June 12, 2012

Medoll dos and don'ts


Yes, well, i wanna get back to Stardoll this post. et's talk about how we make our medolls' faces look. I'm gonna post what is in my opinion yes and what no. Other word-Medoll dos and don'ts.


1. This is a bad look. She looks sad!

2. Looks like my sister's dream bulldog.

3. And she is a royalty.

4. Makes me feel bad i'm a girl.

5. No, no, no, no... No-no, no...

6. Twilight should be forbidden, it has a bad influence on fashion...


1. I find this creative!

2. I like it

3. I like this one. it's summer and this is playful!

4. Good enough

5. I like it, c'mon, this is how you make a good sad look

Make sure i know what you think!
You know you love my choice,
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