May 7, 2011

Free superstar dress no longer for sale!

Hey guys!

So today I was looking at my starbazzar and getting ready to sell stuff when I saw that free voilet SS dress! You know that Bright yellow One with the big star! Well you can no longer buy it! They took it away! It's too bad... Anyway for the SS who bought more then one, they can sell it now...

Gwen <3

Makeup DON'T

Hey everyone! I thought I would show u all some makeup DONT'S. Now exactly, what is that? Well, it's just showing you what not to do with your doll. Pretty intriguing,right? Well, anyways check out these pictures of what not to do...

DON'T- make your eyes way too black, like this girl. It looks like she has two black eyes. I don't know how she finds that pretty. Plus, her smile just makes her look creepy...

DON'T- Put on too much blush! Honestly, she looks WAY too fake, she even got some on her me-doll's nose! This is absolutely fake. She looks flush, almost like she has a fever!

More makeup DON'T (plural) coming soon!

May 6, 2011

Lady GaGa - New Judas Make Up!

HELLO EVERYBODY! :) :) :) :) Ashley Here!

Well Today I'm Going To Show You How To Make Your MeDoll Look
Like Lady GaGa, Judas Edition!

Items You Will Need :

Step 1.
Apply Eyeliner All Over.

Step 2.
Apply Both Mascaras All Over.

Step 3.
Apply Black Eyeshadow On Eyelid.

Step 4. Apply Red Lipstick.

Step 5.
Apply Hair Dye And Place Fake Mole On Right Cheek Bone.

Identical I Think So! :)

Hope You Enjoy! :)
Comment And Rate! (:


Awesome models

Hey guys I'm not going to write anything else but I'm going to show you some other models .
(P.S. if somebody know how to make models like this can you tell me ?)

Thank you writers & stardoll message

I would like to thank all of the writers! You are all amazing and insanly talented! Plus you are so active, and i really appreciate it!! Thank you so much :)


what do you think this is??

New Hot Buys Bikini

Hey Girls! :) This your new writer, Ashley.. Known as gavin274 on Stardoll! :)

Anyway back to news! Stardoll has released the new Hot Buys Swimsuit from RIO!

Enjoy! :)

What do you guys think?
To buy this swimsuit click here


Pet a Porter Exotic Animal grow up

Hey girls as , you know the pet a porter kittens and dogs have grown up and now so have the exotic animals . I have three of them so I'll show you the difference !!!!

Before & After

So do you like them better or not ????? And if you bought any do you regret ?

May 5, 2011

photo nails ;D

hey guys!

today i was in beauty parlor, doing my nails and guess what?! stardoll made it so you can take pictures of your nails, kinda cool huh?

~ Gwen

Yellow :)

Today's colour is yellow. :)

Day -
Lemon Mini Skirt - BASICS 4sd
Lemon Ballet Flats - Basics 2sd
Double Breasted Short Coat - Decades 6sd
Mustard Leggings - Stardoll 3sd
Sun Tube Top (Underneath coat) - Killah 12sd

New crew member and jobs

Hey you all out there . I've got a surprise ... A new crew member is coming !!!! AAAAA I'm so exited she's my BFF in real so I can't wait for you to meet her . She is so fun . Her name is Lina and her doll's name is Laura_James . Anyway , she sent a message ( I did too ) to stardoll about jobs and stardoll accepted !!! I wont tell you anything about it because Lina will . Here are some pics of her .

May 4, 2011

new endangered species - horse!

hey guys,
there is a new endangered species pet out!

(Equus ferus przewalskii)
Przewalski’s horses have never been tamed for riding. They are the last truly wild horse in existence today. They were listed as extinct in the wild until 2008. However, successful reintroductions have moved them to the critically endangered list.

here is the link to get it -

~ Gwen

Report her now!

Oh my word!!! Report missloladiamond now!


I said: Why ddi you send me a blank request?!?1
She said: Cause you hav a bigg hed hahahahah

..That's not funny.

What are you waiting for?!?! REPORT HER, NOW!!! Just incase you forgot, her name is missloladiamond, leave her a GB comment saying something about reporting her ;) She'll regret it..

xoxox Maya ;)

The new offer

Hey guys ... What's up? I'll tell you what's up there is a new offer and interior on stardoll . Now on stardoll if you extend your membership or buy stardollars you get 10% more . I'm already a ss and I don't buy stardollars , but will you ? If you haven't seen it yet here's th picture.

Will you buy it ?

xoxo Ana

New "Everything Falls" on Stardoll

Well as you stardoll members know a few months ago a decor-store in starplaza was open named
"Everything Falls". The store contains furniture but the furniture is a little creepy . Anyway now there's a mew collection so here are some pics .

I like them but I don't have enough money to buy any . Will you buy any?
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