As you saw up there ^^^
Shes been on stardoll since 2008 with a total of 9578 Starpoints.
She got 37,827 Votes!

Also I hav'nt posted in a week or 2 because someone hacked my blogger account...So I could'nt get in...I found out who it was..They are on stardoll.
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