June 17, 2011


hey guys! how's your week going? mine week has been pretty sweet! i got to see my best friend who has just came home from a trip to china yesterday! i missed her soooo much! anywho stardoll is almost at 111,111,111 members! and to celebrate they are giving stuff out for free!!

and they sent everyone this awesome offer! :)

cool huh? i think stardoll is getting better:] how about you?

love you guys a ton!!

your fabulous co-owner

June 16, 2011


hey guys xxxluvxx here . so before we start anything i have to show you this picture ...


if you want to see this picture in the blog i got it on www.stardollvoice.blogspot.com check it out ! it is a drawing of lady gaga ! it is really good . anyway back to stardoll

non ss on stardoll get more rooms on stardoll ! when they have 2000 starpoints they will also get a free room !also with 4000 starpoints

thanks to underneath stardoll for that image .  also ...

when you top up you get seven iteams for free !!!

do you like the idea of the new  non ss rooms ? i do !!
                                                                                             xoxo xxxluvxx

Fashion in Paris

  All of us, like, all of us know about Paris, the beauty of France... You know, the city of love... <3 And also, it's a fashion city. Ever heard of the Eiffel Tower, Les Champs Elysees, L'arc de Triumph? They are in Paris.


Chanel, Dior, they all started in France... Now they are really big, take a look!



Fashion week is an event that exists in almost every city, every city, that lives with it... Paris has brands from the highest class. I don't know much about this year's event, but i sure found some nice pictures on Google!

The glorious Chanel

The magnificent Elie Saab

The splendid Dior


From Paris with love,
Laura_James <3

June 15, 2011


Hi everyone! Today I just changed my cartilage earring for the 1st time! So, I decided to give you some tips on what to wear..with earrings!

Simple, and easy to find. There are many colors available, and you can find these everywhere!

You can also get "Chandelier" earrings at many places for a cheap amount of money. They range from $10-$50


TNX and New offer

The TNX :

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! If you read the posts by Laura_James and
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