June 2, 2011

The third story

Monica: Theres another ship! 
Victoria: Don't you think this is wrong?
Monica: Hey, a mermaid is gotta do, what a mermaid is gotta do, its been like that since ever!
Sam: Lets go go go! We can just hope the ship is full of pirates! 


I hate my life, all we do is kill poor pirates! The wired thing is, whenever they catch us, we free our self, by being beautiful! Once, i saw the beautifulest pirate in the whole history! But, the song, i had to do it! Argh... Here we go!


The lead (Gemma) mermaid started singing, we were all waiting for the sign! After she was almost done (with the song) she moved and made only 6 bubbles! That was it! We all started singing! The ship sent a little boat to land, there was one girl and 10 boys in  it! We stopped singing! 

Monica: The coast is clear, now we wait for them to start sleeping! 
Victoria: What then? We're gonna kill them, again?
Monica: Yeah, tell this to your mother, and she is gonna send you up! 
Veronica: Ok, ok! I'm quiet! 
Nicole: They fell at sleep, the thng is, why did they just stopped at the middle of the sea? 
Maria: A trick, maybe!
Tamra: Are you stupid, haven't you herd how much they can get from just one mermaid? 
Gemma: It's time! Lets go!

Gemma went and started singing, AGAIN! She was, but suddenly she pulled one pirate down! The wore started, mermaid were jumping and pulling pirates, the boat sailed to the boat, there were only 4 people left! 


We're back in the water!

Victoria: Do you have any idea how much of us died, and most of us were gonna get killed!
Monica: Please, come, i have something to show you, and be quiet!

We went deep inside the sea. We were near a a big stone. She put hand on it, the stone started glowing! I didn't say a word! The stone was now a door.

Monica: This is your door to a new life, once you go inside, your a in ground, but as a mermaid, if your lucky, someone will find you & make you a human, if not, your gonna die! 
Victoria: But if i can't walk i won't have a chance!
Monica: Choose! I'm out of here, you can use the stone, but make your choice fast, the stone closes in 1 hour! 

I used the door! Next thing i know, i was sitting on a big stone, as a mermaid... The sun was killing me, i hurt footsteps behind me, i young man! 

John: A mermaid? On sun? I must be dreaming!
Victoria: Take me to the forest!
John: I hurt mermaids are evil, they kill! 
Victoria: Please!

He took me there, i started shining, i haw a normal girl! As i became a normal girl, i realized i was not in John's arms anymore! My legs were in pain! I was i na park next to a big building! Later, i realized, i was in a noter century!  I had a short dress! Thee same color as my fish tale! A young man started talking to me, asking me stuff!!!
Veronica: I... I'm sorry, i'm not from here! 
Jake: Ok, you seem lost, where are you from?
Veronica: I... I... I'm from the sea~
Jake: (he looked at me) Wanna go in the Coffee shop?
Veronica: Yeah! (i didn't know what he was talking about)


I told him everything, and showed him some of my powers, so he believed me!

Jake: Well, you can stay with me!
Veronica: Ok, thanks!

My life started, i even went to high school, but, my life was terrible! People played jokes on me and...

One day i went and jumped into the sea! I was a mermaid! On the stone! I went back and told my friends everything! Monica knew the whole time! 
I went on the stone where i saw John! He came, like the first time, everything was the same, but with a different ending! I killed him, after all, a mermaid is gotta do, what a mermaid id gotta do! 


                                               THE END
                                             Written by: Maria.de.mar
                                               Posted by: Laura_James

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