February 18, 2011

Some clothes for the warm weather coming up!

Denim Jackets!
They're cute, comfortable, and cheap! Denim Jackets are being worn everywhere. You can just throw them on, on top of a tank top, or a plain tee shirt! So many girls love them, and if you love wearing jeans, then these jackets will go perfect with them
Tank Tops
They're better than cami's i say...even though their alike. Tank tops are better. They're comfortable and they always have good deals. They could be 2 for $4 or 10 for $10 sometimes. Plus, you can wear these everyday under clothes, or you can show it off. Look up there ^^ you can see that tank top with that denim jacket in the middle. Tank tops also come in soooo many different colors!

Chloes Curtain.

Ok Everyone Here We Go:



I Love it . Now Here Is How To Get It...

First, go to 4proxy.de

Now, copy and paste this into the proxy URL bar:


Log into your account

Change the proxy URL bar to:

That's it!


Now This Is Suite Shop Sale! I Like it. Though , You Will not See Them In My Suite.


These Came Out Yesterday And i Like them , but at a price of 14sd! That is a rip-off!



February 15, 2011

Good bye:[

hey guys! am very sad that this will be my last post…. i am very busy in life, between school, chores, and just everything else. so i will be quitting this blog :( maybe i will write for it in the summer! but probably not:( i'll miss this awesome blog and its awesome owner!

good bye :( ~ gwen
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