October 1, 2011


Hi, i am back! I was not inspired so i didn't post for a long time! Well, now i have to say, i am back and i am ready to post again! But sorry that is all from me for now, i need to go, i have my dad's friends over, so i have to stay with their children! Wish me luck, cause i do not like them! 


September 29, 2011

Who looks better? (Okay this is a quickie sorry kkrrbb78. Got to go eat since you told be to post)

                             Moy356                                                                  Doatch

September 28, 2011

Doll Dish

Covergirl Dish
September 28th, 2011

Hey guys, welcome to Covergirl Dish! So, today, I am doing the covergirl. Many people want their doll dished, so I have a lot to work on, I was thinking of maybe making new topics? I don't know though, it's up to you guys, so comment with ideas, or anything, so yeah...comment! (;

Anyways, today I'm doing a short 'nd sweet CG Dish.
That's going to be the new segment name for the CG Dish.
Anways, if you guys have any ideas, like clubs for this, raffles, anything, as long as It's approved by the lovely Ghandoora, of course! (:

So, let's begin!

Displaying a nice natural look StarKasiulaxD (click to visit her) is showing her true beauty with a nice simple look. She has on some blush, and some black eyeshadow. She also is wearing short-lash mascara. Nice, and simple. Well...maybe a little too simple, perhaps? I would say so...If I were her I would add something else. Her look is nice, but too plain. 

Overall Rating
4 stars

Just recently changing her outfit, StarKasiulaxD...pretty....but confusing? Her look is displayed with a natural white color, mixed with a few dark shades, also shown with some gold color. Pretty...but confusing is what Is in my head at the moment. What is she trying to display? To me she looks like a roman. 

Overall Rating
3 Stars

Showing some talent, StarKasiulaxD really fits with the Star in her name. Showing some creativity in her suite, she matches color, and doesn't put anything in the wrong spot. Her rooms are all different, and she also reveals a hidden talent with some designing!


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September 27, 2011

Daily CG.

Our Daily Cover Girl Is....Polivm
Shes Been On SD Since 2007 Thats Quite Long,
The First Room Of Her Suite Looks Truly Not Very Detailed For A CG And Roalty... Okay It Has 176 Items But Thats Pulling The Old Trick....Her Rating Out Of 5 Is Only 3.
Her Me-doll Is Great But The Outfit...Not Very Good.She Put At Least 5 Items On It...A Long Striped Top,Bangles,Shoes,Purse And The MSW Sash. Her Rating Out Of 5 Is 2.....Seriously Though...Put More On To Liven It Up!

Her Hair And Face Features Are The Best By Far! Her Lips Make Her Look Very Average. And Her Hair Makes Her Look A Tiny Bit Like Me:),Her Eyes Arnt Like Many Other People. KWcat Has Them...And I Think My Cousin Does Too XD,She Has Stuck False Eye Lashes On And Eye Liner...But Just 1 Light Colour Of Eye Shadow.. And Just On The Bottom Bit As Well!.Her Rating Out Of 5 Is 4:)

 What Do You Think Of Her? Comment Below?

Over All...
4 Stars.:)

September 25, 2011

Doll Dish!!

Want to get your doll dished?
Comment on ghandoora94.blogspot.com on this post or send me a message-kkrrbb78

First, let me say FINALLY. Someone who actually doesn't have the black and white smokey eye---and, if you haven't already heard me say...I LOVE the black and white smokey eye, believe me, but its too average, so If you want me to dish your doll, then atleast don't have the smokey eye(:  Green is not my favorite color, but It's different, and the color is perfect for her(:
4 stars

Outfit and Suite

Well....her outfit is....well.....I don't like it. It's too dark, and too dull. But I'm surprised actually, because her main suite room is displaying many tasteful outfits, that are more colorful, that would look so, so, sooo much better on her! So, judging by the outfits I'll cut her a break, and give her some credit, because those outfits are so cute!
3 stars

Okay, well for being a member without the superstar membership, her suite is very tasteful. The thing is; when your not a superstar...what do you expect? Having no stardollars, makeup, etc. For no stardollars let me tell you this; I would just leave, because yes honestly you can't do a lot without the membership, but I must say...I have to applaud her work!

3 stars

Her final voting is...
Good job Missrosey67!

Young Hollywood not sooo popular.

Hey readers(: Well I bought somthing from Young Hollywood on the day it came out. The Rihanna Crop Top...It was very, very popular. It came out 2 hours before I bought it,  and it wasn't that expensive. Its not alot. Everything else like the EXPENSIVE Items....Well they wernt gone....they still had a lot of items left to give out for the people who have the stardollars. Hmmm... I like young hollywood...It's gonna be big and rare one day...So its worth buying it. (They are LIMITED. after all)

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