May 30, 2011

Fantasy story...

                      ENTER EVERYBODY 

The owner, kkrrbb78, just let me tell you girls that from today, till the end June you can all enter the contest "best fantasy story". You have one month to think of a story that includes the impossible things, like: fairies, other worlds, planets, walking plants, talking animals and plants & many other things! 



Plz put pictures in your story...

This story competition will help the hidden talents show them selves to 40 people (followers) but i'm sure that this will bring the blog more followers! This isn't it! There will be a price for the winners! I still haven't  found the perfect  prices but as soon as i think of them you'll be informed! 


This competition exists only in Sassy Stardoll Magazine, every follower that also has it's own blog, DO NOT COPY OR STILL MY IDEA!


                                           Plz send your stories to my medoll,
                                                you already know my Stardoll name
                                                   It's Laura_James

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