August 26, 2011

Mortal Kiss Nail Polish!

There is new nail polish out! It's very different but I kinda like it. Designs like camouflage, cute greens skulls, bats, worms, and even brains. Here's an image of the new polish and I also have the link below for the Starplaza. Just go to the Polished Shop and check them out!

September Hot Buys

Thought I would do 1 more post xoxo

Emergency Break
Hey guys, I just want to let you all know that I will NOT be posting tomorrow, i may be posting on Wednesday, or Tuesday---probably! I am getting hit by the horrible "Hurricane Irene" and I have too much to do today. I have to tape my windows, and I can't even sleep in my own room. This is the worst hurricane my state has seen in years. I will most defiantly loose power for 1-7 days, so I will not be posting. I'm so sorry.

About Hurricane Irene

Wish me luck.

New Free items in Starplazza!

So there are free items in starplazza:

Here is the link to get them:
You should find it in teh starplazza start page on the first page [:

xoxo Martyna/starbuster9000 (:

August 25, 2011

Dear writers, and readers,

I am currently getting hit with "Hurricane Irene" and i am in the extreme danger zone. I will hopefully be able to be back posting on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I'm so sorry for the in convenience. This hurricane is very dangerous, and my power is probably going to go out. If it does, it should be back up in 1-7 days, i am hoping it is 1 or 2, but anyways, i am putting Misselydia1999 (co-owner) in charge until i return. Keep writing, and i will be excited to see what you have posted.

Keep writing, girls!
About Hurricane Irene
Irene Projected Path 
- Major Hurricane Irene poses an extraordinary threat and is one that no one has yet experienced from North Carolina to the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast to New England.
- Irene is a major category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 miles per hour.

Track the hurricane!

This is interesting...

 Complicated isn't it? Kate and William? Ok, she started going to the same university he was, but an year earlier, because, she is younger for 1 year! Her mother had this in mind, so she had a one year brake to "travel around the world". When she came back, William started going to the same university! Her mother made sure they are in the same year, that's why she traveled! They were together for 1 year, than he said he wants nothing serious! He was with different models! Than, they were together again! They broke up, than they were back together, so than they got married! 


Well, that is it! For now! before the wedding, they of course, had to get a dress! So they did! And, they didn't buy it! It was made! They women that made the dress had to was there hands every 15 min. WOW!!! The dress was pretty closed! You couldn't see her hands!


One more thing! Now this isn't that funny! Two, just two days later, a girl from Japan weared the same dress on her wedding! I mean...


Hope you found this interesting,
I love you all,
Laura_James :)

What makeup should you put on?

You can't just pick anything, i mean, you can, but it's not right. It has to go with your skin color, eye color, what clothes you're wearing...


    If your skin is dark you shouldn't wear sparkles and colors like: pink, light green, shiny red.
    I can tell you, put on dark green, dark blue, brown, grey, white... Red on your lips may go great! Or you can just put on light pink.

    If you are planning to wear something pink, no red makeup! If you are planning on wearing green no pink! And you know what goes with what...

Green eyes, ha? Well, everything goes well, but especially gray, white, blue!
Brown eyes? Ok, Don't wear white often, just sometimes. Pink doesn't go well, but everything else is perfect! Blue, blue, blue... Goes with EVERYTHING!!! Especially with white, orange and black! 





Big Eyes Look

Request Looks In The Comments or in my guestbook


Cute Make-Up Tutorial

Hey Lovely stardollians! It's marta here ( ROANNA56 ) With 2 cute make up tuts.

2nd one :

DO NOT COPY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye bye , Marta xx

August 24, 2011

Celebrity News

Hello Im Molly with the Celebrity News!
This Week: Amanda Holden Pregnant Again!

Actress and 2009 and 2010 judge on Britians Got Talent has withdrawed from a West End musical after confirming being pregnant with her second baby.
This is a good surprise for Holden who tragicallylost her baby boy at seven months pregnant just days after her 40th birthday.
The actress told of her longing for more children and to start a family and it was announced Wednesday 24th August that Amanad is leaving her ole of Fiona in a version of Shrek because of her expectation.

In a post on Holden wrote Lexi's question of the day Mummy when will yuo have a baby? NOW!

From Molly.



What you have to do is invite as many members as you can to follow this blog, And leave in comments that your joining this competition and invite people and they will say "(NAME) invited me", And the member who invited the most to follow this blog gets 500 stardollars,Superstar code and a post about them here :)! Competition ends  15th of September! Maximum ammount of people that can join this competition is 30 :)

xoxo Martyna/starbuster9000 [:Good luck! x


Meet zn12345678, She looks as if she has a fever by putting blush over her nose too! So I decided to give her a Natural Beauty look, You don't need to much mascara, Also too much eyeliner as she had can make you look like a scare-crow! Extremely hot pink lip-stick can look really fake!

And there you are, A natural beauty look that can make stardoll a more complementive life [:

Xoxo Martyna/Starbuster9000 [: I hope this helped you with looks! [:

August 23, 2011

Pink Sunset-Makeup

Model is TrixiegurlxXx

We NEED more Followers, and comments

Hey writers,

I don't want to sound all persistant, and rude, but

we need more followers.

No, this is not for me.

This is for you! Imagine how great it would be to get comments on your work saying how good you did, or how amazing your writing is!

Invite your friends and advertise!

Hey Im A New Writer!

