August 11, 2013


August 10, 2013

SD Enrollment

August 7, 2013


Another, black and white

Black dress

August 6, 2013

Look in my eyes, tell me what you see...

Look in my eyes, tell me what you see...

August 5, 2013

Look in my eyes, tell me what you see...

July 14, 2013

SD Enrollment

July 9, 2013

Anastasia Romanova

June 28, 2013

Anastasia Ivanova

Anastasia Ivanova

Anastasia Ivanova

Anastasia Ivanova

June 26, 2013

SD Enrollment

Anastasia Ivanova



Ted baker jeans

Converse sneaker
$92 -

Ray Ban ray ban



Ted baker jeans

Converse sneaker
$92 -

Ray Ban ray ban

June 25, 2013



April 14, 2013

Convient Music

Hey everyone. Sorry no one has really been posting, but I don't know if anyone saw that I said the blog was temporarily closed on my stardoll presentation, but it is, but I thought I would post quickly. So, anyways this post is actually quite relatable to...well, anyone, I guess. Anyways, enjoy & if you want to write for us, let me know!

what is it? 
Spotify is a free, easy downloadable program for both Mac & PC's. It is also compatible on iOS or Android devices. Spotify is basically a free itunes! What you basically do is search for music, artists, albums, etc. in a search bar, and add it to playlists...and listen to it, and that's basically it!

Spotify is also co-op, so you can share playlists with friends! It can connect to Facebook as well. Another plus is, spotify is one of the easiest programs i've seen to update. I just updated it...literally. As I'm typing this it updated. 

Spotify is free for computers, and it is free on iOS/Anroid Devices temporarily. If you want spottily on your phone as well, it's only ten dollars a month, but you get a free month of free music on your phone when you sign up. So, basically, you have unlimited music for ten dollars a month. Awesome, right?

Check spotify out here!

More information

April 9, 2013

Make up Tutorial- Black smokey eyes

Hey Everyone, I haven't posted in ages! So sorry! Here's a tutorial I made; Black smokey eyes.

Hope you all like it! If you would like me to make a tutorial on something else, please say so! Also if you have a tutorial you would like to show, tinypic the picture in the comments :]

Thanks again, Enjoy xo

Tasii/ Tasiiqueen

April 4, 2013


WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BLOG?! 3 MONTHS!? 3?!?!?!?!? DAFUCK!(sorry...)

March 2, 2013


So, nobody has posted for almost 2 months. I'm not mad, because I know everybody has the same reasons as me: schoolwork, homework, exams, extracurricular activities, etc... School, basically.
So, what are we gonna do about this, huh?


January 22, 2013

Tips Kayci, TIPS!

Hey, Kayci, you seem to be good at this, so I need some help with schoolwork. Would you tell me how many days a week do you study? How many hours a day do you study? How many hours a day do you write homework?
How do you stay concentrated studying for such a long time?

Pretty please,

January 20, 2013


January 19, 2013

Exam Preparation

Hi everyone! I apologize...I never post, I NEVER have time, it's unfortunate :( Monday through Friday I'm crammed with school work, and Friday and Saturday I try to see my friends who I never see since we go to different schools, and Sunday...more schoolwork. High school is difficult. The semester ends in two weeks, so that means..Midterm exams. I have 7 or 8 exams :(

So, anyways in honor of the havoc of studying for exams, here is a quick guide to help you get those grades you want!

-Go over anything you don't know: My exams consist of everything I've learned so far this school year, so if you do not understand something, find out a way to understand it. If it's possible, the best bet is to go see your teacher. My Biology teacher is running an after school studying program for midterms, so maybe you can discuss that with your teacher, or ask for some websites that will help.

-Cut out Electronics: I don't know about you guys, but my phone and laptop ALWAYS distract me when I'm studying. CUT THEM OUT! Don't keep them by you. I suggest either disabling them (I have an iPhone, so I can disable my phone for up to a day.) or giving them to your parents.

-DO NOT Procrastinate: One of my friends that goes to a different school is an expert at procrastinating. And when I say expert...I mean it. She gets up for school at 6, and she went to bed at 5:10 due to procrastinating. It's good to slam out all of the homework you have, give yourself an hour of relaxation, and then study. I get home around 2:40, and I do my homework at about 3:15, and start studying at around 5. Try not to stress when you're studying because that doesn't help. I have 2 exams per day, so if you do as well, make sure to study for the one you have the most trouble with, or the one you want the best grade on.

I hope this helped, and if you all want more tips, let me know by commenting! Im sorry for being so inactive again.

xoxo kkrrbb78.

January 18, 2013


*If you have no idea why I'm doing this, check out my last post*

As you may know, my name is Lina. I don't enjoy giving away information, but everything i'm saying is safe.
-I like: Meditating, Sports (yoga mostly), movies, books, man i love reading and writing, music, history (yes).
-I dislike: Facebook, chemistry, Twilight, 1D, Justing Bieber, volleyball, narcissists, girls that try way to hard to get get a guys attention (it's so lame).

-Hobbies? Horse riding, yoga, meditating, reading, my friends.
-Family...Yeah, I have a family.
-Friends? Yes, I have those too.
-Favorite subject? History!

-Mainly an energetic, but quiet person. I'm not shy, I just prefer being quiet, whats the point of explaining something?
-My friend told me I am a Wallflower.

-I'm actually a really "spiritual person". I meditate every day, and I also practice yoga. I read a lot of Paulo Coelho, now you do the math!
-Yeah, the, meditating part is unusual enough. ^^
-I love animals. I own a cat. He's name is Shiny. But after watching "Life of Pi", I call him Richard Parker.

Well, that is about it.
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