December 6, 2012

What colors fit you?

Have ever wondered what colors fit you hair and skin? Of course I'm not telling you what colors to wear, just saying which would look better! :)This is a short post but here comes my info about what colors you should wear if...:

Your skin is pale and your hair is dark/
or your hair and eyes are light.
*Pastel colors. 

Eh, eh, see?

If you are a ginger
If you are a ginger, you must not wear red, orange, pink and you know, those kind of colors. Try purple, yellow, or the best-green. Also, light beige colors looks amazing!

If your hair and skin is dark
Me. I'm not black. My skin is like Nicole Scherzinger's. So, I need to wear strong colors, such as: red, purple, green, yellow, black and white. 

I think my next post will be about makeup...
Hope you like this!
Please comment and let me know what you think!
Love, Lina


Anonymous said...

wow this is really intriguing. quite fascinating! im curious, is the young lady above lindsey lohan?

LaLaLina said...

No, the first pic is a random model, the second also, the third is Nicole Scherzinger, and the last one Eva Longoria. I wanted to put Lindsay, but didn't find anything interesting!

Thanks alot Tyler!:)

Martyna Zoé Talulah said...

I have the same skin colour as Eva Longoria, but a bit lighter.

tenis_princess said...

that does not help me at all I am black and have darkbrown hair

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