Hey readers!
Im Molly or known as Miss_Mills_99 on Stardoll!
I am a new writer on here and I think this is a great opportunity to take!
I will be writing for Starplaza Updates and Celebrity News.
When I talk about Starplaza I talk about newest outfits and shops and opinions on whats hot and whats not.
Tell me in Comments if you like this coloumn more, throughtout my posting now.

I also talk about Celebrities, their careers, how they became what they became, and whats happened to them recently.
And may my Winehouse Rest In Peace.

I will really enjoy working for all of ou,
Love Molly xoxo

Cheryl Cole Inspired Look

Request looks in the comments or in my guestbook.


I'm Back!

If you're a loyal reader of this blog, you'll remember that back in May I was a writer for this blog.
I then left the blog due to personal reasons, but now I'm back!
I'm going to now post Stardoll videos.


August 22, 2011

Followers? :D

Wow 60 Followers! I must :)

Thanks to ghandoora for helping me by putting an add on her blog...

it was 200 starcoins (20 sds)


Hey kayci. I have to tell you this thing! I honestly don't think this blog needs more writers! No other blog has more! This one is already doing great and more writers will not make a huge difference! In my opinion, this blog needs no more than 3 writers. :)

Don't get this wrong, i am saying this VERY friendly.

I still think you are a great owner.

Love ya,
Laura_James :)

Just a minute... Turkey!

I have to say this blog is doing really good. The last time i checked, it had 45 followers, and now 60! WOW Good job kkrrbb78...

What i wanted to talk about is Stardoll... did you notice that most of the things happening are connected to Turkey...? Yeah, i think Stardoll didn't think anyone would notice! What? Well, where was Miss Stardoll World from? Izmir, Turkey.
What are we having a calendar about? Ramadan!
Sea of Stars... The girl that won being in it is from Turkey!
Sea of Stars... part of the story is happening in Istanbul!
Today's Covergirl... From Turkey!
Today's only for superstars dress up dolls... Are from Turkey!

Isn't that strange at all? Like, at all?




redhead10793 im so sorry i forgot you!

So many writer issues at the moment, but anyways...

here is your schedule dear :)

Redhead10793-Wednesday,Friday, and Sunday

Make it a whole lot easier

Like I said, school is just a week or two away and I am posting about it...
Ok, so, from September, we are not gonna be free! It is time to start with homework! Not just that, perhaps you do other things, like: learn how to speak a new language, or learn how to play volleyball, or baseball, or whatever, you still have to have time to post, take care of your medoll, take your dog in the park, go out with friends and a lot more... Can you do all of this? Yes! Maybe you are really organized, but maybe you are like me (i have to be honest with you) and you can't! Well, if you are i have a suggestion! AGENDA! Don't tell me you have never heard of that! Ok, so, Agenda is something like a notebook where you write what do you have to do all day, and when you finish everything, you put a tick! It is really nice to have one!

p.s. choose an agenda that look super stylish! I have one and i love it!





Callie.stardoll is mean and a man! :O

Yep, It's me starbuster9000, Sorry i didn't post for ages, But I found out callie.Stardoll is mean and a man! Look what she wrote a couple of years ago and there will be proof!

I know that Callie.Stardoll works for Stardoll but I know two secrets about her:

I have now realised that Callie.Stardoll is a mean person!! She made three sceneries that have her murdering 'Faith Hill' and everyone complained about it. If you want to see it, then go to:

And she is also a man. There is a picture of her sending someone a friend reuest. Here's what she said (right)

She is actually being a bit mean to that person. So do report her!!

Oh my god! :O I believe this, Xoxo Martyna

August 21, 2011

Co-Owners, and topics

Congrats to the new co-owner! :)
Co-Owner is....

To add some order I have assigned you 3 days to write for the blog. You guys need to check your work..many of you have grammar, and spelling mistakes, I've seen you say "Her makeup is good." Why? Can't you say "________'s makeup is stunning, and completely beautiful. Her makeup stands out because...." See the difference?

If you cant post for one of these days, let me know, and i'll give you a different schedule.

KKRRBB78-Owner/Graphic Designer (Blog)

MissElydia-Co-Owner (Get's followers, advertises, monitors writers, writes) Writes whenever she can.

Roanna56-Writer/Graphic Designer (Banners for Writers) Writes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Starbuster9000-Writer-Days are Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday

Bloom_James-Writer-Days are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday  

Gavin274-Writer-Days are Monday, Thursday, and Sunday

Laura_James-Writer-Days are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Misslindsayrae- Writer- Days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

xxxluvxx-Writer-Days are Monday, Thursday, and Sunday

TrixieGurl-Writer-Days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Roanna56-Writer/Graphic Designer (Banners) Days are Tuesday, and Thursday (Sunday when not busy with graphics)

Tell me if...

  • If your blog account is having an error 
  • You're going on Vacation (many of you don't tell me, and sometimes I think your lying :/ )
  • You can't post because (it has to be a good reason)
  • Family emergencies (let me know)
  • Too much homework (starts becoming an issue in September)
  • Other
I need to know about this, guys. This summer the blog has become so un-active...why? 


MissElydia1999 has very unique makeup, even though she uses the traditional black and white smokey eyes she stands out using many black-tears and eyelashes to make her look pop.

How does she do It? 

This is her without makeup, as you can see she dresses up her me-doll with many different things like eyelashes, and black tears. 

For the final review I give MissElydia1999...

5 stars
for creativity :)

Also, if any of you guys need graphics, here are my first two :)

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