December 23, 2011

Hand Care

Somewhere its  winter and somewhere it's summer! I've got something for both! Today i'm gonna show you how to protect your hands from the sun, sea, snow, cold wind. Enjoy!


It's not easy. My hands are very sensitive so i have to put on sun cram 3 times a day. Anyway, that is very important if you want to make your hands soft. At winter its hard, but not impossible. You might just want to touch snow and first-cold wind will get in contact with then and plus the snow, they will turn read and will start to hurt a bit. yet, that doesn't mean: STOP THE SNOW FIGHT!! It just means that when you get home you must warm them and put on hand cream. Not body lotion, but hand cream.

Warm up your hands

-You can find something warm and good for your arms (e.x. put your hands on a cup or tea), just feel them starting to feel warmer and better. And that just put on the cream and relax for a minute.

-my favorite i putting them in warm water or hot water and keeping them there for a minute or two. You will feel much better. Than, clean them with a small towel and keep them in the towel for a few seconds. Finally, put the cream on and relax...


What kind of cream to use

Not the most important thing, but pretty important. It's not good to use body lotions and hand creams that smell beautiful, cause that isn't the point. Use a cream that doesn't have a specific smell. I don't care what brand i use, if you do-even better. Now here are some suggestions.


Will you go to the beach? You might get sunburned or your hands (if they are sensitive) might just get hurt. Hands burn from sun too. And do you know that small (usually doesn't have color) sea animal that burns you? I don't remember the name. here are some tips. 

-That just means you have to put sun cream more often and after getting sunburned put on hand cream. 

That animal
-Burned by "that animal" means you should put yogurt and tomatoes on the place (hands). I'm serious! My mom is a skin doctor! 

Sensitive to the sea.........
-Sea problems? Always wash hands after getting out of the water and that hand cream.

Use sun cream on hands too. 
That is very important, hands can be very sensitive and you have to protect them! 



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Wow, so amazing! I love it, its amazing! Thanks!(:

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