November 12, 2011


Okay guys I know most of you have probably already read my post down there, and I just want to let you know if you're having trouble in real life, if you're busy let me know! It does not bother me at all! The only thing that bothers me is when you're constantly making up excuses. If it's not you're fault and It's a real issue I'm not going to use it against you! I'm not trying to be rude, or in this case a brat. I just want to get my point across!

Many of you have so much potential! I love to see you're new posts! Most of the time I smile. In the summer, (June, July...) I visited the blog and there had to be 3-6 posts everyday! I was so happy! Then we reached up to 82 Followers! Honestly, in the summer this blog was amazing. I was blown away! I remember back in June when we had maybe 50 followers. I'm not even joking, you guys did amazing!

All I'm asking for is to see you write. I'm not talking about every day, but every other day. It just makes me smile to see your work. You could do something simple, like item of the day. Just write guys! You're all talented. Show you're potential because all of you have it.

-Kayci :)

The Plan

Alright guys. Here's the truth...this blog is horrible.
The followers are un-active, most of the writers are un-active, and we get no comments. So, let's do something about this!

Alright, as the owner of this blog, I do have to fire some writers. I have some people in mind, and I just want to let you know It's NOTHING personal at all! But really guys, I get complaints from the WRITERS on how this blog is horrible. Is it my fault? Partially, but they have to write too, don't they?

So, anyways all of you are on probation! Jennie (MissElydia1999) and Myself are watching all of you. No, I'm not reminding you to write, It is your responsibility to look at the blog. Believe me, being harsh and mean is the last thing I want to do. Really, it hurts me to write this. Do you think I want to fire writers? Not at all.

The first change I am making is adding another Co-Owner. I have someone in mind, but I can always have second thoughts, so shape up(:

Alright, so In order to keep your job on this blog POST. Don't just give me a post like this....

"Her makeup is good, I give it 5 stars, well I got to go! Bye!"

Do you know how many posts I have seen that look exactly like that? Some of them have various spelling mistakes! Guys that really shows me how much you are not dedicated.

You want comments? Advertise! How do you think famous stardoll blogs get famous? BY ADVERTISING! All you have to do is come up with a simple little message that will get peoples attention about the blog and send it to fellow stardoll blogers. Is that so hard? No!

I'm watching all of your posts.
Again, this isn't a punishment. It's for the blog.


Hello sweet dollies :)
I am here with before & after make ups :)
Kayci told me I could write about what I write for my blog here, so here is my new post! 
I will try to continue writing about hotbuys too :)

Check them out:

This is my 1st one :) I made like a sky-goddess makeup or night goddess makeup at this...

This is my 2nd one for today :) I tried to make it as much funky or crazy I could with the things I could use :) I think I did something :)

This is not an exactly before and after makup. Because the one I made is completely different :P But somehow, I like it xD

Hope you liked them too! 
 Don't forget to sign up, here, if you want me next time to makeup your doll :)


November 10, 2011

Celebrity Look-A-Like: Jennifer Lopez!

Hey guys! It's B.E.P.Fan_4ever here! I'm sorry for the long time I havent posted :/ But here I am with a new Look-A-Like. This time is Jennifer Lopez or JLo from her video clip feat. Pitbull- On The Floor:

Here she is:

Here is the Stardoll Version:

Here are the items used:

Volumizing mascara by DOT
Black Eye Kohl by DOT
White Collection Eyepencil by DOT
Burnt Orange Blush by DOT
Warm Apricot Blush by DOT
Tuscany Lip Pencil by DOT
Cotton Candy Lipstick by DOT
Luxe Lipgloss by LUXE
Cloud Dancer Eye Dust by LUXE
Russet Orange Eye Dust by LUXE
Caramel Eye Dust by LUXE

And here we go! I hope you like it! Please comment :D

xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever

November 9, 2011

Hey guys, It's kkrrbb78! (: Welcome to Wednesday's Doll Dish Post! 

Next Week:

Today I am Dishing On....

Topics are...

As I said before, It truly means a lot for writers to get many nice comments. I would have to say that 90% of the time Eris always comments on my posts! It really means so much to me. Personally, I don't know her that well. We never really talk on stardoll at all, but I could tell that she is someone who will brighten your day! You can really tell that she is kind if you read her presentation!
5 Stars

Eris really displays her makeup in an amazing way. You can't find someone else on stardoll 
with the same unique makeup. Honestly, I really like it! She used her makeup in a great
way. It's not too noticeable, but it really does bring out her eyes! The colors aren't my favorite
colors, but her makeup is really pretty!
4 Stars

Click to enlarge

Outfit Rating
When I first saw Eris' outfit I laughed. I love how she gave herself 3 bags! It's very cute! I really like her shirt, necklace, and pants. The necklace just completes the outfits (aside from the bags of course) and It's nice and simple. The only thing I really don't like about her outfit is her sunglasses. They cover up her makeup! Instead, I would make my me-doll hold them, or put them on my me-dolls head. Otherwise, well done!
4 Stars

Presentation Rating
I really, really like Eris' presentation! It's simple and the purple just is stunning! It's gorgeous and simply unique. I'm jealous of it! Good choice of colors, basically all of the colors match. Instead of using the yellow I would maybe use white, or pink. It would go better with the purple and grey! Besides that, impressive presentation! Well Done!
4 Stars

Final Rating....
4.5 Stars!

Very impressive, Eris!

Goal-10 comments

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