November 3, 2012

Celebrity look-a-like

Hi guys!

Another Staurday, another celebrity post :)
This week I picked Rihanna. The barbadian singer wore this outfit about a week ago while she was going to the airport.

What do you think?


October 31, 2012


Hey, Martyna here. Just to say, do any of you live near the hurricane called Sandy which took place yesterday? Did it hurt you? I'm really concerned, but anyway, on with the post.

It's finally Halloween today! I don't know about you, but I'm dieing to have my friends round for a sleepover and I seriously want to go trick or treating. My house is full of decorations, thanks to my blog writers, their posts really helped me with my ideas for Halloween, so a shoutout to Amy and TwinkleStar234!

What are you going to dress up as? I'm going to be a black cat....actually that's kinda racist :/ No it's not... Well, please do comment and tell me what you're going to be for Halloween :D

Xoxo Martyna, hope your day is full of ghoulsome treats and spooky suprises!! :3

October 29, 2012

Sandy hurricane!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted, I hope you understand: I HAVE MY PHYSICS TEST TOMORROW! I have been studying every day for the last month! But, I was just logging in to inform those that don't know, that there is a super scary hurricane called Sandy. Well, i suppose most of you already know, so my real reason to write this is:
Do any of you live near by the hurricane? Or, is it moving towards you?
Just interested, but don't get me wrong, I KNOW this is a bad thing, the info in my country came as:

Sandy: East Coast braces for epic hurricane,

'life-threatening' storm.


Well, best regards,
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