April 1, 2011

New hotbuys top.

Hey everyone there is a new hotbuy out today and BOY it is expensive!!

Pick of the Day

The top is gorgeous but the price is terrible at 17 stardollars! Just as the prices get lower BAM they shoot back up to the top! Who would pay this much for a top (On stardoll) even if it was a hotbuy? It is stunning and I would love to wear it though it is way to expensive! What a rip-off! Even I ,a hotbuys collector , is not buying it.Don't get me wrong it is amazing but the price is disgusting! 9/10

~ BluePopgirlx1

March 28, 2011

Chloes Curtain.


So I thought that I should do a post about stardoll difficulty. Throughout the years I have noticed that stardoll has change so much ,but that is not the reason I done this post.

"Hey sweet , you ok?"

"Yeah , whats been happening down your end?"

"Nothing much but I am getting new superstar soon! Which reminds me , would you like me to give you superstar?"

"What?:0 No one has ever asked me that before , why would you offer?"

"We have known each other for a year , Do you want it or not?"

"Hmm , does it involve my pass?"

"Yeah , of course it does."

"Hmm , No thanks!"

"Why not?! It is not every day someone offers you this!"

"Yeah but i don't give out my pass! I don't want it , I will pay for it by my self!"

The person that is offering the superstar has never been superstar before and has recently been accused of hacking.They have know each other for along time ,but is this safe? This is not a true story but it happens almost every day!:0

"Ok , but I am offering it for 12 months - one year!"

"It is tempting but how do I know your not a hacker?!"

"I am not , I thought we were friends!:( You don't trust me!"

"Of course I trust you! Fine my pass it jhdjfdf"

"See ya!"

"What? I thought you said your mum was doing it soon , not now!"

"Yeah , she is doing it now bye!"


The girl trys to login the next day but she can't so she logs into her sisters old account. Her presentation has changed and so has her doll! She looks at the girl who hacked her and in her presentation it says 'VISIT MY SECOND ACCOUNT SJAHDF'

The girl has been hacked and she can't get her account back. While she is sad the other person has put all of her clothes into her account. Then she finally gets her account back but all her stuff is gone. This happens every day on stardoll. WATCH OUT! D:

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